Fri Blog: Why Over the Counter Hearing Aids May Not Be the Best Idea


WHY SHOULD YOU BE SKEPTICAL OF OVER THE COUNTER HEARING AIDS I am usually a full throated proponent of anything that gives consumers more access to stuff at a lower price, BUT there are times when this is not a good idea. Over the counter hearing aids may seem like a blessing but hearing loss is not just from ear damage, there are a myriad of health conditions that can cause loss and it takes a trained audiologist to check for them and to make sure your hearing loss is not disease related. Additionally, improperly fitted hearing aids are a nightmare, along with the fact that adjustments to the hearing aids is often required to get them working just right for the user. My prediction is that a lot of people will buy these over the counter hearing aids, wear them uncomfortably for a while and then they will sit in a drawer while the wearer says he or she can't wear hearing aids and they will just remain deaf. I've asked my favorite audiologist Dr. Patty from Colorado Tinnitus and Hearing Center to join me today to discuss, find her and get your hearing tested by clicking here!

COURTNEY POTTER IS RUNNING FOR STATE SENATE And she is going to pop on for a couple of minutes to chat. Find out more about her here.

CRIME IS UNNERVING COLORADO BUSINESS OWNERS As it is unnerving us all. The Denver Gazette covered it here, and just read this:

Elizabeth Peetz, vice president of government affairs for the Colorado Association of Realtors, hinted at the sense of fear that has gripped the metropolis. "We heard from our local staff who live in Aurora that trick or treaters were very low in the neighborhoods near the murders last night," Peetz said.  
"When you’re parents are visiting you overnight in Denver and the first thing you do in the morning is check to see if their car was stolen it affects your quality of life and feeling of safety. When you have to check to see if there is a package lockbox near you or your work will accept packages when you decide where to live pocketbook issues are affecting your housing decisions," she added.

Did you ever think Denver would be a city where you had to hope your car would still be there in the morning? Or that four people would be murdered in one shooting event? I sure didn't.

FROM CHIEF OF POLICE TO CHIEF VICTIM That's what former Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson has done by announcing she is going to sue over her firing from the department. From the Denver Gazette:

Wilson’s attorneys sent a “notice of claim” to the city in September, a step she is required to take before she can file a lawsuit, alleging city employees and councilmembers conspired to fire her illegally in order to prevent her from pursuing policing reforms. She also alleges city officials discriminated against her for her association with people of color and her “actions to protect members of Aurora’s Black community.”

See? They fired her because she was adjacent, as she is white. My favorite part of the notice from her attorney is when her attorneys say she was fired because she was trying to reform “the long-troubled police department, and end the racist policing practices that had unfortunately become the department’s hallmark.” I can't imagine why the officers hated her. I hope Aurora goes scorched earth and takes this to trial and lets cop after cop testify about her incompetence.

A NEW DOCUMENTARY CALLS OUT BOULDER'S RACISM And it looks very interesting. It's part of the Denver Film Festival and the film and the work of its primary subject seems to have had a positive effect on Boulder Read more here.

A SIXTEEN YEAR OLD IS DEAD IN ANOTHER TRAGIC STORY This one involves a road rage incident that ended with a sixteen year old driver firing a gun at an off-duty cop who was in her own car. After attempting to locate the kid at an apartment, the boy took his own life. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??? What have we done to our kids.

DENVER IS ABOUT TO FORCE MORE USELESS RECYCLING This time for large apartment complexes who will be forced to provide recycling and composting services to their residents. Since we know now that less than 5% of plastics are recycled, I think someone should just ask the question of Denver waste about where all this new recycling is going to go.

WHY ARE PARENTS DEMANDING CELL PHONES IN SCHOOL? This article surprised me. There is an uptick in the number of schools banning cell phones in class as they are a huge distraction and can be used for cheating. The pushback isn't coming from students, it's coming from parents! Parents apparently need to be in constant contact with their little darlings even when they are in school. Seriously people, when we were kids our parents had no clue where we were the entire summer. Cut the cord. Let your children have some independence.

DO YOU SUFFER FROM STD? This made me laugh because I'm kind of guilty.

JAKE TAPPER ASKED THE HARD QUESTIONS OF THE DCCC And I have to say, I did not see this coming.


It is well documented that when you want to dehumanize someone, refer to them as vermin, insects and parasites. Maybe she learned it from Louis Farrakhan, maybe she learned it from Hitler, or maybe she just came up with it on her own, but if Megan Kelly is fired for asking about black face, this dame needs to go. And I'm not one to call for firing someone normally, but if a white host had used this very same sentence about a black person always voting Democrat I can assure you they would be toast. This is exactly the kind of hateful speech Biden talked about, but no one on the left will ever make that distinction.

IS PUTIN REALLY SICK? And I don't mean sick like what a sick man blows up another country I mean like physically sick. Rumors are swirling about leaked emails that purport to show that Putin has progressing Parkinson's disease and possibly pancreatic cancer as well as prostate cancer. This is where I would normally wish someone a speedy recovery but I hope he dies. There, I said it.

KARI LAKE TAKES THE WOOD TO THE MEDIA And I have to say, I watched the only thing and this woman is a flat out BOSS while lodging her accusations while castigating the media who simply ignored the latest polling that shows her overtaking her opponent.

ABORTION WAS A LOSER TOPIC SO NOW IT'S ALL SCARE TACTICS This article, in a very light hearted way, shows the clear evolution of the Democratic party messaging. It's gone from THEY'RE GONNA TAKE AWAY YOUR ABORTION to THEY ARE GOING TO TAKE AWAY YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY in warp speed.

EARLY VOTING TELLS US NOTHING And this column shares that all the analysis of early voting really means absolutely nothing.

NPR PLAYED AUDIO OF AN ABORTION And the reporter actually says, "the lights are dimmed, there is soothing music, and it actually like a childbirth" before they play the audio of a baby being dismembered and removed from the womb. It's nothing like childbirth because the sole purpose of this procedure is to make sure that the baby isn't born. I honestly can't believe they did this. I don't recommend you listen if you suffer from abortion trauma.

THE FBI SAYS THERE ARE CREDIBLE THREATS AGAINST NEW JERSEY SYNAGOGUES Thanks Kanye! I'm not saying he's the reason someone would threaten a synagogue but he certainly amped up the feeling that anti-Semitism is a-okay. Police are providing protection currently, but I'm hoping the synagogues hire security at least for the time being.

ANOTHER WOMAN HAD SEX WITH NICK CANNON AND IS NOW PREGNANT And this is just ridiculous. The part I don't get is why these women keep sleeping with an obvious philanderer but maybe they have an open relationship? At least we know it's open for HIM anyway. He's going to have baby number 11. These broads better hope his career doesn't hit the skids anytime soon. And for the love of God, stop having sex with Nick Cannon.

STOP TRYING TO MAKE THE BEST COSTUME EVER, IT'S OVER Because this costume wins forever. Click here if it doesn't load.

WHAT IS THIS COACHING DANCE THEY ARE DOING? I'm not quite sure what this is but now I want to know. Click here if it doesn't load.

THE FIRST VERSION OF OUR NEW ROBOT OVERLORDS IS HERE And you can see what our new Leaders look like.

KYRIE IRVING ISN'T SORRY ENOUGH And the NBA Commissioner, who is Jewish, says his apology was lame. Kyrie has been suspended for Tweeting about a movie by noted conspiracy theorists and loser Alex Jones. The worst part is, I don't think Kyrie learned anything and will blame the Jews for his suspension because that's what anti-Semites do.

WHEN SERIAL KILLERS MEET This is hilarious even thought it's also creepy. Click here if it doesn't load.

I THINK THIS IS MEAN But Jimmy Kimmel does it every year.

I CAN'T LET JINX SEE THIS As she will demand one of her own.

ONE SQUIRREL'S LIFE WORK DESTROYED But this is kind of cool. Click here if it doesn't load.

IN KOREA THEY MOVE A BIT DIFFERENTLY But I have to say this is genius although a guard rail would increase my comfort level. Click here if it doesn't load.


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