Wed Blog: Former Bronco Nick Ferguson Pops In

WEATHER WEDNESDAY WITH FOX 31'S DAVE FRASER IS TODAY And you guys have been CRUSHING it with weather questions and I have some lined up for today already. He joins at 12:35.

NICK FERGUSON IS STOPPING BY FOR A BIT Why? Because he heard me and Ross talking about music and I mentioned Dr. Dre's The Chronic and it caught Nick's ears. I'm going to pick his brain about what one does when one's time in the NFL is over and more.

OUR FAKE LIBERTARIAN GOVERNOR HAS EXPLODED THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT This editorial lays out the gruesome details of just how many state employees our Governor and his cronies have added to the state budget. It will make your head explode as our fake libertarian governor just ran a campaign where he lied about saving Coloradans money. He's a big fat liar.

THIS VIDEO IS AWFUL...BUT... The video of a man being beaten by Colorado Springs police when he refused commands to get out of his car is awful. No one should expect to be beaten by police BUT I have to wonder what would have happened if he just followed commands. This gentleman was pulled over for doing 15 in a 40 mph zone, which any cop will tell you is a big sign of impaired driving (unless the driver is really old, they go slow too). Should the cops be held accountable for the unnecessary roughness? Yes. Should people comply with police commands? Yes. Traffic stops are one of the most dangerous parts of a police officers job. What needs to happen to convince everyone, even those suspicious or even afraid of cops because of past experiences, to follow commands? This is the question we need to answer. He may have gotten popped for a DUI but that can be resolved in court. There needs to be a concerted effort to spread the message that complying with commands is the best way to go, regardless of race, ethnicity or gender. If something goes sideways then your case gets a lot stronger anyway. Read more and watch the video here.

ALL THIS AS COLORADO REPORTED MORE ANTI-BLACK HATE CRIMES THIS YEAR Than ever before. As a matter of fact, the FBI says Colorado reported more hate crimes than ever since they started recording the stat. Anti African-American hate crimes came in first, with anti-Hispanic coming in second, but in a shocker, anti-WHITE crimes were in third place. I am going to wonder if we have more hate crimes or if people are getting better at reporting them now than they were previously. To be clear, there were 285 hate crimes reported this past year, up from 280 the previous year. I'd love to see what qualifies for hate crime status to make this list.

CONGRATS TO ROSS (AND ME!) He was named by Barrett News Media, an inside radio organization, to the Top 20 list of Midday Shows! I made the list too, but that seems braggy.

THE TWITTER FILES PROVE THE FBI IS UTTERLY CORRUPT AND NEEDS TO CLEAN HOUSE This is a GREAT column that lays out the timeline of events and the role the FBI directly played in stifling the Hunter Biden laptop story. It reminds us of the many ways the FBI actively worked to spread misinformation and how deeply involved the now-former counsel at Twitter James Baker was in all of this. Read it, because I need all of you to push our elected representatives to dig into the corruption at the FBI.

WE'VE GOT A POOP PROBLEM ON COLORADO TRAILS And leave it to disgusted hikers to come up with a handy dandy solution to the problem of human waste in the backcountry of Colorado. This is a very small, light item that hikers should all have because you never know when you'll need to go. Read about it here.

NOT EVERY UGLY BUILDING NEEDS TO BE SAVED And good on the Denver City Council for not granting landmark status to an ugly, rundown post modern gray box of a home in Cherry Hills Village. Sure, this old eyesore was designed by a "recognized" architect but it was broken down, busted and would have cost a fortune to update. And guess what? The owners didn't want the designation. I think if someone else tries to tag YOUR property with a landmark designation they should have to commit the funds to do what needs to be done to make the property viable again.

DPS IS CLOSING AN ONLINE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AND I HAVE A QUESTION The online elementary school started in response to the pandemic, and though it's enrollment was initially strong, it has fallen to just 200 students. So DPS has decided to end it, leaving some parents in the lurch. They don't want the school closed, but DPS says in person learning is best so they are shutting it down. Does this mean the student in the online school are performing worse than their in person peers? I'd like to know.

SBF IS FACING CHARGES OF MAKING ILLEGAL CAMPAIGN DONATIONS And please remember that Dinesh D'Souza got five years probation before being pardoned for making donations totalling $30,000 through straw donors even though the prosecution asked for 16 to 20 months in prison. Sam Bankman-Fried donated FAR more than that and it will be interesting to see how much and to whom and who gives what back or donates in contrition. Maybe this is why he didn't get to testify in front of the people he donated to before being arrested? This long article demonstrates the "years long fraud" perpetrated by the aw-shucks CEO. I can't wait for this guy to go to prison. I hope they have a vegan menu.

I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THESE DONKEY VIDEOS ENTERTAIN ME SO But I think it's the combination of cute donkey and dry British guy who talks to them like they are mates. Here is one for today.

SEEMS THERE IS A LEAK IN THE DEPARTMENT OF LABOR This is a very interesting story that could indicate some serious malfeasance at the Department of Labor. They are the ones who announce stuff like the monthly inflation numbers. It would seem that SOMEONE got those numbers a bit early, as there was some VERY unusual movement in the markets in the 60 seconds BEFORE they were officially announced. Read this for more. It's like the plot of Trading Places in real life.

I MISSED MY CHANCE TO DIP A STICK IN FLOWING LAVA As the volcanoes in Hawaii have gone silent again. Even though Moana Loa just started erupting, the eruption seems to be over already. Read more about it here.


CANDACE OWENS TALKS ABOUT DISCRIMINATION And I have to have her back on this one. She made the point that we constantly discriminate in our lives and a keen sense of discrimination is a safety mechanism and I have to say I agree with her. Whenever I hear someone say "don't judge" I have to laugh because we make snap judgments every single day.

BORN AFTER JANUARY 1ST 2009? NO SMOKES FOR YOU! This is a fascinating way to try to keep people from smoking in New Zealand. They have passed a law that prohibits the sale of tobacco products to anyone born on or after January 1, 2009. The thinking is we allow smokers to keep smoking, but prevent any new smokers from being created. I think this is wishful thinking and I'm not sure this would ever fly in the US, but at least it's creative. Even though as an Ex-Smoker I think tobacco is disgusting and gross, I don't like government trying to force or prevent a behavior they disagree with.


Then read this article on why this matters more than covid deaths per capita. Sweden was right, they followed science and we followed Chinese Communists because Dr.Anthony Fauci is a totalitarian at heart.

THIS AS WE ARE NOW LIVING WITH THE MEDICAL CONSEQUENCES OF LOCKDOWNS Lockdowns didn't reduce the death rate and they only slowed the spread of covid, but you know what they did do? They made us all sick now. The immunity deficit is real and you can read about why we're all sick now here.

OUR BIGGEST PROBLEM IS GOVERNMENT And yet we keep voting for the same people who keep making it bigger and bigger. And I'm talking about Democrats AND Republicans and I'm more mad at the latter for not shrinking government when they had the chance. For the seventh year in a row more Americans said government is their biggest problem and it's not really close. In second this year in the Gallup poll is the High Cost of Living/Inflation followed by The Economy in general, but let's face it, the government meddles far too much in those too. See all the results here, but take note of how many Americans say we are headed in the right direction. It's like we all know how bad it is, but we can't do anything to stop it.

THE NEW LINE ON THE TWITTER FILES IS ABOUT WHO GOT THE SCOOP This column in The Daily Beast is really fun. In it, the author concedes that the Twitter Files ARE a big deal and DO need coverage, but then he goes on to blame Elon Musk for choosing independent, or as he says "polarizing" journalists to unfurl the story. For real. A dude who writes for a publication that went all in on covering up unflattering material for Biden is complaining that the SAME people who did the covering up aren't the ones now breaking the story. I find this laughable. This paragraph tells you the real reason he's writing:

The kind of mainstream Democrats most likely to end up as decision-makers at a corporation like Twitter are unlikely to be sympathetic to the Bernie Sanders-aligned left. And Twitter 2.0 is run by a man who regularly tweets about “the woke mind-virus” and his deep hatred of both liberals and leftists. He’s already shown himself to be, at best, extremely inconsistent in his alleged commitment to free speech. Who do you think he’s going to censor? (emphasis mine)

Kind of tells you all you need to know, doesn't it.

COUPLE WITH JOINT BANK ACCOUNTS STAY TOGETHER LONGER And that's the result of a study about such things. From the article:

We studied thousands of couples and looked both at their transaction data, as well as surveys over many years studying their relationship satisfaction. And what we found is that couples who have joint accounts, they stay together longer," Joe Gladstone, assistant professor of marketing at University of Colorado, told Yahoo Finance Live ( video above) about his research.

What I found interesting is that having a joint bank account also meant couples spent money in similar ways and didn't blow as much on hedonistic purchases. I know long term couples who have never shared a bank account and it works for them, but I've always been a joint bank account sort of wife.

WE TOO THOUGHT NICHOLAS CAGE WAS FROM ANOTHER PLANET And it's nice to find out he did too. Nick Cage says he was convinced he was from another planet when he was a kid. Just like Elon Musk.

WE HAD A DUDE WITH FACIAL HAIR IN SEVENTH GRADE So I believe this kid could be twelve. This isn't the Little League World Series after all. Check him out.

WHEN THE ROLY POLY DOESN'T ROLL His dog pal comes to the rescue. Click here if it doesn't load.

I WANT TO PARTY WITH THESE OLD DUDES Because why not. Click here if it doesn't load.

PARENTS ARE SUING BECAUSE THEY AREN'T GOOD PARENTS They aren't suing themselves, but they should be. This group of Canadian parents is suing the maker of the game Fortnite because they say their children are addicted to the game and aren't eating or sleeping or showering because of it. Let me clarify things for them. Their kids aren't eating or sleeping or showering because their parents are still allowing them access to game they can only access via computer, which their parents provide. I'm just saying.

AN NFL HEAD COACH ADMITS HE GOT DISTRACTED BY THE WAVE And because of that the Lions ran a trick play on a third down to convert and went on to the win the game. If you read this, it's pretty clear that had he NOT been distracted he may not have approved the play.

THIS IS A GREAT ARTICLE ON WHY NEW MAJOR APPLIANCES SUCK SO BAD And I had no idea it was this pervasive. It seems that SOMEONE could put quality first and advertise that their brand is built to last, doesn't it? But no one cares.

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