Tue Blog: Father Mike Talks Christmas and More!

MY FAVORITE PRIEST FATHER MIKE TESS IS BACK Because I don't want to head into Christmas without talking about why we do this whole thing anyway. We are also going to talk about how to deal with the holiday blues if you've got them. He's on at 1pm. You can follow Father Mike on Instagram here. Watch his sermons on YouTube here or on the Facebook page here.

TODAY WE'RE RANKING CHRISTMAS CAROLS Because I want to see how wrong you all are.

GRANT DID A LONGER INTERVIEW WITH FATHER MIKE TOO! And you can find his THIRD interview on the Taking It for Granted Podcast by clicking here!

COLORADO'S HOMELESS PROBLEM IS GROWING And it's getting worse as we're spending gobs and gobs of money to "solve" the crisis. We are failing. This is why I am so hopeful that Aurora's planned campus where people can get off the streets and then have immediate access to the services they need will work. Because what we're doing now is failing spectacularly. Read more here about our growing problem.

GUESS WHO IS BUYING GUNS NOW? If you guessed women, including black women, you guessed right. From this CBS News story:

Last year, one-third of all first-time gun buyers in the U.S. were women, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation. The trade association said there's been a 77% rise in female gun ownership from 2005 to 2020. 

As black women are more likely to be killed in violence, I'm very happy to see that one third of females buying guns are black women. Women MUST be able to protect themselves from a man and working out isn't going to do it.

GET READY FOR SOME SUPER COLD WEATHER As it's gonna be COLD on Thursday, way colder than we are used to here. This story has some tips in case you need them, and if your furnace breaks or your pipes freeze, visit Fix It 24/7 here for help.


KRISTI BURTON BROWN IS BOWING OUT OF THE COLORADO GOP And I don't blame her one bit. This is not a good environment for Republicans and Burton Brown has taken flak from every side during her tenure, much of it misplaced anger in my opinion. She wants to focus more on education issues so she's not running again. Our pal Casper Stockham has already thrown his hat into the ring officially, but I'm very afraid that the nutbar wing of the party (i.e. Peters/Hanks wing) will take over and further destroy the party in Colorado. If you are an active Republican you are gonna want to show up for these meetings.

IF YOU DON'T WANT TO PAY FOR A PARKS PASS PAY ATTENTION WHEN YOU REGISTER YOUR VEHICLE Because the automatic $29 parks pass "fee" goes into effect January 1 and you are opted in until you actively opt OUT. Read more here.

ALCOHOL KILLS AN NFL ASSISTANT COACH And I am adding this update because when Adam Zimmer, assistant coach for the Cincinnati Bengals was found dead, I openly wondered what killed him. We now know it was alcohol that killed him. He drank himself to death and died on his couch. These stories are just so sad and they happen more often than you might think. He was just 38 years old.

WANT TO SEE SOME CHRISTMAS LIGHTS? This is a great list of places to visit, but I have to say there are so many neighborhoods in my area that have spectacular lights on so many houses you should just drive around and see what you see!

REPUBLICANS ARE SOUNDING THE ALARM ABOUT TIK TOK Because not only does the Chinese government take our data and use it for God knows what, they are also censoring the news that Tik Tok users see, and as a huge chunk of young people get their news from China, this is very, very bad. The Chinese government's ability to use propaganda and more importantly censor what they don't want anyone to see is unmatched at this point. Delete Tik Tok may not be popular but it's smart.

THE INSIGHT MARS LANDER IS ON ITS LAST LEGS And the little bot that could may have sent it's last photo from Mars, which you can see below. Kind of sad, but what a great run this little guy had. Read all about this little overachiever here.

IF YOU KNOW WHO IS BEHIND THIS MAILER ATTACKING LORA THOMAS You may want to let them know that not disclosing who paid for this is a campaign finance violation and I intend on finding out who paid for this so they can be fined. It's sad that out of all the emails sent to me about this mailer they immediately assume her fellow commissioners are behind the attacks. Way to go Abe and George, you've got a reputation for dirty tricks now, even if you didn't do it.

STANFORD IS HERE TO PROTECT US FROM BEING CALLED AMERICANS Once again nonsense springs like a geyser from a college campus, this one the very fancy Stanford University. Stanford has issued a guide for language that is designed to protect anyone and everyone from ever hearing a word they then may decide to take offense to. Included in this is the wildly offensive term "Americans", which Stanford says is bad because:
People are instead asked to use "U.S. Citizen" because "American" typically refers to "people from the United States only, thereby insinuating that the US is the most important country in the Americas."

JUST TAKE A CAR SERVICE OR UBER TO THE AIRPORT THIS YEAR Because even if you park off site there is a decent chance your car will be stolen from the area. Great job, Phil Weiser! I'm sure glad we re elected everyone who doesn't think this is a problem. The number one place for stolen cars in Denver is the Park N Ride on East Smith Road. Just a few of the 29,000 cars that have been stolen this year, that's 3.3 cars ever HOUR stolen this year. Wow.

NOW WE KNOW HOW PEOPLE ARE JUST NOT WORKING As a new analysis shows that unemployment benefits and Obamacare subsidies bring in MORE than the median income in several states. Check out Colorado and then understand why so many retail and restaurant jobs remain open. This is horrible.

WHY THE PUSH FOR ELECTRIFICATION IS STUPID And it's about power, and I'm not just talking political power. Do you want our economy to go BACKWARDS? Do you long for the days when we can't travel freely, or heat or cool our homes to our own comfort? If this sounds crazy, trust me you need to pay attention because there are those who are trying to make this happen. Read here for more.

THIS KID IS THE LUCKIEST KID EVER Because the two year old was almost eaten by a hippo, but the beast spit him back out so he survived after a quick trip the hospital. Fun fact, hippos kill between 500 and 3,000 people a year!

LOOKING FOR A THOUGHTFUL, YET PRACTICAL GIFT? Here is a big old list for you, but some of them are ridiculous but if you wanted to buy me the drill scrubber attachment I wouldn't be mad.

SCHOOL URGES 13 YEAR OLD GIRL TO LIE TO HER PARENTS After they gave her a chest binder to "support" her in her gender dysphoria. Her male social worker also began to secretly "transition" her by using male pronouns at school and telling her NOT to tell her parents. If you want to know why the word "groomer" gets thrown around in situations like this it's because grooming is designed to put a wedge between children and their authority figures, most often parents. Anyone who tries to get between parents and children is suspect in my mind. And this dude gave her this chest binder TWO WEEKS after they met for the FIRST time. From what I can tell, the girl in question is NOT trans, but was pushed by this social worker and others to transition. Probably so they could tell their friends how supportive and loving they are. Jackasses.


THESE ARE SOME OF MY FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONGS Starting with this one by Kenny Rogers.

This is Straight No Chasers 12 Days of Christmas

And Run DMC Christmas in Hollis

The Christmas Canon by TransSiberian Orchestra

The Hallelujah Chorus by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Brenda Lee with her obscene pie comment

Frank Sinatra singing The Christmas Song

And now Frank and Bing singing White Christmas!

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