Mon Blog: Why Does Colorado Have So Many Shootings?

HOW? WHY? INDEED This past weekend we suffered another huge blow in Colorado when a lone gunman opened fire at innocent people who were only guilty of the crime of having fun at Club Q, a gay bar in the Springs. Thank GOD there were brave patrons who stopped the carnage before it got worse and were able to subdue the man who did it. He has prior run ins with the law, including one that came after his mother reported him for threatening to blow her up. Why did he do it? He's alive so we may know, but it seems hard to believe that this bar wasn't targeted because it was a gay bar. What inspired him to do this? I don't know. This editorial begs for us to stop the violence, but it doesn't begin to address how other than to say we need to pay attention to people in crisis, but guess what? This dude may have been crazy enough that he had no friends or family that cared enough at this point to pay attention. I do want to know how a guy who barricaded himself and wouldn't cooperate with police orders got the charges dropped because his mom wouldn't cooperate? I have questions and we have people who are dead and I have no answers either.

I'M HERE TO SOLVE YOUR FAMILY ISSUES FOR THANKSGIVING I got an email from a listener about a family Secret Santa situation that we will address later, but with Turkey day upon us it's time for Auntie M to give some advice so if you have a difficult family dynamics , send me an email or a text with your issue.

LIGHTER FARE FOR TODAY INCLUDES A SUPER MODEL I think the glory days of the super model had to be the 90s. That was really when models went from pretty faces to names we all knew and my absolute Fave from that time is Paulina Porizkova, the Czech bombshell who looked different than all the other blonde models. I got a chance to talk to her last week about her new book, the business of modeling, and why she promotes positive aging on her Instagram feed (which you can find here). It was a lovely interview and you should buy her new book No Filter: The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful by clicking here.

DO THEY MAKE CAMO YOGA PANTS? There is a wonderful organization in town that is using yoga to help our military folks and veterans repair themselves inside and out. Today Kelly Wulf from Comeback Yoga joins me to discuss where it came from and how it's helping men and women get their bodies and minds right. Find out more about Comeback Yoga by clicking here!

KRISTA KAFER MAKES THE PITCH FOR RECYCLED WASTE WATER And she's not wrong that we have the technology to do this and are already doing in many places and not just the Space Station. We have too many people and not enough water and this is a great way to do this in an environmentally friendly way. Read more here before you say EWWWW, which is somI ething I've said in the past before learning about how highly treated our water is NOW because it can be quite gross on it's own.

RONNIE AND STEVE ARE RUNNING FOR OFFICE I love these donkeys and their pal who takes care of them. Steve is acting up tremendously.

BACKCOUNTRY SKIERS HAVE TRIGGERED AN AVALANCHE And seems early in the season but here we are. Everyone was okay but if you're a backcountry skier please make sure you have avalanche gear with you just in case. Here's some gear ideas from REI if you don't know where to start.

DENVER SCHOOL'S SUPERINTENDENT CALLS OUT THE BOARD'S DYSFUNCTION The Denver School Board is made up of a bunch of left wingers who in theory should be able to agree on a lot. But when it comes to following through on their OWN resolutions, they fail miserably. The latest example came last week when the school board did not vote to close the schools that were chosen after careful consideration by a team made up of teachers, parents and principals based on a criteria decided last spring. All this was done at the direction of the school board, who then voted to push the vote to close these schools. Superintendent Alex Marrero told the Denver Post this:

Superintendent Alex Marrero, in an interview Friday, said the school board was distracted and unprepared to make the hard decision to close schools. He said the board members should have brought up their concerns — and suggestions — about potential closures earlier in the year after the district presented the criteria that a committee of parents, educators and others recommended using in deciding which schools to consolidate.
“When we introduced this last spring, early summer, that was go-time,” Marrero told The Denver Post. “That was a time in which we say this is going to get real. Are we going to have to vote on schools? Yes.”
His comments echoed those from several education groups, which said last week that the school board should have stepped in sooner to address concerns with the closure plan. The groups have criticized the rollout of the proposal and said it seemed as though district staff and the board weren’t communicating with each other.
Infighting has consumed the seven-member school board for most of the year, some of which has spilled into public view, including at meetings held this week to discuss the school closure plan.
“There was a tremendous amount of distraction on the board and they have to acknowledge that,” Marrero said.

You should read the rest of the article to get the whole thing. Oddly, I won't see the same kind of stories about this board that I see when union backed troublemakers try to bring down the conservative board in Douglas County. Just saying.

WANT TO KNOW WHAT CLIMATE CHANGE IS REALLY ABOUT? We've finally gotten to the big payoff portion of climate change that I've been waiting for. It became obvious to me years and years ago that the only reason the UN talks about climate change is they viewed it as a way to extort the US and other developed nations on behalf of poorly run, often corrupt states around the world. Now it's here! I've been waiting for this for YEARS and now it is finally time. Of course our doddering President can't wait to drop a billion dollars into this fund, while China, one of the richest nations in the world with economic growth that far surpasses anywhere else, says they are "developing" nation so they don't have to pay even though China is the largest emitter of carbon IN THE WORLD. So not only are they still building a ton of coal fired power plants every year, they will not pay into a fund for nations expected to the most adversely affected by climate change. We are the suckers here. What will the world do when we aren't there to be their piggy bank?

THE BABYLON BEE FOUND A TWITTER EMPLOYEE AT A JOB INTERVIEW And this is hilarious because it's probably true.

DISNEY IS BACK IN BOB IGER'S HANDS After a short and bumpy tenure for Bob Chapek who got bounced on on his Mickey ears over the weekend. This is a pretty comprehensive overview of what went down, but don't expect Iger to make course corrections when it comes to politics, he's been pretty vocal that he thinks Chapek didn't do enough.

TRUMP IS BACK ON TWITTER As of this morning he had not tweeted anything but Elon Musk has let the man back on Twitter after a poll asking users if he should be let back on. He may not come back because he is the only reason most people are Truth social which he owns.

HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN YOU COUNT ON? This survey shows that the average American has five close relationships that they rely on for friendship.

TAKING IBUPROFEN FOR ARTHRITIS MAKES IT WORSE A new study showed that taking ibuprofen for more than a year can actually make arthritis WORSE. It seems that people who take the anti inflammatory pain killers end up doing MORE damage to the knee because inflammation and swelling protect us from doing more harm. Just FIX the arthritis with Downtown's Healthcare by making a free evaluation appointment instead by calling 303-292-9992.


IF YOU'RE FERTILE AND MEET NICK CANNON RUN Because the cheaper-by-the-dozen dad says he may have even more kids with women he's not married to. I hope his kids turn out okay.

I'D RATHER LOSE THE GAME I get it that this is a team building thing, but these haircuts are absurd. Click here if if doesn't load.

THIS TREE IS KINDA CREEPY I'm sure it makes kids in Nova Scotia happy. Click here if it doesn't load.



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