Mon Blog: Heidi Ganahl Reflects on Her Race for Governor

HEIDI IS ON AT 2 TODAY And I've got her first interview since her loss for Governor. We'll talk about the race, what she learned and what's next.

THE TWITTER FILES STARTED UNROLLING FRIDAY AFTERNOON And in the 30+ tweet thread by truly independent journalist Matt Taibbi, whose work used to be seen in Rolling Stone until he got tired of dealing with editors with an agenda, delivered in my opinion. In it we learned that the Biden campaign and DNC asked for tweets to be removed and accounts to be banned and Twitter acquiesced. We learned that even those inside Twitter questioned the official narrative that censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story as "hacked" information but they did it anyway. This is just the beginning but it sure does open up a LOT of questions that need to be answered about just how much the Democrats controlled what and who we saw on Twitter. You can read a really good comprehensive story on the reveal here. This is a good column on why all this matters, which you may miss if you just follow journalists on Twitter, most of whom were dismissive and many mocking about the story and it's importance. Maybe that's why a bunch of journalists from many different outlets were laid off this week. Just a thought. This editorial reminds us of all the former intelligence community members who lined up to help Joe Biden win. It would be nice if the media asked them how they got it so wrong.

JUST TO BE CLEAR, TRUMP'S DEMAND TO OVERTURN THE CONSTITUTION IS LUDICROUS Because the Constitution is far bigger than one person and needs to be treated as such. After the Twitter reveal, Trump, who is understandably vexed about this, sent out this:

“Do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION? A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution, Our great ‘Founders’ did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!”

He's right that the Founding Fathers would not want fraudulent elections, but I doubt they would argue that this would allow for the "termination" of the Constitution. This is just more hyperbole from Trump.

WHEN A FALSE RACISM ACCUSATION FLIES IS AN APOLOGY ENOUGH This is a long story about Colorado Parks and Wildlife, a conference, an inappropriate comment, and a false accusation of racism. Normally I wouldn't do this story but there is so much money flying around (all of it taxpayer dollars) plus a man's name was needlessly besmirched. It started when a former head of CPW was trying to recognize the black woman who was in charge of putting together the event. In trying to recognize her, he used the phrase "“Oh, there’s Aloe, in the back of the bus." which is definitely NOT a phrase one should use when describing any black person in the back of a room. We can all concede that point, but she filed a complaint about the man, who has since resigned with a $50,000 payout. Instead of going through HR, as is the thing to do first, she took to a messaging app used by all conference attendees to express her displeasure and "pain" at the comment. This woman seems to cry a lot. Read the message she wrote about the head of CPW and his apology the next day and be warned, these messages are from a link in that story but there is bad language quoted here:

Letter to Dan Prenzlow, Director of Colorado Parks & Wildlife Dan Prenzlow, The kindest and most heartfelt thing I could ever say to you is: fuck you. Maya Angelou is turning in her grave that you spoke her name. Stop using black women to clean up your white mess. I do pray you shove that bullshit apology so far up your ass that it hits the hatred and racism where your soul used to be. Sincerely, Aloe Lee, the one who created the fucking bus.

That was the FIRST message she sent to all attendees. This is the second:

Good morning. I have a few announcements and I will keep this one brief. I know that y'all were in the room on Tuesday night when Dan Prenzlow exclaimed "back of the bus, Aloe!" when referencing my position in the room. All I will say is this: if you were there for that incident, and you do not speak out about the injustices at this conference, you are not an ally or friend. you are a problem and i have no respect for you. If you have a video of his racist remarks, please send to me. Thank you to everyone who did not make this a traumatizing experience for me and other black people and people of color. Thank you so much to Jen Anderson for being an incredible person and helping me plan this conference. I could not have done any of this without her and she deserves all her flowers. More to follow. Thanks. -Aloe Lee.

But she wasn't done. Then she decided to attack a man she barely talked to because he wore a hat she didn't understand the reference for which said, "if you're not at the table, you're on the menu" which she maintained was harmful to minorities, which is patently idiotic.

Gates, I want you to know you are an idiot. I was nice to you. I even said you were a great person in front of people just to see your face cringe because it was coming from a black woman[’s] mouth. You got your racist ass on stage and didn[’t] thank me for my work even though we just met & you were fully aware of my role. Your slogan is [“If] you don[‘t] have a seat at the table, you[’re] on the menu.” You must be new here? The table you get to eat on was built by the craftsmen & the skilled designers that I am blessed to call ancestors. The food you cook is seasoned with the spices of my cultures. My people taught you how to cook. We taught you how to survive. My ancestors even had to take care of your children because you are incompetent & can[’t] do anything yourself. My people taught you how to make tables. I hope you are paying attention in that class because we are taking our table back & you can eat on the floor with the rats and roaches that closely resemble your loved ones. -Aloe Lee, a Black Woman.

She seems nice. Luckily she was given a year's salary to drop a civil rights complaint about a mean comment. After a YEAR long investigation it was found that Mr. Gates did nothing racist AT ALL and even Ms Lee couldn't provide any evidence of his racism nor could anyone who has ever worked with him over the 30 plus years he's volunteered with the agency. By the way, Ms Lee worked for CPW for FOUR MONTHS before this mess and got a sweet payout to make her claims of racism go away. I'm just going to say it, she was looking for a reason to scream racism from day one, she likely believes all white people are racist as you can clearly see from her posts and the state paid her off to go away. Real question, if you are trying to diversify your workplace do things like this give you pause? It would me. Would it be fair in an interview to ask people of any race which races they don't like or believe to be inherently racist? Just asking.

TODAY THE SUPREME COURT WEIGHS FREE SPEECH And the case is that of 303 Creative, a web design company whose owner does not want to make websites for gay weddings. She will happily serve gay customers for other jobs, but she is not comfortable because of her religious beliefs making a gay wedding site. The Justices will hear the case today, read more here.

CONGRATS TO OUR OWN DAVE LOGAN AND HIS CHERRY CREEK FOOTBALL TEAM The team gets a state championship and Coach Logan gets a never done "fourpeat" at this level of High School Football. He truly is the GOAT.

CAN LAUREN BOEBERT TONE IT DOWN? The firebrand Congresswoman barely won her race and underperformed the other Republicans who were re elected by a lot. This column asks if she can tone it down to stay in office and the answer is: not likely. I hope she can. We'll see.

SPACE COMMAND WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON And after Donald Trump moved it to Alabama in a purely political move here's hoping we can get it back in Colorado Springs where it belongs. The announcement should come soon according to this.

ARE WEALTHY REPUBLICANS PARTIALLY TO BLAME FOR THIS ELECTION SEASON? I'm going to say a big fat YES as they sat on their wallets throughout this election season and now get to live with a Democratic run state because of it. Steve Wells was one who tried by starting a Super PAC with his own money and pledging to spend $11 million of is own dough to defeat Jared Polis. He says he quit when he realized that the other wealthy Republicans in this state weren't going to follow through on pledges to join him in his mission. Wells got real with the Colorado Sun:

Wells, whose fortune comes from oil and gas drilling on his 40,000-acre Weld County ranch, said he has severed ties with some wealthy GOP donors over their unfulfilled financial commitments.
“It’s changed who I do business with,” Wells said without getting specific. “If you want to sit and piss and moan and bitch about your taxes and crime and all this shit and do absolutely nothing, then get the hell away from me, because I don’t have time for that.”

He's 100% right on this.

CAN PRIME TIME BRING THE BUFFS BACK TO GLORY? As a proud Florida State Seminole I am STOKED that Deion Sanders has been hired as the new coach of the CU Buffaloes. He's had great success at Jackson State and I'm hoping he can bring Big Time College Football to Boulder. Read more about his hiring here, but it's gonna be EPIC!

IF YOU'RE GONNA BE STUPID, YOU BETTER BE TOUGH, BRAD A Florida man (of course) decided he was going to rob a Walmart but chose poorly, as there were 40 deputies inside the store for a "Shop with a Cop" event where they were buying new toys for kids. Bad idea, Brad.

THE KIFFNESS TEAMS UP WITH AN IRANIAN SINGER Who was arrested in Iran for singing so she moved to Canada where she uses her voice to support protesters in that country. Kiffness just adds to the song.


HOW OLD YOU FEEL COULD AFFECT HOW OLD YOU ARE And I'm not talking about how many years you've been on this Earth, but how many years you FEEL like you've been on this Earth. This article explains how the two things are interconnected and why trying to maintain a positive attitude about getting older can actually keep you young. Read this:

Being in good health is a big reason why many people might feel younger than they are—and therefore might live longer, according to scientists who study the psychology of aging. Many of those researchers believe the effect can go the other way, too, noting that those with a younger and more optimistic sense of aging might be more apt to take care of themselves.
People who feel older might generate more stress, too, whether they are 30 and fretting about early signs of wrinkles or 65 and concerned that co-workers think they are losing their edge. Scientists searching for biological reasons for the link between subjective age and long-term health have, in recent studies of men over the age of 50, found that those who feel older than their actual age have elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol and C reactive protein, an inflammatory marker associated with heart disease and other illnesses.

The old adage "you're only as old as you feel" seems to carry some weight.

COULD HURRICANES HAVE UNEARTHED A SHIPWRECK? That would be the logical explanation for the wood and metal things poking out a beach in Daytona Beach where hurricanes have hurried erosion recently. They are bringing in archeologists to check it out but this is cool.

DID YOU KNOW COLORADO HAS ONE OF THE HIGHEST RATES OF ALCOHOL RELATED DEATHS? I did not know this. Even though we are one of the nation's healthiest states overall, we love to drink and we drink a lot. Now we know that people die a lot as well.

STEVE NEEDS ATTENTION And I have no clue why I find this so charming but I suspect it's the way gentleman doing the video talks to Steve like he's a chum.

HOW THE PANDEMIC CHANGED TEEN BRAINS This is really scary and hopefully these kids can recover. Shutting down schools and separating kids from their peer group had horrible effects on behavior, stress and anxiety in teens. Now we know it aged their brains as well. Read more here.

GUESS WHAT? N95 MASKS DON'T WORK AGAINST COVID EITHER And a new Random Controlled study (which was the gold standard until it gave inconvenient results during covid) which studied mask usage in hospitals where the N95s have been professionally "fitted" have shown no real difference between N95 masks and regular surgical masks which we already know don't do anything. Read more here.

CASPER SHOULD GIVE THE ROAD RUNNER LESSONS Because the 20 month old Great Pyrennes killed 8 coyotes to save the sheep he was tasked with protecting. Read more and see Casper here. He's okay, though he was really banged up from the fights.

CRANKY LADY TRIES TO KILL HER HOSPITAL ROOMMATE As the oxygen machine keeping the other patient alive made a noise that annoyed her so she turned it off. After staff turned it back on and told the woman the patient could not live without the oxygen, she turned it off AGAIN. She's now facing charges.

THIS KIDS ELF IS GETTING NOTHING FROM SANTA After doing this to his boy! Click here if it doesn't load.

GET YOUR KANYE TATTOO REMOVED FOR FREE! Although I am generally against getting a tattoo of anyone's face and think you should have to pay for your own stupid choices, I think this is nice. A tattoo shop in the UK is removing Kanye tattoos free of charge.


I'VE SEEN FIGHTING OVER A BUDGET, BUT NOT LIKE THIS I have no idea where these people are but they are fiery.

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