Wed Blog: How to Not Bust Your Waistline Over the Holidays and Weather Wed!

BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE And we'll ask Fox 31's Dave Fraser when we may get a break, plus take your questions which were AMAZING last time. Hit the text line at 12:35 by texting 56690 with your questions!

HOW TO GET THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS WITH YOUR HEALTH INTACT Did you know that one of the most common times for heart attacks is Christmas Eve? This study showed that, so I thought I'd ask Michellle Zellner to share with us some tips on maintaining or even adding in some health habits during the candy cane and cookie season. She joins me at 2 to discuss. Find Michelle and get her help with your health and fitness by clicking here!

I DON'T USUALLY SHARE A GROUPON BUT.... If you've not been the Gaylord Rockies Christmas stuff yet, make this the year. It is SO COOL and honestly one of my favorite things we do each year and today (the link may be dead after Nov 16yh, just an fyi) there is a Groupon for it right here. DO IT, it's so good if you love Christmas.

DONALD TRUMP ANNOUNCED LAST NIGHT I tried to watch the speech this morning but it was long and boring and frankly I couldn't wait to turn it off. So far it's not going well, as one of his big billionaire supporters has already announced he won't be supporting Trump this time. In perfect Trump fashion he apparently wouldn't let anyone leave the ballroom until he was done rambling.

EVEN IVANKA IS OUT She was not present at the speech last night and has said though she loves her father very much she will not be involved in his campaign this go round. Her comment:

'I love my father very much. This time around, I'm choosing to prioritize my young children and the private life we are creating as a family,' the former White House adviser said. 'While I will always love and support my father, going forward I will do so outside the political arena.' 

Not exactly a rousing endorsement of his new run. Her husband Jared did attend.

I'D HATE TO BE ONE OF THESE VOTERS WITH A BALLOT ISSUE IN CD-3 The Boebert-Frisch race is tight, but not so tight as to need an automatic recount. The Boebert campaign is hoping it stays this way, and the Frisch campaign is trying to overcome her lead so every voter whose ballot was rejected for one reason or another is being bombarded with calls, texts and even visits to their home by people from either campaign asking them to fix their ballots. Voters have until midnight tonight to "cure" their issues and then the race can likely be called. Frisch is doing the assumed close and participating in new member orientation this week. I hope it's an effort in futility.

EVEN IF BOEBERT WINS SHE DOESN'T SEEM TO HAVE GOTTEN THE MESSAGE As she seems to be blaming her tight race on anything but her own behavior. I keep hoping that she will grow into a mature statesperson instead of a side show, but I don't think she has it in her.

WHAT ARE THE MOST REGRETTED MAJORS IN COLLEGE? As a dropout theater major from FSU, I know about bad decision making when it comes to picking your major (but there was no math!) but I am genuinely surprised about number one on this list of most regretted majors. By a long shot Journalism was the most regretted major at 87%. Grant has a degree in journalism so I want to see from him if he regrets that decision of why he thinks so many j-school graduates regret their choices. I have a theory.

THE MORMON CHURCH COMES OUT FOR GAY MARRIAGE And this is a BIG DEAL. Like really big. They still maintain that homosexuality is against God's teachings but now support equal marriage rights for gay people. I think we've now entered the post-gay rights era which would be nice so we can stop having this used as some kind of fake bludgeon in political races. I hope the gay community revels in the fact that NO ONE cares about their marriages or wishes to stop them, even in mainstream religions. And yes, Mormonism is a mainstream religion. This as Congress is considering legislation to codify gay marriage into law permanently, which they absolutely should do. Let's put this to bed once and for all.

COULD A VACCINE FOR FENTANYL SAVE LIVES? This is really cool. Scientists are working on a "vaccine" that binds to fentanyl and won't let it enter the brain, where it can kill someone very quickly. How does it work?

The shot works by stimulating the T-cells in the immune system in a way to create antibodies which bind to fentanyl in the bloodstream.
These antibodies keep catch the drug in a person's blood and prevent them from spreading further and causing harm. It then gets processed in the kidney and removed from the body. 

The scientists are hoping that people, especially young people who may be tempted by party drugs, will take it. It doesn't have any effect on other opioids that may be necessary later for pain. Very cool.

YOUR LIFE REALLY DOES FLASH BEFORE YOUR EYES WHEN YOU DIE I am a believer that what we see and hear here are just the beginning so studies like this one don't surprise me. A very weird study of people in cardiac arrest showed very clearly that there is more going on than we think and your life, and all of your choices, really does flash before you. Read more here and then live a life you will proud to see replayed in your final moments.

TICKETMASTER SUCKS AND WHY DOESN'T SOMEONE COME UP WITH AN ALTERNATIVE? I was chosen for the Taylor Swift pre-sale event yesterday that was supposed to start at 10am. It did not, I had to bail and now a BUNCH of people are SUPER mad at Ticketmaster for screwing this up so royally. Ticketmaster has ONE JOB. ONE. They failed miserably and charge ridiculous fees for their garbage product. Why won't some celebrity do this better? It honestly can't be that hard.

A BRONCOS PLAYER IS SUING OVER HIS INJURY But he's not suing another player, he's suing the NFL and a bunch of other people for negligence after a collision with a tv dude on the sidelines ended up with a torn ACL. Read more here.

THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH ABOUT ELECTRIC CARS, PART 2 By the always awesome John Stossel. "If you cover the entire continent of the United States with solar panels, it wouldn't supply half of the nation's electricity" is pretty compelling.


THE OWNER OF AMAZON SAYS LAY OFF THE BIG PURCHASES One of the richest men in the world is telling consumers to hold off on big purchases as a recession is on the horizon. Odd since he owns the largest shopping site in the world. Are you taking his advice? I sure am but for other reasons. The sales get good in a recession.

CHANGING YOUR DIET CAN HELP WITH SLEEP APNEA And this isn't about losing weight. Sleep apnea especially affects overweight people, but not exclusively. A recent study of obese people showed that simply adopting healthier eating habits while not eating a caloric deficit reduced the sleep apnea events. Some were able to stop using a CPAP machine and the group lost an average of 16 pounds during the study while not "dieting". Food can be medicine or poison, pick carefully.

SCIENTISTS HAVE A THEORY ABOUT BRAIN FOG AFTER COVID And it's not very heartening if you've been struggling with brain fog after covid like I have been. It has to do with synapses in your brain being affected by the virus. Read more here.

ANOTHER CRYPTO SERVICE IS ON THE ROCKS And this one is BlockFi, which is pretty mainstream because they offer a credit card. They put out a long statement a couple of days ago which you can read here, but now they seem to have filed for bankruptcy protections. The crypto market is in a free fall right now.

IRANIAN SHOPKEEPERS HAVE JOINED THE PROTESTS AGAINST THE REGIME And this is a BIG DEAL since the mullahs just decided to murder 15,000 protesters to "send a message" to other possible protesters. Students are skipping school as shopkeepers go on strike in support of regime change in Iran. From the Wall Street Journal:

In Tehran, shopkeepers in the Grand Bazaar, a key node in the country’s economy, closed their stores and chanted “death to the dictator.” Security forces were out in large numbers in the capital, deployed in locations where protests have previously taken place. Steelworkers in the capital and the city of Isfahan also went on strike, according to footage and pictures on social media.
Across the western Kurdistan province, which since the beginning of the movement has seen some of the most active protests, shopkeepers closed markets in at least 18 cities, according to Hengaw, an Oslo-based human-rights organization focused on the Kurdish region.
The strikes compound pressure on Iranian authorities as Iran’s labor unions and workers in recent weeks added momentum to the protests that have also been fueled by high-school and university students.
Students of numerous universities in Kurdistan boycotted classes on Tuesday. Footage circulated by Hengaw showed some students chanting: “For every one that you kill, a thousand people will rise.”

Regardless of what faith you practice, pray these brave souls are successful in their mission.

THIS GUY IS A GENIUS And I'm not saying I've done this with my weed torch, but maybe I have.

SOME THINGS GET BETTER WITH AGE I can attest to the accuracy of many of these things that I have grown in appreciation of. They forgot "staring out the window on a long car ride" though.

WE'VE ALL MADE CHOICES WE REGRET This dog is no exception.

I LOVE THIS PROPOSAL SO MUCH And good on the pilot for calling this guy out and making him do it.

AND NOW, HOW TO MAKE A SONG WITH YOUR NEIGHBOR'S NOISY CAT And of course it's from The Kiffness.

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