Thu Blog: If Boebert Wins, Does She Mature?

COME JOIN FOR A FUN POST MORTEM ON THIS ELECTION! And though the election is not fun, this event from the Colorado Women's Alliance IS FUN. Jennifer Churchfield with CWA joins me at 1:05 to talk about Wine and Wind Down with Women of the Airwaves with me and my friends Deborah Flora and Kim Monson and I'm super excited to meet CBS 4's Shaun Boyd so I can thank her for her even handed coverage this year. Find out more and buy your ticket by clicking here!

IT'S TIME FOR KIDS TO SHOOT SOME TURKEYS! And before PETA tries to knock down my door, these are paper turkeys as part of the COFA Turkey Shoot that happens every year! Michael Brooks is going to pop on to talk about this super fun event for the whole family. Find out more here!

WILL LAUREN BOEBERT LEARN FROM HER CLOSE CALL? That's assuming she wins this still incredibly tight election in the 3rd Congressional District. If she does manage to win, will she learn that her district has changed and tone it down? I've got some free advice for her today on the show.

SPEAKING OF THAT, WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG TO COUNT THE DAMN VOTES? We are not a third world country, we have the technology, so why are we still waiting for a final count of votes cast day of? Real question, there is no excuse for this.

WHAT THE PROGRESSIVE LEFT WANTS FOR COLORADO I happened to stumble on this tweet last night, and the tweet itself is bad, but the comments below are a master class in class envy based Marxist theory. We're going to dive in to see what might be coming down the pike at us today. Read it all below.

DEMOCRAT POLICIES GET CARS STOLEN FROM REPUBLICAN PARTY And honestly I couldn't have made up a better metaphor for what is happening to Colorado right now if I'd tried. One of the victims was talk show host Jimmy Sengenberger who used to drive one of the most stolen cars. Read about it here.

LOOKING FOR SOMETHING FUN TO DO THIS WEEKEND? We all need a solid break from the nonsense and there are some cool things on this list!

INFLATION AND THE PANDEMIC CLAIM A LARGER BREWER IN RINO Epic Brewing was one of the first big tap rooms I went to when we moved here. It was a great space and really good beer, but that hasn't shown to be enough to keep it open after Jared Polis shut down bars and restaurants and inflation has soared. Read about how Epic has been squeezed out of business here.

JOHN ELWAY IS BETTING ON TOM'S WATCH BAR If you haven't been to Tom's Watch Bar across from Coors Field it's pretty spectacular and has really good food for a sports type bar. John Elway thinks so too, as he is investing heavily in the company.

JUST SO YOU CAN KEEP UP, MISOGYNY AND SEX WORK SHAMING IS ALLOWED AGAIN But only if you are directing both to a Republican woman you hate. Case in point from the ever classy MSNBC:

HAHAHAHA! See how funny they were by implying that Lauren Boebert would turn to sex work on OnlyFans! HILARIOUS. #metoo what? The Dem strategist "apologized" before he basically doubled down. So again, misogyny is a-okay now! Get to it!

WE MAY HAVE TURNED THE CORNER ON INFLATION And the markets are celebrating inflation ONLY being 7.7% last month, but that's still incredibly high. Here's hoping this is a turning point and the number starts to move down significantly, but we've got a long winter of heating costs ahead of us and a President who wants to keep all that oil and gas in the ground so...

RED AMERICA IS GROWING, BLUE AMERICA IS DYING This is a great column about our future. We're now blue so I'm working really hard to prepare for what the policies that will be unleashed on us will mean for us now and in the future, and you need to read this to understand where we're headed. From the article on

This decline in blue America has accelerated since the pandemic, due to rising crime and the availability of remote work. Last year, New York, California and Illinois lost more people to outbound migration than all other states. Demographer Wendell Cox notes that the largest percentage loss of residents has occurred in big core cities such as New York City, Chicago and San Francisco. In contrast, population burgeoned in sprawling areas such as Phoenix, Dallas and Orlando.
The future of the GOP depends on the continued growth of such places, as well as the growth of suburbia nationwide. Between 2010 and 2020, 51 major metropolitan areas lost 2.7million net domestic migrants from their most central counties, while suburban counties gained two million people. The Midterms show that Republicans are gaining ground in these largely suburban areas – particularly in Florida, as well as suburban Phoenix, the outskirts of Atlanta, the Houston exurbs, largely suburban Nashville, the sprawling Virginia Beach area and suburban Detroit. Democrats, where they made gains yesterday, tended to be in places like California, where the Republican Party has all but ceased to exist.

Read the rest here to understand where we'll be headed sooner rather than later, although I don't expect the negative affect of the new slew of progressive policies to be felt for about five to ten years, giving me time to plan my escape.

BARSTOOL SPORTS LOSES HIS DEFAMATION CLAIM OVER BAD AT SEX STORIES I don't have a lot of respect for Dave Portnoy even though I do sometimes enjoy his internet commentary via Twitter. was being sued by Portnoy for defamation over a couple of stories by women who claimed to have slept with Portnoy and then regretted it because, as I read it anyway, he's super bad at sex. He obviously watches too much porn and thinks that passes for quality sex based on the accounts by the women. He sued and the judge threw it out because Portnoy couldn't prove intent, which is a ridiculous and impossible standard to meet most times. He should have just let it go, because now I have to talk about him being bad at sex again.

A COMPELLING DEFENSE OF THE MORALITY OF CAPITALISM This is an article on a new book (which I just ordered) but it's a really good defense of how morality makes capitalism the best economic system. Read this:

People who complain about others putting “profits over people” are likely just angry that the people exchanging value without their permission didn’t decide to prioritize the complainer’s goals instead. Economic freedom doesn’t always lead to perfect outcomes, but it leads to the least bad outcomes more often than any other system of economic organization.

I feel like we all need to read this book. I'm going to try to get the author on eventually.

TOP GUN, BUT WITH A CAT This made me laugh entirely too hard this morning.

WALMARTS BLACK FRIDAY SALE STUFF Because we all know Thanksgiving is just a road bump on the way to Holly, Jolly Christmas! Find it here.

YOUR ELECTRIC CAR ISN'T DOING ANYTHING FOR CLIMATE CHANGE And John Stossel has a great column on why the green preening over electric cars is just that. Read this little nugget:

“Volkswagen published an honest study [that points out] that the first 60,000 miles or so you’re driving an electric vehicle, that electric vehicle will have emitted more carbon dioxide than if you just drove a conventional vehicle.”
You would have to drive an electric car “100,000 miles” to reduce emissions by just “20% or 30%, which is not nothing, but it’s not zero.”

YOU'VE BEEN SAYING ADELE'S NAME ALL WRONG As have I to be sure. Instead of uh-Dell' it's got a slight lilt at the end so it more uh-Dale' and I know I'm right because she said we've all been doing it wrong.

STORMING THE FIELD HAS GOTTEN A LOT MORE EXPENSIVE As LSU is finding out after being fined for the second time this year after a big football upset. I'd like to point out that LSU just beat Alabama and FSU beat LSU this year. Read about the ginormous fine levied by the SEC here.

THIS IS BRILLIANT And I would love to see this in real life. Touch at your own risk, click here if it doesn't load.

THIS KID HAS A FUTURE IN SALES Because he asked for a "family meeting" in his room to present his Christmas list. I love him. Click here if it doesn't load.

ZERO PERCENT CHANCE I WILL EVER DO THIS Zero. But good for him. Click here if it doesn't load.

FOR THE OOMPA LOOMPA LOVER IN YOUR LIFE This is cool. Click here if it doesn't load.

WILL OTHER COMPANIES FOLLOW MUSK'S LEAD WHEN IT COMES TO IN PERSON WORK? There's a new sheriff in town at Twitter and he wants you at the office. Musk already ended work from home jobs at Tesla (where they didn't suffer a bunch of employees quitting) and now he's done the same at Twitter. I keep waiting to hear about the mass quitting at Twitter but it hasn't happened yet. I wonder if other companies will go hardline to fill up their empty offices? Has your office made you come back? Downtown was kind of busy this morning so I'm wondering.

I'M INCLUDING THIS LIST TO MAKE A ROD'S HEAD EXPLODE It's a list of Marvel movies from "worst" to "best" and it's just horribly done. Just awful.

ALL TIME GREAT COMEDY DIRECTOR SAYS WOKE IS RUINING COMEDY And Christian Toto writes about David Zucker recognizing that his classic film Airplane! could be made today, just without the jokes.

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