Fri Blog: Ask Us Anything is On Deck!

IT IS AN ASK US ANYTHING KIND OF DAY! So get your questions ready about anything, from stories in the news to radio to pretty much anything within reason and we'll answer it. Within reason.

THE MAYOR NEEDS YOUR HELP IF YOU VOTED DEMOCRAT The Mayor is now declaring an emergency over a lousy 600 or so illegal immigrants who have shown up lately. He's asking for donations and volunteers and if you voted Democrat since 2016 you're going to need to step up and take care of this. As the border crisis is 100% a Democratic creation, you all are responsible for this, so get crackin' on taking care of it. As I've voted over and over again for border security I feel no responsibility even as I feel a great deal of compassion.

THE DOUGCO SHERIFF SAYS INVESTING IN MENTAL HEALTH IS PAYING OFF And I think this is a great story and I hope other departments are paying attention to the Wellness Program that DougCo is using to connect workers with physical and mental help as they do a very stressful job.

XCEL WANTS MORE OF YOUR MONEY IN JANUARY As they try to pass along higher natural gas prices to you rather than taking a clip from the dividends they are paying their stockholders. Of course the PUC will say yes, and I'm wondering where this story is getting the tiny increase numbers they are showing, because when I talked about this the other day I got a slew of emails and text messages saying their Xcel bill had DOUBLED since last year. We can't continue to allow a publicly traded company whose primary concern is shareholders have a monopoly in our community. This needs to be a co-op or some other sort of system. This is unsustainable.

THIS IS A GREAT ARTICLE ABOUT THE DPS STUDY WE TALKED ABOUT In case you don't want to read the whole study, you can find a great story on how well the reforms worked to raise student achievement in DPS schools. I sure hope parents of kids in DPS are asking the Board why they are trying to undo them all now. Spoiler alert: the teachers unions hate anything that takes away their control and would rather students fail to learn than give it up.

THE CONTROVERSIAL TRACY DORLAND IS GIVEN A CONTRACT EXTENSION JeffCo Schools will have Superintendent Tracy Dorland at the helm until 2027 after extending her contract. I know a LOT of parents very unhappy about this, as Dorland was the one who lied to the media about the furry story, kept kids out of school during covid, and continued to force masks on little children in defiance of science. This is what happens when you have a union controlled school board.

THE TRUMP NFT'S ARE WORSE THAN I THOUGHT And if you don't believe me, just look at this.

This is a PR disaster of New Coke proportions. Even his supporters thought it was cheesy, but he got the last laugh, his idiotic collection found enough buyers and sold out, raking in $4.5 million bucks. So this means I'm doing an NFT collection and I need your help figuring out which cheesy pictures I need to make for my collection.

ELON MUSK GIVES JOURNALISTS THE NEW YORK POST TREATMENT And boy are they MAD about being suspended from Twitter. Musk seems to be extremely, very upset (and rightfully so) that these reporters were sending out tweets with his real time location. He got upset because someone stalked a car with his little son in it, chased it down and they jumped on the hood. I'm be super pissed too. That being said, I voted to reinstate these clowns immediately because free speech is free speech and sometimes it's ugly. I believe he's making his point and will let them back on, we'll just have to see if it's today or in seven days based on his online poll. Read more here, but I have to say, I'm enjoying the hell out of them being shocked and upset about being treated the way they cheered about when it was done to conservatives and the New York Post.

WAIT, SO NOW GAY PEOPLE ARE PEDOPHILES? For years I have spent time pushing back against opponents of gay marriage who always want to jump to "then they will marry CHILDREN" argument as if all gay people are pedophiles, which is absurd. Now we have Democratic lawmakers saying that using the word pedophile is somehow offensive to gay people? Rep. Katie Porter everyone:

“You know, this allegation of ‘groomer’ and ‘pedophile,’ it is alleging that a person is criminal somehow and engaged in criminal acts merely because of their gender identity, their sexual orientation, their gender identity,” 

The term groomer has been expanded to mean anyone trying to sexualize children in any way, and right now there is a good argument that "Family Friendly" drag shows where we've seen videos of little children putting dollar bills into the g strings of men dressed as women is an example. I think that's accurate, but guess what? I've done a poll of my gay friends and they TOO are horrified by this. So the notion that calling out a person who is gay for sexualizing children is somehow an attack on their gender identity or sexual orientation lumps ALL gay or trans people into that category which is patently unfair to a vast majority of normal gay people. It's frankly anti-gay. If I were gay I'd be fuming about this.

CALIFORNIA'S REPARATIONS MEETING WENT ABOUT AS WELL AS EXPECTED With one black businessman demanding $600,000 in reparations for the slavery he never lived under. I hope they keep having hearings so people can truly see how absurd this is.

WE JUST BALLOONED THE DEFENSE BUDGET And it was a bipartisan explosion. One good thing to come out of this is that the vaccine mandate is NOT in it, meaning it's been repealed for armed forces members. We'll see if Biden thinks it's so important to veto the bill, but I doubt it. He'll just ignore it and move on now that we know it doesn't stop the spread or prevent infection and can be dangerous for young men.

A GINORMOUS FISH TANK IN BERLIN EXPLODES And it's been called a "maritime disaster" after 1500 fish are dead when the giant round aquarium in the lobby of a hotel exploded. Luckily no humans were hurt badly.


DREW BREES IS BACK IN FOOTBALL As an assistant coach for Purdue.


AN AIRLINE EMPLOYEE CATCHES A ROCKET LAUNCH ON CAMERA From an airplane view! This is super cool, click here if it doesn't load.

NOW I WANT MY TURF PAINTED. I had no idea this was a thing but now I want to do it. Click here if it doesn't load.


A JUDGE SAYS STAY IN MEXICO CAN STAY The same judge that told the Biden Administration they could not suspend the Trump era "stay in Mexico" rule that people attempting to migrate here has now told them AGAIN that it will remain in place. Read more here, but this may stop an even bigger mass migration that was expected.

WE'RE NOT BUYING WHAT'S BEING SOLD ABOUT THE LATEST COVID VACCINE As many, many people are simply taking a pass on the booster that allegedly deals with variants. Maybe it's because we've watched the President get every booster but still get covid over and over again? Just a thought. Read more about why we aren't getting it here.

DO YOU HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE? If the answer is "I don't know" please read this. Getting your blood pressure checked is literally the easiest thing in the entire world and high blood pressure can lead to deadly outcomes. Know the signs you can find here.

A TWENTY TWO YEAR OLD NBA PLAYER IS RETIRING BECAUSE OF HIS ANXIETY And I realize some will laugh at him being "weak" but I'm proud of him for coming forward and I hope he gets serious help for it. Read more here.

TRYING TO GET PREGNANT? THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET CAN HELP! This is a cool study from Australia that showed that following a Mediterranean diet can help increase your chances of conceiving. They think it works because the diet is full of anti-inflammatory goodness and inflammation gets in the way of everything.

THE FIRST "RON DESANTIS IS STUPID" COLUMN IS OUT And it's only a matter of time because progressives love to call anyone they disagree with stupid. The headline says it all here:

Ron DeSantis Is the GOP’s Radical Lightweight

They still call George W Bush stupid and he has degrees from Harvard and Yale. What an idiot.

HERE ARE SOME SUPER COOL MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGHS OF 2022 And I'm including it even though it's a slideshow, which I despise because there are some amazing things in here to treat a variety of diseases.

THE PLACEBO EFFECT OF GENDER AFFIRMING CARE This is a very interesting article on one of the reasons children who recieve gender affirming care show gains in mental health and it's not because they got hormones. It's because they feel supported and helped by people willing to jump to medical interventions. The flip side of that is that anything less is bad. Read the article, but this part jumped out at me:

In effect, gender-affirming doctors and their allies in the media are creating a problem for which only they have a solution. If around 2 percent of teenagers today identify as trans and even half have gender dysphoria, and if, as we sometimes hear, around 40 percent of those with dysphoria are at serious risk for suicide, we would expect to have seen a shocking epidemic of teenage suicides in the years before gender-affirming care was on offer. That didn’t happen. Thus, assuming gender-affirming doctors and researchers are right about their predictions over youth suicide, it’s at least possible, and perhaps likely, that the cause of this danger is the promise, not the denial, of these drugs and surgeries. 

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