CO CD-3 Rep. Lauren Boebert on Narrow Win, Public Response to Her

House Republicans Hold Hearing On 'Bidenflation'

Photo: Getty Images

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert just barely won her re-election campaign that most folks (including I) thought she'd win easily. What message does she take from that? For example, does she plan on continuing to be as flamboyantly out-front on national issues even if it means her district's residents think she's not paying enough attention to local needs?

Also, Lauren is well-known as a Christian conservative who has said some rather aggressive things in the "culture wars" surrounding LGBT stuff, "drag shows" at schools (which I also oppose, though I don't think they represent the end of the world as we know it), etc. One article I saw said that she described some aspect of LGBT as "spitting in God's face." Ugh. She posted a tweet noting how "awful" the mass murder in Colorado Springs was and she got over 40,000 replies...almost all of them castigating her as being at least part of the problem if not assigning outright responsibility to her. I'll ask Lauren what she thinks of the responses and whether the public reaction will change how she talks about these issues even as I'm sure it won't change what she believes about them.

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