Thu Blog: Legacy Media Lays Off Staff, & A Study Shows School Reforms Work

THE WASHINGTON POST IS DYING IN THEIR OWN DARKNESS The Post held a "town hall" meeting with staff to let them know that about 10% of the force will be laid off as the paper can't "keep spending on initiatives that no longer align with readers’ interests.” Overall the publisher said the size of staff would not shrink, but people would be let go as the paper makes changes in coverage. This comes as Gannet newspapers have let a ton of staff go, and CNN did a mass layoff as well. Do you think any of these people will do any navel gazing to see WHY people aren't consuming their products anymore? I doubt it and if they don't, good riddance. I am certainly not celebrating anyone losing his or her job and feel a lot of sympathy for the staff who truly are the victim of leadership with left leaning tunnel vision. I did a quick search today to see what they are covering about the Twitter Files, which are a very, very big deal, and this is what I got:

So the only news story is a glowing one about ONE Democratic Congressman who expressed some concern about free speech to Twitter. There is an opinion column from a couple of days ago here, but other than that, NOT A PEEP. Maybe this is why people hate you. Just saying.

A NEW STUDY SHOWS DPS SCHOOL REFORMS WORKED And oddly no one is really covering this study by CU Denver's School of Public Policy but I will today when I speak with the study's primary author Parker Baxter about it. The study seems to clearly show really big gains after Denver Public Schools leaned in on school choice and reform. We'll find out more from Baxter today at 1, you can read the study here.

IF WE JUST STOP YELLING, WE CAN FIND COMMON GROUND And this is something I've been saying for YEARS when it comes to curriculum battles at school. A new study of opinions on the teaching of American History clearly shows that we are far more alike in our opinions than apart when it comes to what is being taught to our kids about America. Though Democrats think Republicans want to sugar coat the bad parts of our history (they don't) and Republicans think Democrats just want to teach America bad (they don't), when asked directly each group proved to have very similar goals. From this excellent editorial in the Denver Gazette:

As an example, 95% of Democrats and 93% of Republicans responding to the survey agreed, “Americans have a responsibility to learn from our past and fix our mistakes.” Yet, those same Democrats believed that only 35% of Republicans feel that way. Republican respondents said only 56% of Democrats hold that view.
An overwhelming majority of Republicans, 93%, said Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks should be presented to students as examples of Americans who fought for equality. Yet, the Democrats in the survey believed that only 38% of Republicans held that view. Meanwhile, 87% of Democrats believed George Washington and Abraham Lincoln should be admired for their roles in American history, yet that would have come as a surprise to the survey’s Republicans — who thought only 42% of Democrats felt that way.
Underscoring the degree to which people’s perceptions of one another’s views seem to be driven more by stereotypes than by interactions, the study found that unaffiliated voters’ perceptions of where Republicans and Democrats stand on the same issues largely tracked with how members of the two parties regard each other. That reveals a “false divergence” — a “dangerous level of overstatement,” the study’s authors said.

You should read the rest and then consider that we have been sold a bill of goods about "the other side" by those who realize a divided society is easier to control.

CERTAIN DENVER PARKS ARE BANNING UNACCOMPANIED ADULTS Why would they require adults on a playground to have a kid with them? Because disgusting drug addicts have taken over several playgrounds and dropped their used disgusting hypodermic needles all over the playground, putting children in danger of being poked and given a horrible disease. Of course in that article Parks and Rec admits it is a largely unenforceable ban but gives them a tool to use to get the druggies out. If you're an addict, can you try not to endanger kids as you slowly kill yourself? That would great, thanks.

THE NFL APPROVED $100 MILLION IN UPGRADES TO MILE HIGH So this means the stadium is not going anywhere for the time being. I'd love for them to invest in the team first. Read more here.

HOW MUCH DO WE REALLY CARE ABOUT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS? I heard a lot of people freaking out as illegal immigrants are now making their way to Denver specifically, as we are a sanctuary city where they likely feel safe. We now have a second shelter open to manage the 600 measly migrants who have shown up. But what about Texas? This has been happening DAILY in Texas border towns and they are overwhelmed completely. Watch this horrible story.

This humanitarian crisis is 100% the creation of the Democratic Party and there is no argument about it. They did this and the blood of migrants who don't make it trying to get her is on their hands. Why won't the media ask them to defend it?

COVID IS RAGING THROUGH CHINA BUT IT'S NOT BECAUSE THEY DROPPED PROTECTIVE MEASURES I want you to read this quote from the emergencies director of the World Health Organization:

"There's a narrative at the moment that China lifted the restrictions and all of a sudden the disease is out of control," he said.
"The disease was spreading intensively because I believe the control measures in themselves were not stopping the disease. And I believe China decided strategically that was not the best option anymore."

If this isn't an admission that all the crap we've been doing for three years was just for show I'm not sure what is. Read the rest here, but remember this when they try to shove a mask back onto our faces. The virus is gonna do what the virus is gonna do

OUR GOVERNOR ONLY SPENT $12.6 MILLION OF HIS MONEY TO BUY HIS WAY BACK INTO OFFICE And this is a bargain because the first time he had to drop $23 million to win the first time. This is a breakdown of the final campaign reports and Democrats outspent Republicans by a wide, wide margin. Funny how the party of "the rich" didn't spend any money in Colorado. Funny.

WHAT THE HECK IS THIS? This appeared on a tv website this morning in the right side ad column. Do you see what's wrong?

Why do I get a budget gift but I'm supposed to buy my brother a high end gift? THIS IS THE PATRIARCHY IN ACTION.

WHEAT RIDGE HAS HAD ENOUGH OF STREET RACERS And good for them for doing something about it. They recently passed a new law that allows cops to take vehicles involved in street racing and as long as there is some due process to get them back, I think this is a fine idea. They just grabbed a Chevy Camaro as the first example of this.

IT'S NEVER BEEN MORE AFFORDABLE TO BE A POT HEAD As weed prices in Colorado are at all time lows.

THE PAUL PELOSI ATTACKER IS A PROGRESSIVE WITH MENTAL ILLNESS Based on what we know from testimony from police officers who were on the scene when Paul Pelosi was viciously attacked with a hammer, his attacker is crazy. Not only was he trying to get Nancy, he also wanted to get... Tom Hanks? Yes, that happened. That being stipulated, we also know now from an interview with this man's son that he was a progressive, possible Green Party member. Odd how the media isn't really reporting that because it would counteract the immediate narrative that he was some QAnon whacko. We have enough wackos on our side, we don't need another.

BUT DO WE THOUGH? Trump teased a "major announcement" (I keep wondering if this is like the "major award" in A Christmas Story) with this video.

I can hardly wait. UPDATE: OMG IT IS EVEN BETTER/WORSE THAN I COULD HAVE IMAGINED! You have to see this.


RONNA MCDANIEL NEEDS TO BE BOOTED AS RNC CHAIR Because when I read this report about how she has overseen spending the donated money of Republicans I am FURIOUS. She has spent on private jets, lavish gifts, trips to Lulelemon and more, but she sure as hell didn't help any Republican candidates here. What a joke this woman is. Bye, Ronna, you won't be missed.

FORGET QUIET QUITTING, TRY QUIET THRIVING INSTEAD If there is a recession looming it's not time to do the bare minimum at work and if you aren't in a position to switch jobs, now may be the time to adjust your thinking about work. Instead of quiet quitting, where a worker merely does the bare minimum required to remain employed, this therapist suggests "quiet thriving" where you shift your focus to things on the job that make it better. Even at my worst jobs I've always been a quiet thriver. It's saved me many times when I've worked for crappy companies who treated their employees badly and unfairly.

CALL HER MS. SNOW MEISER This is cool and some people are just so talented. Click here if it doesn't load.

NEVER LOSE YOUR KEYS AGAIN! this is genius. Click here if it doesn't load.

RTD PERMANENTLY ENDS TWO TRAIN LINES Because light rail is a joke and will never sustain itself in any way, at least they are wasting less of my money now. Goodbye to the C and F lines.

THE FED RAISES RATES AGAIN AND ARE HEADING FOR 5% The Federal Reserve sucks and there is nothing we can do about it. That being said, they are trying to correct their own incompetence by yanking rates up .5% yesterday and indicating they are targeting a 5% rate in the near term. Read more here, but if you're carrying credit card debt, it's time to do something about it.

GRAFFITI THE FIERCE PROTECTOR DOG I love this dog. Click here if it doesn't load.

THE DC UNIVERSE JUST GOT UGLIER Because Henry Cavill will NOT be returning as Superman. The idiot head of DC Studios said that the new Superman movie in the works covers an "earlier" part of Superman's life so Cavill won't be in it. BOOOOOO.

WE'VE BEEN SAYING BRENDAN FRASER'S NAME WRONG THIS WHOLE TIME And leave it to Adam Sandler to make a bit out of it.

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