CHECK TO SEE IF YOUR BALLOT HAS BEEN COUNTED It's easy, just click on this link and follow the directions.

FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE MIKE POMPEO IS ON TODAY And he's asking you to vote for Joe O'Dea so you should listen.

SOMEONE COULD WAKE UP A BILLIONAIRE TOMORROW As Powerball is CRAZY BIG right now and the jackpot for tonight's drawing is gonna be $1.9 BILLION dollars. It's hard not to dream big with this one. If you bought a ticket for last Saturday's drawing a lot of Coloradans won some serious cash so be sure and check your tickets. This is a good article on what to do if you do win, and the first thing is SHUT YOUR MOUTH.

ONLY GOVERNMENT JOBS COULD PAY BONUSES OVER LOSING MONEY And in this case it's Amtrak, where they lost a billion dollars last year as they suck up our government tax dollars to stay afloat. That didn't stop the executives at Amtrak from handing out MASSIVE BONUSES to themselves as they lost money hand over fist. They also said the train, which services the Northeast primarily, will NEVER be profitable enough to stay afloat on its own. This is why the fantasy of high speed rail is just that, a fantasy.

WHY DID DEMOCRATS DUMP A BUNCH OF DARK MONEY INTO CD-7? This is the race between hard left progressive Brittany Petterson and Republican Erik Aadland. On November 3rd a dark money group dropped a huge ad buy into the supposedly Leans Democratic race. This one isn't over of this money would not be here. Don't forget to vote for Erik Aadland!

WHY ARE WE STILL CHANGING OUR CLOCKS??? A lot of you have asked me this question after Colorado passed a bill to stay on Daylight Saving Time if Congress would allow it. The Senate has already passed the bill, it's stuck in the House and this article does a good job explaining how complicated this process really is. Except in Arizona where they manage just fine without it.

RIP TO THE AVS PETER MCNAB The color analyst has been with the team since its inception and passed away over the weekend. The US Hockey Hall of Famer was 70 years old and you can read about his accomplishments here.

IF YOU'RE HEADED TO GO SKIING, YOU BETTER MAKE A RESERVATION After years of angry people waiting in lift lines, ski resorts are trying to make it easier for skiers and especially season pass holders by limiting the number of daily lift tickets available to everyone else. They have to do something, my skiing friends have been IRATE waiting in lines for an hour at a time. Read more here about the explosion of skiers here.

BUT HERE ARE SOME COOL THINGS WAITING FOR YOU ON OUR SKI MOUNTAINS As resorts try to upgrade lifts and groom new terrain, along with some creature comforts like ice bars and more dining options. Find them all here.

DENVER'S CHRISTKINDL MARKET IS BACK And if you've never been, it's worth a trip. It's sort of like the European Christmas markets but smaller. I go every year and enjoy it every year, but DANG the stuff there is expensive. It would be nice to have some lower prices points on some of the items, but they must be selling anyway. Read more about it, and then head to Civic Center park to experience if yourself.

DEMOCRATIC RULES ON OIL AND GAS HELP KEEP PEOPLE OUT OF WORK And there are a lot of words in this Denver Post story where they lay out how oil and gas was hurt by the pandemic before they get to this part:

Liberty Energy’s workforce grew to 4,500 from 2,400 after the company acquired Schlumberger’s North American hydraulic fracturing unit. Wright said business is up in all the states where it operates except Colorado. He said the difference is new state regulations, which he blames for slowing the approval of drilling permits and discouraging investment.
“In every other region we work in we have more employees and more activity than we did before the pandemic,” Wright said. “In Colorado, we’re down one frack crew, which is about 80 people.”

Of course oil and gas workers lost their jobs, that's exactly what was supposed to happen.

DON'T BELIEVE THE LIES ABOUT WHAT MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION HAS REALLY DONE We just "celebrated" ten years of legal pot in Colorado and John Hickenlooper is trying to legalize weed in the whole country, but he's employing some giant lies to do so. The Denver Gazette did an editorial with the real stats here and it's not good.

WHY EARLY VOTING IS NOT GOOD And it's not because of any conspiracy theory, it's because a LOT of stuff can happen in the last two weeks of a campaign. Back in 2008 in Florida, a LOT of people had voted early just to find out their candidate had dropped out of the race by election day. Now we see stories breaking in various states that could definitely be game changers, the Fetterman-Oz debate being one of them, but they happened AFTER voters had cast a LOT of ballots. Read more here.

THAT'LL DO DONKEY, THAT'LL DO Steve is not paying attention.

WANT TO START PLANNING YOUR BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING? Amazon has a very large list of things that will be on sale, and you can find a lot of them here.

BLATANT PARTISAN HACK WILL HOST THE OSCARS AGAIN And it's like they have no idea why no one is watching them anymore and have decided to just double down on progressive politics to watch their significantly shrinking audience get smaller and smaller. Oh, it's Jimmy Kimmel again.

NOW I WANT TO DO A MYSTERY CRUISE! First off, I've been on a Uniworld cruise and they are an OUTSTANDING cruise line. Now they have cruises where they tell you where they take off from and end, but nothing else. Sign me up. I'd love this.

THE FBI IS COVERING UP HIGH MURDER RATES TO PROTECT DEMOCRATS That's how I read this article about how after Biden got elected the FBI made crime stats damn near impossible to find. It also talks about that stupid take by Dems that red states are hotbeds of crime, which requires you to ignore that if you removed Democrat run counties and cities from those statistics the crime wave disappears. Why would the FBI change their reporting JUST as Biden took office? It's a true mystery, to be sure.



DO YOU SEE A BUNCH OF HATEFUL SPEECH IN YOUR FEED? Some on Twitter have been saying they have seen a massive uptick in racist and hateful comments since Musk took over, but I have to ask: who are they following? I've seen ZERO change in the tone of the people I follow. ZERO. This article gives some pointers on how to avoid hate speech on your timeline, but maybe it's time to unfriend or unfollow some folks? It's not hard, just try it. If that seems too hard, check this out for more ideas.

WHAT DO YOU HATE NOW THAT YOU'RE GETTING OLDER I felt so seen after reading this list. A vast majority of them apply to me. Do you see yourself in any of these things that people don't enjoy anymore as they've gotten older?

WHAT ARE THE MOST MISPRONOUNCED WORDS RIGHT NOW? I guess I'm doing alright as I have the words on this list down pat, though others do confound me.

THE FIRST PATIENT IN A PERSONALIZED GENE THERAPY TRIAL HAS DIED And this is not good news, although no one seems to know for sure what killed the man suffering from a congenital fatal illness. This could set back efforts to create highly personalized gene therapies targeted for one specific illness in one specific person years, although again, we are not sure what happened in this case yet.

GOT 99 BUCKS AND AN INTERNET CONNECTION? YOU CAN CHANGE GENDERS! I am somewhat horrified that a decision as permanently life changing can be done with one Zoom call and 99 bucks, but here we are. Read about it here.


AND NOW, THE TRAILER FOR THE SANTA CLAUSES! I love this franchise and I can't wait for this one.

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