Mon Blog: Dems Took Your Cheap Eggs, Plus More Twitter File Reveals

HAVE YOU SHOPPED FOR EGGS LATELY? I went to TWO grocery stores yesterday and was shocked to see the egg shelves almost completely bare. All that was left were the super expensive pasture raised eggs that I like and buy, but they are $7.99 a dozen. I know there has been a bird flu outbreak so I asked my Twitter followers out of state if they were having trouble getting eggs and guess what? They weren't. Then I discovered this story about how starting January 1st, you are not going to be allowed to buy commercially farmed eggs anymore unless they come from cage free chickens. Watch this for more.

This all happened because a New York animal rights group threatened to run a ballot initiative which would have been even more restrictive and the Democrats, rather than vocally pushing back against such an initiative in order to defeat it, totally caved. Lest you think this isn't a big deal, ask your favorite breakfast joint what this will do to their pricing. You get the government we deserve and we have a government that hates poor people.

THE TWITTER FILES SHOW CLEAR COLLUSION And things are just heating up. So far, we've learned about Twitter shadowbanning conservatives, we learned about Twitter's secret blacklists run by high level executives, we've learned they violated their own policies to ban Trump, we learned that they met weekly with the FBI and DHS who likely directed a lot of censorship, and we've learned that there is more to come. Elon Musk tweeted out his new pronouns, which have me almost salivating for the Covid Twitter files.

Of course the Twitter scolds were out to tsk tsk Musk for his use of "pronouns" but Musk was having none of it. Read that exchange here. Musk is turning into the biggest champion of freedom I've ever seen and is a national hero in my estimation. If you aren't following this, you need to be. Join Twitter and follow Matt Taibbi, Michael Shellenberger and Bari Weiss to keep up. You're welcome.

OH YEAH, YOUR XCEL BILL IS GOING TO KEEP GOING UP Because Xcel, at the direction of the same Democrats who made your eggs super expensive (see above), is going to be taking more and more of your money to meet the green dreams of renewable energy. This time they want more money to fix up our grid, which is a necessary thing. When other businesses need to upgrade their infrastructure they don't have the luxury of just jacking up prices and must dip into their own reserves, but not Xcel, they just keep going back to the green dream loving PUC and taking more of yours. Read more here. Thank God the Democrats are all about saving you money like they said in their campaign ads.

IF YOU'VE NOT BEEN TO BDT STAGE, YOU BEST GO NOW What was known for years as the Boulder Dinner Theater before being shortened to BDT Stage is closing in August. The longtime owners sold the property to a developer who will raize it to build housing when the final curtain falls in August of next year. Here's a great piece on the show running now and the performers in it.

RUSSELL WILSON GOT HIS BELL RUNG HARD And has a concussion, which of course he does. I wish him a speedy recovery but this is just another no good, rotten, horrible thing for this awful Broncos season. Especially since right before he fell hard and knocked himself out the offense looked like a real football offense for the first time all year.

WHY WAS A PRINCIPAL PROMOTED WHEN SHE WAS UNDER INVESTIGATION? This happened at Denver Public Schools and I bet if she's been white this would be a different story. The former principal at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College middle and high school in northeast Denver had her district issued credit card taken away after a ton of personal charges were discovered on the card. Instead of being investigated for embezzlement or being forced to make restitution she was then PROMOTED to a district position, one she never started because she quit rather than cooperating with the investigation into MORE misuse of district credit cards. I think she got a pass initially because she is a militant principal whose message of self reliance and pushing back against injustice is a popular one with DPS. She's also involved in the copyright kerfuffle over a student created podcast that she tried to copyright even though it was created using District resources. She's a mess who will probably run for School Board next. Just because you tout a popular message does not make you above the law.

NOW A POTENTIAL OSCAR MOVIE IS ACCUSED OF FATPHOBIA And this is so stupid I almost didn't include it but I had to because it's so stupid. The widely critically acclaimed movie The Whale starring Brendan Fraser is catching hell because the main character is morbidly obese and Fraser had to wear a fat suit. Fat actors are mad they weren't allowed to play the character and others say the fat suit made the character "a spectacle". So now an actor must NOT take a role is there is someone else who is already fat, and those shows like "My 600 pound life" need to be ended immediately because they truly DO make the subjects a spectacle. The PC police ruin everything.

MILE HIGH IS HERE TO STAY as the new owners are planning a $100 million refurbishment of the stadium according to this.

WHEN HIPPOS GET THE ZOOMIES I had no idea this was a thing but here we are. Click here if it doesn't load.

GUYS, PLEASE DON'T MAKE THIS A THING I know that Dragon has sported some Christmas ornaments in his beard, but the dyed green is a bit much.

ONE COMEDIAN HAS HAD ENOUGH OF WOKE AND CANCEL CULTURE And our pal Christian Toto writes about his new comedy special and it's scorched earth approach to the new things busting up the culture. Read it here. Spoiler alert: he confirms the existence of furries in schools.

WHY A BORING COURT CASE HAS DEMOCRATS PANICKING And the case is about North Carolina's Supreme Court redrawing the redistricting maps that the North Carolina Legislature put forth. The Legislature says the Court does not have the power to do that and they are right, but it's going to take the Supreme Court to force them to recognize this. From this article about why Dems nationwide are really scared about this:

If the Supreme Court rules in favor of the North Carolina General Assembly, Democrats will be forced to obey election statutes as written by state legislatures. This would seriously limit their ability to litigate their way to victory in the 2024 presidential election. Biden’s 2020 Electoral College victory was only possible because controversial election attorney Marc Elias convinced dozens of state courts to exceed their jurisdictions and change election laws governing mail-in ballots. It will come as no surprise that Elias considers Moore v. Harper dangerous:
"What makes Moore so potentially dangerous is the fact that Republicans are advancing a radical legal theory — the independent state legislature (ISL) theory — that would limit state courts’ ability to interpret their own state’s laws and apply their state’s constitutions to federal elections. The theory rests on the fact that the U.S. Constitution grants state legislatures the ability to set the “time, place and manner” of congressional elections, subject to an override by Congress."

Isn't this interesting? And very, very important.

IS ANTHONY FAUCI SENILE? Maybe that's why so many of his answers during an hours long deposition were "I can't recall" of some other variation of that. This column gives you the highlights, or lowlights as they may be, of the deposition. It's worse than you think, trust me. For a guy who was instrumental in shutting down the world because China did first he sure doesn't have many answers as to why he did this.

MEDICINE IS ABOUT TO GET WORSE JANUARY 1ST As scheduled cuts to physicians kick in. This means it's going to get harder to find a doctor, and expect more costs to be "shifted" onto the rest of us. Read more here.

READY TO COMPETE IN A TEXAS CHILI CONTEST? Leave the beans at home. This is a cool article on the official State Dish of Texas as declared back in 1977.

THE GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINEES ARE OUT And you can see them here, but let's be real, they stopped mattering a long, long time ago.

THE MONTH IN CAKES and this is one talented cake maker! Click here if it doesn't load.

MAN SHOVELS VERY IMPORTANT PATH So he could say hi to his neighbor's dog.

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