Wed Blog: Home Equity Theft In Colorado, plus We Are a Blue State

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DID YOU KNOW THE STATE ALLOWS SOMEONE TO STEAL YOUR HOME'S EQUITY? This is a really bad law that we need to change. When someone falls behind on their property taxes the county they live in can issue a tax lien on the property and demand back taxes. They can then SELL the lien to an investor who can then pay the lien and TAKE THE PROPERTY. The Pacific Legal Foundation did a study on this and this is what they found:

In Colorado:
98% of homes were forcibly seized for tax debts less than the price of a 10-year-old Ford F-150.
On average, homeowners lost their homes and all the savings in them for debts worth 3% of the value of the home.
Investors were able to keep $41 million more than what was owed to them.

We are one of a handful of states that still has this legal equity theft on the books and we need to fix it. I'm talking with Ethan Blevins from the Pacific Legal Foundation about this today at 1.

WHAT WOULD INSPIRE YOU TO LOSE WEIGHT? I saw a version of this question on Twitter today when a dude named Zuby Tweeted out this:

We need to have a serious conversation about the fact the obesity rate is going up by ~0.5% per year, while male testosterone levels and sperm counts are dropping by ~1% per year. This is not sustainable. How can we reverse this?

So I suggested that we do a better job, at least for men, explaining the connection between obesity and erectile dysfunction. Did you know being fat could make you unable to perform sexually? It's true, read this. Would that do it? What do you think would? I read an article last week that posited that statin and blood pressure meds have lead to an uptick in obesity because they give people an easy out instead of making good choices to be healthier. They could be right. Is there a piece of information that would make you get it together if you haven't already?

CPAC HAS SPOKEN: WE'RE A BLUE STATE The Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) released the results of a study done by the Center for Legislative Accountability that ranks lawmakers on how they voted on issues as liberal or conservative. They "examined the actions of 7,400 state lawmakers from 50 states in 2021. The group said the analysis sifted through more than 265,000 individual votes across 3,500 different bills introduced in state legislatures." So what did they find? They found that Colorado is the 39th least conservative state in the union. We are only more conservative than these states:

40. Nevada (35%)
41. Oregon (32%)
42. Connecticut (30%)
43. New Jersey (27%)
44. New York (26%)
45. Vermont (26%)
46. Maryland (26%)
47. California (24%)
48. Rhode Island (20%)
49. Hawaii (19%)
50. Massachusetts (15%)

Don't you feel good about where we're headed now? Someone needs to tell the Republicans who held a rally to declare that the GOP lost because they weren't conservative enough about this.

THE CLUB Q SHOOTER IS FACING HATE CRIME CHARGES And I must believe that prosecutors know more about his motives than we are being told and that they have evidence that he targeted the gay club specifically. This maggot is facing over 300 charges and I hope he suffers every day he spends the rest of his life in prison.

THERE ARE A COMICAL NUMBER OF CANDIDATES VYING TO BE DENVER MAYOR And the Democratic primary is going to be a barn burner since it's likely that whoever comes out of the primary is going to be Mayor in the overwhelmingly liberal city. There are Republicans running, and I've got one scheduled on the show in January already, but the Dem primary is the one to watch. With the entrance of this gentleman, we are now up to 24 candidates for Mayor. If I were a registered Republican in Denver I'd be changing my party affiliation to Independent so I can have a say in who is going to run the city in the primary. Just saying.

WALMART IS DOING AWAY WITH SINGLE USE PLASTIC BAGS THIS JANUARY A full year ahead of when Colorado Democrats banned them. Read more here.

TRUMP'S CANDIDATE LOST IN GEORGIA And this column explains how in deeply red Georgia, where Republicans control the Legislature and every elected statewide office, the only Republican to lose a statewide race was the Trump backed Hershel Walker. Can we please move on from Trump now? Please?

DENVER'S NEW TRASH PROGRAM MAY BE OFF TO A BUMPY START I pay a private company to pick up my trash. If they do a lousy job, there are other options. If the City does a lousy job, what do you do? Call and complain. That's what has been happening in Denver this year as Waste Management found itself short on staff and unable to do it's one job: pick up trash on time. Now they are getting ready to roll out the new Pay-as-you-dump program that charges by trash volume and residents are not convinced they can pull this off. The Waste Management division says they have successfully hired enough staff to do it, but we'll see what January looks like.

IS OUR LOVE AFFAIR WITH CHINESE GOODS OVER? This is a very interesting article about the contraction in shipping between China and the West Coast. It seems the bottom has fallen out of the market for Chinese produced goods as the nation's idiotic zero covid policy has created disruption after disruption and manufacturers are looking elsewhere for orders. At the same time, our trade with Europe has exploded and I think this is a good thing, as Germans facing ridiculous energy costs (because of their commitment to renewables, by the way) and inflation have them offshoring to US for the change. Read more here.

CORPORATIONS SEEKING HELP WHILE BEING WOKE WON'T GET REPUBLICAN SYMPATHY ANYMORE The merger between Kroger and Albertsons which would create the largest grocery store company in the country is facing Congressional scrutiny. The grocery store chains have embraced woke culture, with Kroger having to pay out a large sum to workers it fired when they didn't want to wear a rainbow for gay pride. So imagine their surprise when they came to Republicans for help for the merger after Democrats decided to try to block it. This is what GOP Senator Tom Cotton had to say to them in a recent hearing.

THE TWITTER FILES STORY JUST GOD WEIRDER As if this story needed more twists and turns. Now former government hack James Baker, who was eyeballs deep in promoting the discredited Russian collusion story during the Trump admin, has been "exited" from Twitter after it was discovered that HE was the guy reviewing the files being released to Matt Taibbi and Beri Weiss. Read this breakdown of the situation for more.

AND NO, THE HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP STORY IS NOT ABOUT DIRTY PICTURES And this column by Jonathan Turley outlines the myriad of ways the media, who willingly went along with the Russian disinformation ruse put forth by partisans, are now doubling down on the story by mischaracterizing what the story is about, which is media willingly being manipulated to help their guy win. Read it here.

WHY DOES LEO DECAPRIO ONLY DATE YOUNG WOMEN? This TikTokker has a theory and it's as reasonable as any I've seen. Click here if it doesn't load.

IF YOU'RE LAUGHING OR DUNKING ON TED CRUZ'S FAMILY SITUATION You are a horrible person. I have a long standing policy of not discussing the children of politicians unless they are adult children and if you find a teenager in crisis a source of laughter or joy you are a horrible person. Period.

THE CDC IS RECOMMENDING USELESS MASKING AGAIN And as they continue to ignore good science to embrace garbage science I will continue to ignore any of their advice. Especially since a recent study showed that even N95 masks don't work against Covid infection. But the CDC is going to keep banging this drum.

BRING BACK ROTE MEMORIZATION IN SCHOOL Who here loved having to memorize and repeat your times tables when you were a kid? This was torture for me but when I need to multiple 7x8 in my head I immediately know the answer because I was forced to memorize them eons ago. This article brings up important information about how brains learn to endorse bringing back rote memorization in school and it makes a lot of sense. What we're doing now clearly isn't working.

IS THIS FOR REAL? Is he really doing this with his voice? Click here if it doesn't load.

THIS MASKED SINGER IS NO DUMMY As she chatted with Nick Cannon, she asked him to stay away. Click here if if doesn't load.


DENVER IS OUR OWN SIN CITY This is kind of interesting and kind of sad. WalletHub does a study each year to determine the Most Sinful Cities in the US and Denver is ranked #7. How did we earn this dubious distinction? Researchers:

"compared more than 180 U.S. cities across 38 key indicators of vices and illicit behavior. Our data set ranges from violent crimes per capita to excessive drinking to adult entertainment establishments per capita."


LET'S GET IT ON REF IS DEAD Mills Lane is probably the most well known if not THE most well known boxing referee of my lifetime. The small bald man with the somewhat grating voice was a fixture in professional boxing for decades. He's now passed away at the age of 85.

HUMAN BEINGS DON'T FEEL WATER This is super cool and I had no idea. And their British so it sounds very fancy.

THAT TIME KENNY LAUNCHED SHAQ INTO A CHRISTMAS TREE They look like brothers fighting at their moms house and I'm here for it.

SOMETIMES CHRISTMAS ISN'T FOR EVERYONE Click here if it doesn't load. Because what a load.

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