Emily Reidel of Reality TV Series 'Bering Sea Gold'

Emily Reidel is one of a small group of brave and hardy souls trying to make a living as miners extracting valuable ores...from the (shallower parts of the) bottom of Alaska's Bering Sea. I really can't imagine such a thing but it's the subject of the reality TV series "Bering Sea Gold" (now in something its 14th season) of which new mom Emily Riedel is a star. If wonder if she makes more money from mining or from the show. That's just one of the things I'll ask her.

Bering Sea Gold on Discovery and discovery+. | Discovery

Emily on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emsau1

She even has merch: Bering Sea Paydirt – BSPD

Here's another article about the biz from a web site called "Arctic Today", obviously: For fortune hunters dredging Alaska's Bering Sea floor for gold, old mining traditions blend with new realities - ArcticToday

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