Matt Sharp Senior Legal Counsel Representing Lorie Smith of 303 Creative

Matt Sharp is senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom, the law firm representing Lorie Smith, proprietor of 303 Creative, whose case was heard at the Supreme Court yesterday. The short version: Lorie wants to make web sites for individual weddings but does not want to be required to make such sites for same-sex marriages which she opposes as a matter of faith.

News reports yesterday had headlines like “US Supreme Court leans toward web designer with anti-gay marriage stance”. While it is always a mistake to read too much into the question the justices ask, I hope and expect Lorie Smith of 303 Creative to win. Listeners know that I’m Jewish, not religious, and for gay marriage. Despite the gnashing of teeth on the left, this case is not actually about gay marriage. It’s about whether the government can compel a person to say what she doesn’t believe or prevent her from earning a living if she won’t. It’s outrageous that she or Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cake Shop ever lost a ruling or a case. The first amendment MUST trump so-called anti-discrimination law. In this case, we’ll likely get the answer in about 6 months.

Matt Sharp | Alliance Defending Freedom (

Justices spar in latest clash of religion and gay rights | AP News

Much more detail about the case: 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis - SCOTUSblog

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