Tue Blog: Thank you God That Today is Election Day! Choose Wisely, Colorado

IF YOU NEED MY VOTER GUIDE, HERE IT IS Just click this link to get to it.

PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE! Don't pay attention to any noise, just make sure you cast your ballot today!

CHECK YOUR BALLOT BY CLICKING HERE I gave the Ballot Trax yesterday but a listener said her ballot was not on there but she was able to see that it had been counted at this link.

PLEASE VOTE REPUBLICAN TO SAVE COLORADO I don't usually go blatant about stuff like this but this election is going to have SERIOUS consequences for Coloradans. Vote to keep what we've got and get more of the same, plus a TON of new taxes and fees that the Democrats and Jared Polis passed but then delayed until after the election. Vote to keep what we've got and we get more homelessness, more drugged out people wandering out streets, more crime, more coddling criminals, and more trash. Please for the love of this state, choose wisely today. Please.

ONE DEMOCRAT TOLD THE TRUTH ABOUT HOW THE GOVERNOR GAMES THE SYSTEM And Rep. Lisa Cutter sure didn't think much about telling a bunch of students how they rig the game so they can pass legislation everyone hates. It's quite clever and the Governor plays a very important role. Read about how they gin up "support" in the form of fake emails to legislators so they will vote for bad legislation.

JUST AS MRS. MICHAEL BENNET TELLS HOW THEY WILL QUIETLY DEFUND THE POLICE This is really fascinating but I'm not sure if I'm surprised. Michael Bennet's college professor wife was recorded during a conversation with people she obviously thought were fellow ideological travelers and she freely admitted that Dem policies are being passed and executed out of the spotlight by design. Just watch the below video to see what I mean. Bennet is outraged his wife got caught on camera, of course, while not denying anything she says.

TWO CHILDREN ARE CHARGED WITH FIRST DEGREE MURDER AND ARSON This story is heartbreaking. Two people, a mother and her child, are dead. Now we know the suspects in the arson fire that killed them are just 12 and 14 years old. They say they had been staying at one of the units but were kicked out on Halloween night and started the fire in revenge. At some point these kids had parents, but now they have a guardian watching them be arraigned for murder. We failed these kids. And now two people are dead.

A DEMOCRAT IN PUEBLO IS ARRESTED FOR TAMPERING WITH A VOTING MACHINE It was during the primary, but this dude tried to insert a usb into one of the voting machines. The machine's alarm triggered an alert and it was immediately taken out of service. Our hyper partisan Secretary of State had to try to tie the arrest of a Democrat to Trump though. Of course she did. Read this as you remember the guy who is now sitting in jail is a Democrat:

“The continued spread of election conspiracies and the Big Lie is fueling threats to American elections, including efforts to interfere with election equipment,” Griswold, a Democrat seeking reelection Tuesday, said in a statement. “It is vital that anyone who breaks the law in attempts of subverting the will of the people or undermining elections be held responsible.”

Griswold is an absolute trash Secretary of State. Please vote for Pam Anderson.

THIS DUDE WON BIG ON THE ASTROS And it looks like he has won the largest payout EVER. He bet $10 million on the Astros to win the World series and won a whopping $75 MILLION! He's a longtime Astros fan and owns a chain of furniture and mattress stores in Houston. Good for him.

THERE WAS ONE WINNER FOR POWERBALL And they bought their ticket in California so that's it then. From earlier today when there was no winner: There apparently is a whole procedure that has to make sure that all the retailers and sales for the lottery have to be certified by each state that participates in Powerball and one state is holding things up. As of this morning at 6:30 am there had been no drawing so we don't know if someone won! I'm guessing the volume of tickets sold may have something to do with this.

DID YOU KNOW DENVER ONCE HAD ITS OWN CHINATOWN? It's long gone but this is a great article about what was once known as Hop Alley, now the name of a new hip Chinese joint in RiNo. I learned a lot about Asian culture and history here in Denver and got some info on where to get great Taiwanese street food.

CHINA IS WRANGLING WITH MORE COVID OUTBREAKS And as they continue to follow their Zero Covid policies, this could mean more disruptions in manufacturing as this outbreak is happening in a manufacturing hub. I have to wonder how long China is going to pursue this policy, as they will essentially have to shut out the world going forward to keep covid at bay. I'm wondering if they know more about the long term effects of covid than we do. Just a thought.

LANDLORDS ARE IGNORING THE STUPID DENVER LICENSE RIPOFF Denver, in what can only be described as a cash grab from people they perceive to be able to afford it, passed an idiotic landlord licensing program that is allegedly designed to prevent slumlords from being slumlords. But instead of creating a robust reporting system so tenants could just report slumlords, they named ALL landlords slumlords until they pay a bribe to the City of Denver to prove they aren't. Now landlords are just ignoring it. As well they should. This is dumb.

IS YOUR BARISTA SECRET CONSERVATIVE? The Babylon Bee digs deep to find out.

TWITTER IS BOOMING UNDER ELON MUSK'S LEADERSHIP And this is going to drive the wackadoodle left who have been threatening to leave, but NOT leaving, absolutely INSANE. I LOVE it. People have been signing up in droves since Musk took over, with growth in the US the highest. I've never cared one bit about having a blue check, but I think I might pay the 8 bucks to protect free speech. How about you?

WE SHOULD ALL BE THIS HAPPY AT 95 This is just lovely and I hope Chuck and I do the same when he's 95 and I'm 90. Click here if it doesn't load.

THIS IS NEXT LEVEL DADDING RIGHT HERE I love stuff like this. Click here if it doesn't load.

NEXT LEVEL NEXT LEVEL DADDING WITH CARPENTRY I hope these girls always remember what Dad made for them. Click here if it doesn't load.

I HAD NINE HEART ATTACKS WATCHING THIS Click here if it doesn't load.

CAPTAIN AMERICA IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE Or should I say Chris something because I never know if he's Pratt, Evans or Pine.


IVY FALLING IS ODDLY SOOTHING And the groovy music doesn't hurt either. Click here if it doesn't load.

THE LORD MOVES IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS And I'm pretty sure this guy is going to Hell for this costume, but then again, he does make Jesus seem super cool. Click here if it doesn't load.

THIS IS INSANE RACING I can't get over how still the drivers are as they drive these little cars. Click here if it doesn't load.

I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS STORY Wes Bentley of Yellowstone fame says he was on a camping trip with his kids and a bear approached and he kicked the bear and broke his foot. I'm calling BS on this one.

WHEN THE SCIENTIFIC INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX MEETS WOKEISM This is a really concerning column by a college professor biologists about how woke students and academia are now policing the kind of research and results that scientists are allowed to talk about. From the column:

As an example: The NIH now puts barriers to access to the important database of “Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP).” The database is an amazing tool that combines genomes (the unique genetic makeup of each individual) and phenotypes (the observable characteristics of each individual) of millions of people. These phenotypes include education, occupation, health and income and, because the dataset connects genetics with phenotype at an individual level, it is essential for scientists who want to understand genes and genetic pathways that are behind those phenotypes.
The NIH now denies scientists access to this data and other related datasets. Researchers report getting permits denied on the grounds that studying their genetic basis is “stigmatizing.” According to one researcher, this happens even if the research has nothing to do with race or sex, but focuses on genetics and education.

So now, actual science is being actively stifled by the government because someone's feelings might be hurt. Read the whole column here, it's worth your time.

I LOVE THIS TOPIC FROM YESTERDAY so I'm going to use it as a political palate cleanser today.

WHAT DO YOU HATE NOW THAT YOU'RE GETTING OLDER I felt so seen after reading this list. A vast majority of them apply to me. Do you see yourself in any of these things that people don't enjoy anymore as they've gotten older?

IF YOU NEED A GOOD LAUGH, THIS SHOULD DO IT If you really want to know what the hard left thinks of the Republican party, just read this column full of teeth gnashing and nonsense about how the world is going to end once evil Republicans take over. I laughed out loud at the author's hysterical pain several times.

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