Andrew Keith Walker A Guide to Why Advanced AI Could Destroy the World

Andrew Keith Walker is a technology and sci-fi columnist and writer. His website is here: Andrew Keith Walker

I saw this piece over at the rather hyperbolic web site A guide to why advanced AI could destroy the world - Vox

The subject matter is of great interest and much debate among experts, and of course among non-experts like me.

I asked that author to join the show but she did not respond. Simultaneously I contacted Andrew to give the other side of the argument, and he agreed to join us from England by Zoom. I'll mostly play devil's advocate for this one.

Here's Andrew's piece from a few years back; you can see why I thought he'd be the right guy for this conversation: 5 really obvious reasons why we shouldn’t fear AI. No really. | by Andrew Keith Walker | Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine

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