Tue Blog: Are You Estranged From Your Adult Children? Plus Mayor Hancock!

HAVE YOUR ADULT KIDS CUT YOU OUT OF THEIR LIVES? I posted a Twitter post about how much grandkids are and some of the responses from people were heartbreaking. They said things like "my kids won't let me see my grandkids" and other sad things of the sort. Dr. Joshua Coleman is a psychologist who has made family strife his life's work and he's got a book called Rules of Estrangement: WHY ADULT CHILDREN CUT TIES AND HOW TO HEAL THE CONFLICT and he joins me today at 12:35 to discuss. Buy his book here.

MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK IS ON AT 1 We're talking about the National Mayor's Association meeting he just attended, migrants coming to Denver and whether or not our issued downtown are affecting our convention biz. I will also ask him about this story showing how slowly downtown is recovering.

WHO IS RAISING THE MOST MONEY FOR DENVER MAYOR? I saw the chart in this Axios story and got really excited because Republican Andy Rougeot is at the top but I must temper my enthusiasm because he loaned the campaign almost all of that from his personal funds. It seems Kelly Brough has raised the most so far by a long shot with most of the candidates dipping into public funding by limiting the amount of donations they get from voters. Read more here. I am going to invite the top folks on this list on the show to see what they are about, we will see who wants to come on the show.

ANOTHER TEEN IS DEAD OVER A VAPE PEN I remember another story like this from a few years ago where a teenager met up with someone to sell a pot vape pen and ended up dead and now we have another case. In this one a teen girl was shot and killed by a teen boy when they were allegedly going to do a deal to sell some vape pens. This is such senseless madness. Now the boy is facing first degree murder charges and will likely spend years and years in prison. Over a freaking vape pen. Read more here.

ANOTHER YOUNG MAN FACES PRISON TIME OVER BAD CHOICES I did dumb things when I was young, like drink and drive and it through the grace of God that I didn't hurt myself or anyone else. Things were different then, and we didn't have Uber and Lyft (or even a robust taxi system where I lived) so this makes things even worse for Coban Porter, Jr, the young man and basketball player for DU. He's killed a woman and it appears he was drunk behind the wheel when he did. Two lives are changed forever, but only one has the chance to do better. Read more here.

MILE HIGH IS GETTING A FACELIFT! to the tune of about $100 million and some fans are worried they are going to have to pay for it in the form of higher ticket prices. After last year's slew of no shows I'm hoping that isn't going to be the case, but when (note said, when not if) the Broncos sort out their football issues I'd expect there to be some kind of bump. Certainly not before, right? Right? Read more here.

MIKAELA SHIFFRIN IS THE GOAT OF WOMEN'S SKIIING! She just won a record 83rd World Cup race, making her the greatest female ski racer in history. What an amazing career she has had! She only needs three more wins to be the winningest skier OF ALL TIME male or female. I'm rooting hard for her to do this.

LAUREN BOEBERT EXPLAINS HERSELF VERY WELL To the Denver Gazette editorial board in this interview. It's hard to read this and still make negative assumptions about her intelligence though I know her opponents will anyway. I think she heard the message from the election though and I like her attitude about making sure her district knows about the actual work she's engaged in on their behalf.

FIXING THE INSTITUTIONAL HOSTAGE CRISIS Christopher Rufo shot to fame reporting on homelessness and the reality of drug abuse and mental illness that the homeless industry denied was occurring. He then trained his eye on the infestation of our schools by race-baiting Critical Race Theory, exposing how deeply this divisive ideology was infecting our schools and institutions. Now he's doing more than reporting, he's been named a trustee of a little Florida school called New College (this was my first choice for schools when I was a high school senior, by the way) and been tasked with dragging out the hostage takers who have made it impossible for contrary ideas to be heard. Read this column for more, and hope he and the rest of the trustees can pull this off.

THE ACLU IS SUING TO KEEP US A SANCTUARY STATE I wonder how Mr. Local Control (Jared Polis) feels about this one. The Teller county sheriff has had the nerve to hold people who were already arrested for a crime until Immigration Enforcement could come pick them up for a federal immigration violation. THE NERVE OF HIM. Now the ACLU is suing on behalf of the lawbreakers and arguing that working with federal officials to get immigration scofflaws off the street is wrong. I hope the ACLU loses badly here, but I fear they will find a friendly judge.

JOHN FIELDER GIVES THE GIFT OF A LIFETIME If you lived here for any amount of time, you know the work of photographer John Fielder. I've had multiple calendars of his work over the years and they are full of stunning landscapes showcasing Colorado's seemingly limitless beauty. Now he's donating his lifetime of photos to Colorado, so that they may be used to document the changes to our nature that he has seen in the hopes they will help future residents protect our landscapes. Read more here.

MORE ON THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL GUN BAN BEING LOFTED BY COLORADO DEMS Ari Armstrong writes about the new bill which would accidentally outlaw many, many handguns used by people like me for personal protection. He points out the inconsistencies in the positions held by the bill's sponsors beautifully, but I doubt Ms Epps reads his columns. Too bad, maybe it would give her pause before she both does away with police and leaves only the criminals armed.

THE OSCAR NOMINEES HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED And once again, I've seen none of these. Check them out here.

ABOUT THE END OF THE WORLD... John Stossel takes on the doomsayers.


MIDRIFF BULGE MEANS FRAILTY IN OLD AGE That is what a two decade study of people in Norway showed anyway. From CNN.com:
The study, which followed 4,509 people who were 45 years old or older in Norway for over two decades, found participants who had a high or moderately high waist circumference at the start of the study were 57% more likely to be “frail” than those with a normal waistline. But frailty is not that “tottering” elderly person bent over a cane that comes to mind. Instead, frailty includes a poor grip strength, a slower walking speed, overall exhaustion, unintentional weight loss and low physical activity.

Time to get serious about taking care of yourself. The best day to start was yesterday, the second best day is today.

WANT TO BUY AN OLD WEST TOWN? There is one for sale in Silverton and I'm not going to lie, I'd love to buy this and turn it into a place with constant re enactments and history lessons. But at over a million bucks, this is someone else's project.

MYSTERY AT THE DALLAS ZOO It seems that someone or several someones are wreaking havoc at the Dallas Zoo. Last week a spotted leopard escaped after someone cut a hole in part of an enclosure. Now an endangered vulture has died a suspicious death. They should call Ace Ventura for this one, although they did call the cops to investigate.

63% OF AMERICANS DON'T UNDERSTAND BASIC ECONOMICS Or they wouldn't be so stupid as to suggest that the Federal Government, who helped create inflation by spending like drunken monkeys while the Federal Reserve kept printing more money, should send out more money to residents in the form of another stimulus check. People can be stupid, lazy and greedy, and this is a prime example.

BEING IN COMBAT IS SAFER THAN BEING IN SOME US CITIES This study showed that in the five years studied in five cities across the US, including Colorado Springs, that for young men the chance of being shot is HIGHER in high crime neighborhoods than it is in combat. From RealClearPennsylvania.com:

The results were disturbing. In 2020-21, “young adult males from zip codes with the most violence in Chicago and Philadelphia had a notably higher risk of firearm-related death than US military personnel who served during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.” Those at greatest risk were black and Hispanic men. Even soldiers serving in one of the most dangerous Army brigade combat teams, ones that saw constant wartime engagements, had a better chance of living through the year than 18-29-year-old men in the worst parts of these American cities. To make the point even clearer, a young man living in the most violent zip code in Chicago has a 5.8% chance every year of being shot.

This is quite the recruiting message in high crime areas, don't you think?

WELP, CLIMATE CHANGE IS GOING TO KILL US THEN A new study by a couple of Canadians says that we need to cut down on our coffee consumption to combat climate change. This may be the straw that breaks the back of the climate change racket. Nice knowing you, we're all gonna drown in rising seas now.

GOING OUTSIDE IS UNBEARABLE At least for one pup. This is why. Click here if it doesn't load.

FAT OLD DOGS NEED WALKIES TOO But maybe without the "walk" part. This is too cute. Click here if it doesn't load.

MOIRA IS ENTIRELY TOO IMPATIENT While waiting for her dinner to be ready. Click here if it doesn't load.

PIZZA HUT BROKE THE WORLD'S LARGEST PIZZA RECORD And this TikToker was there to capture the magic. Click here if it doesn't load.

WHY ISN'T OUR OFFICE LIKE THIS???? Click here if it doesn't load.

A LITTLE EAGLES FAN PRACTICING HER SONG This is adorable. Click here if it doesn't load.

STONE COLD ACCURACY FROM THE MOUTH OF BABES This little girl isn't afraid to be real when asked a direct question. Click here if it doesn't load.

NO SAM SMITH AND ADELE AREN'T THE SAME PERSON But this comparison of their voices is pretty insane. Click here if it doesn't load.

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