Wed Blog: Snowpocalypse Continues and TODAY My Interview with Jude Kofie!

WHEN WILL THE SNOW END? I've got our meteorologist from Fox 31 Dave Fraser today at 12:35 so we can ask him along with all the other weather questions you guys send.

WAIT UNTIL YOU MEET JUDE! Jude Kofie is a ten year old piano prodigy who has been playing the piano for an entire year. I say it like that because he sounds like this.

A kind man heard about Jude and gifted him that grand piano along with monthly tune ups until Bill Magnusson can't do it anymore. I got to record an interview with Bill, Jude and Jude's dad Isaiah and what a lovely story to share. I'll play that at 2:35.

WHAT DOES A SNOW DAY MEAN FOR KIDS AND THE REST OF THE SCHOOL DAY? I'm talking with DougCo Schools Superintendent Erin Kane about it at 1:35.

JON CALDARA OUTLINES LIFE IN THE BIG CITY With a great column outlining the myriad of ways the homeless issue is creating huge problems for the Independence Institute downtown. He can't be the only one, but he may be the only one brave enough to write about this honestly.

WE'RE ON OUR WAY TO A RECORD NUMBER OF CAR THEFTS! I'm sure this is exactly what the Colorado Legislature thought was going to happen when they lessened penalties for stealing cars, especially cars from poor people. Look at this eyebrow raising stat from this article:

WHAT??? How is this allowed to happen? Oh wait, there's this:

ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF WHY IT'S BETTER WE GET OUR OWN OIL AND GAS In the Mexican's President's zeal to capitalize on oil and gas he seems to have unleashed the hounds to get it done at any cost. The Mexican state owned oil company Pemex is in trouble with regulators for burning off hydrocarbon waste at two of its newest oil fields. Burning off gas and condensate - a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons similar to a very light crude oil - has also resulted in extensive environmental damage. The company promised to stop flaring at the two sites but instead burned through about $342 million in carbon assets in three years. This is why we need to develop our own oil and gas where our companies are so tightly regulated that this sort of nonsense and waste doesn't happen.

SOME MEN RUIN THINGS FOR EVERYONE When stores and cities starting rushing to let anyone who said they were a woman into bathrooms and changing rooms I literally said this was going to happen. Now we have stories of men who simply say they are women parading their naked male bodies around dressing rooms, locker rooms and more. This column very clearly states what I've been worried about the entire time, which is men who aren't really trans simply saying they are so they can have unfettered access to femaIe spaces. I have a comment specifically for trans women who may be negatively affected when someone comes to their senses on this issue is that some men ruin everything for women. Now you know what it feels like to be a woman.

SORRY KIDS, PHONICS WORKS I still remember having to do phonics worksheets in school and they were the WORST. That being said, they taught us to read and sound things out and they worked. Ari Armstrong writes about how teaching phonics went out of favor and student reading scores plummeted. It only took a generation of kids who can't properly read to get us back to phonics. Beware anyone telling you that a "new" way of teaching is superior because from what I've seen, none of them are. Go Math, I'm looking at you.

RETAILS SALES FELL LAST MONTH but it could be because of holiday sales that meant lower profits but more goods moving. Our economy has some bright spots in that inflation is still ticking down, although well above the 2% that is desired. Rising interest rates have taken a bite out of automotive and other large goods we generally finance but it could be a lot worse. We'll see if the Fed keeps bumping up rates or if this slows them down. Some say we are headed to recession at the second half of this year but I am beginning to be slightly hopeful that it will be short and shallow instead of long and deep. Hopeful, but not certain to be sure.

THE BIG MAYORS TOTE BOARD HAS LOST A CANDIDATE One of the 28 people vying to be Denver's mayor has dropped out. State Rep. Alex Valdez has jumped out of the clown car and will stay in the Legislature.

WHEN YOU'VE LOST MCDONALDS... This is a good column by Dick Wadhams about the closure of the 16th Street Mall McDonalds and the impact that has on the area. It also covers the reasons for the closure, which sound very familiar right now:

A news report in Westword on Jan. 3 indicated that over the years McDonald’s employees “became a resource for people experiencing homelessness and the mentally ill. In fact, certain McDonald’s employees went above and beyond to assist those living on the streets.”
But, clearly, the crush of increasing crime in Denver, and specifically in downtown Denver, overtook the ability of that McDonald’s and its outstanding employees to continue staying in business at that location.
The Westword story went on to say that “these same employees often had to deal with unruly and occasionally dangerous customers which sometimes led to the McDonald’s employees suffering injuries.”

But I'm sure all downtown needs is a fresh coat of paint.

LOOKING FOR SOME WINTER HIKING TRAILS? This is a great article on some great trails for winter hiking and snowshoeing.

DON'T PUT OFF MEDICAL CARE BECAUSE OF COST This article is super depressing considering before Obamacare saved us we didn't see numbers this high of people putting off medical care. If you have a high deductible plan that is keeping you from seeing a doctor, consider talking to Pinnace Advanced Primary care about a membership there. They can help you manage your ongoing health issues and hopefully prevent them from getting worse. Find them here.

THE GREENE-BOEBERT FIGHT PUTS SEXISM ON FULL DISPLAY There is nothing the media loves more than an old fashioned cat fight and they are really trying to make a big one between Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene. The two right wing Trump supporters were often seen together both in and out of session, but there seems to be a fracture in their allegiance. It happens between male colleagues ALL. THE. TIME. But when it's two attractive women there is a big push to up the ante and elevate any fallings out into a Dynasty style knock down drag out fight so the men can pop the popcorn and hope that a boob pops out in the process. Not all men are like this, of course, but there are a good chunk of them in the DC media. The long and short of this "bathroom fight" is that Greene made a snotty comment and Boebert left the room. Get over it.

THE GRETA THUNBERG ARREST WAS 100% STAGED And rather than tell you about it, just watch what happened right before she was "arrested" while protesting a coal mine expansion in Germany.

IS TOM BRADY DONE? He certainly seems to be done with the Bucs, as he took the time to thank the press during his last press conference after a pretty bad whooping against Dallas Monday night. It's time for the GOAT to retire.

SCHOOLS ARE OVERWHELMED WITH PANDEMIC RESPONSE CREATED ISSUES From disruptive behavior and discipline issues to kids not being able to access mental health help or IEP creation, schools are dealing with a mess left behind by the covid shutdown policies embraced by the teachers unions during the pandemic. Read more here.

NOW FOR SOME SPOOKY CGI This is making its way around the web even though it was created back in 2019 by a Russian dude. Still cool though.

KYLE CLARK DECLINES TO PLAY PRAVDA FOR GOVERNOR JARED POLIS And people in the comments of the tweet below seem surprised that Polis would be so controlling and conniving with the press. We know this is just another day in the Governor's office. Good for Kyle.

REMINDING LEBRON HE'S NOT A KID ANYMORE This is freaking hilarious. Click here if it doesn't load.

RIP SISTER ANDRE, YOU KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING NOW The world's oldest person has died at the ripe old age of 118! She was a nun in France so she's pretty much a lock for Heaven so no tears over this one.

NICK FERGUSON TAKES ONE FOR THE TEAM And by the team, I mean his wife and daughters. This is next level dadding right here.

THIS WOULD MAKE ME GO BACK TO BEING A FLIGHT ATTENDANT The first year I flew as a flight attendant I made $14,386 and I lived part of the time in Los Angeles. This wasn't the 50s, mind you, it was the 90s and you know that money didn't go very far. Now Netflix is hiring a flight attendant for their planes and they are paying upwards of $385,000 for the right candidate! HOLY COW. Find out how to apply here.

7/11 OWNERS ARE GETTING MUSICAL TO DEAL WITH LOITERING VAGRANTS I actually experienced this at a 7/11 in Pueblo during the state fair. As I walked in, I noticed the outside speakers were playing classical music rather loudly but didn't think much of it. Now I know it's a strategy to keep homeless vagrants from loitering around the store and bothering paying customers. In Texas they are blasting opera and a store owner says since the music is "annoying" it works to keep his parking lot clear and customers unaccosted. I find this funny, actually.

THIS IS A GAMER'S DREAM I have to appreciate it though I have no use for it myself. Click here if it doesn't load.

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