Thu Blog: Biden's Big Lie Speech Was Crap, and A Cornbread Mafia

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BIDEN'S SPEECH WAS A STRAIGHT UP CAMPAIGN SPEECH Disguised as some noble attempt to "save democracy" which in his case means one party rule. The absurdity of it all is completely lost on this doddering man, who barely knows where he is most of the time. The man who attacked Paul Pelosi was not a MAGA Republican and he knows it, he is a drug addled wacko who CURRENTLY is going after the "ruling class". He again used the "2020 election" was the most secure in history crap. I'm not even embedding the speech here because I don't want you to have to sit through that steaming pile of horse crap when you don't have to. He's a hateful, divisive man who doesn't give a crap about anything but power.

THIS IS A CRAZED MAN TRIED TO PUNCH A REPUBLICAN SENATE CANDIDATE LAST NIGHT But I'm sure the President wasn't talking about this story.

WAIT UNTIL YOU HEAR ABOUT THE CORNBREAD MAFIA One of the great things about working for three years in Kentucky was getting to know some wild stories about wild behavior and I've got a guy named Jim Higdon on the show today to talk about his new podcast The Cornbread Mafia, based on his outstanding book of the same name. He is talking about a group of hillbilly pot growers and dealers who created one of the largest marijuana businesses when such businesses were strictly illegal. Find the podcast here. Buy the book here if you'd like to read it instead.

STEVE MONAHAN POPS IN TODAY To give that one final push in CD-6 and this district is going to be a tough one so he needs your support. Find out more about Steve here.

THIS FORMER MODERATE DEMOCRAT JUST VOTED REPUBLICAN And I wonder how many other former moderate Democrats echo these sentiments? It's a great column.

FIRED AURORA TOP COP VANESSA WILSON IS GOING TO SUE And I must say if I were an Aurora cop who disliked this woman and her lack of leadership I would be calling the attorney for Aurora and volunteering to testify about what a bad job she did with her officers. She played favorites, she was wildly ineffective and she did nothing to defend her department against Phil Weiser's spurious report that painted them all as racists. She needed to go and I hope she gets humiliated in the courtroom for suing. Read more about her sob story about conservatives here.

FINALLY I AGREE WITH THE ACLU ON SOMETHING The ACLU really needs to change its name because generally they don't care about conservative civil liberties but they finally got one right in this case. The ACLU is demanding local cities drop bans on felons running for office. I agree with this. Someone should not be permanently barred from running for office because they made a mistake and paid their debt to society. Let voters decide if they have been rehabilitated enough to hold office.


HOW ABOUT SOME INAPPROPRIATE DAD JOKES? In a cool accent at the same time?

A NEW PIKES PEAK SUMMIT TRAIL IS PROVING TO BE SLOW GOING But I'm thinking building a brand new trail up the side of Pikes Peak seems kind of hard anyway so I'm going to give them some grace on this. The old trail is heavily eroded so the new trail is being blazed but it's taking a lot longer than expected. Read more here.

YES, BEAUTY PAGEANTS CAN EXCLUDE TRANS WOMEN Have you noticed that it's always transwomen who are demanding entry to whatever they want? Never transmen, who used to be women, just women who used to be men. Why? Maybe because men are less used to being told no? Seriously, I'm not kidding here. Now one trans woman has been told no, she can't compete in a beauty pageant for "natural born women" because the pageant has the right to determine what it is expressing. By the way, there IS a pageant system for trans women already which bars natural born women from competing.

YOU GUYS, YOU GUYS TWITTER IS AMAZING THESE DAYS! Honestly watching Elon Musk troll all the progressive elites who are freaking out over the possibility that commoners can buy a "blue check" verification has been EPIC. Watch this exchange between AOC and Musk yesterday:

To which Musk responded:

And I died laughing over this. It's MAGIC on Twitter right now! MAGIC.

PORTLAND IS ON FIRE THANKS TO HOMELESS CAMPS And I mean this literally as fires in homeless encampments now make up HALF of all fire calls in Portland these days. I have to say, perhaps you just make sure everyone is out and safe and let them burn? Cruel but efficient in solving the problem. This is our future in Denver without a significant change in direction.

PAUL PELOSI'S ATTACKER CAME OVER OUR OPEN SOUTHERN BORDER So fully expect a wall to be built any day now. Read about how the Canadian WALKED OVER THE SOUTHERN BORDER to break into the country illegally. Apparently ICE has an immigration hold on this guy, but that's IMPOSSIBLE because California is a sanctuary state so they should let him go before ICE has a chance to find him.

KIDS WHO GRADUATED DURING THE PANDEMIC ARE NOW FAILING COLLEGE But at least the teachers unions got their way, amiright? Read the story here.

DEMOCRACY DIES IN DARKNESS UNLESS IT'S THE PAUL PELOSI VIDEO I am over the Paul Pelosi attack. He's an old man who appears to have been attacked by a crazy homeless dude and if that's not what actually went down I frankly don't care. But we now know there is video of the attack as the Capitol Police have a live feed even though they weren't monitoring this. But this column in the Washington Post is ridiculous. In it, the author argues that releasing the video will only fuel the conspiracy theories about what happened. What? He's actually arguing that more transparency is bad. This is what passes for deep thought these days.

WANT TO READ SOME COOL STUFF ABOUT THE US? This is a list of really great things about this country from people in other places and people here. It will make you proud to be an American.

IN YOUR 20S AND DRINK QUITE A BIT? YOU COULD BE AT RISK FOR A STROKE This is super interesting and important as the rate of young people under 40 having strokes is on the rise. New research that followed twenty somethings found there may be a connectiong between moderate to heavy drinking and stroke risk. Read more here.

LOOKING FOR A BEER KEG CHRISTMAS TREE STAND? Miller Lite has got the hookup to keep your tree fresh and your beer cold. Read it here.

TERRY BRADSHAW TALKS ABOUT HAVING CANCER TWICE IN TWO YEARS I love Terry Bradshaw and honestly how can you not. Watch this great interview with Harry Smith and you'll love him even more.

EVER WONDER WHERE THE WEIRD NAMES FOR SKI RUNS COME FROM? This is a fun article laying out how some of our quirkiest named ski runs got their monikers.

HOLLYWOOD MAY HAVE WOKEN UP TO WOKE PRODUCTS And Christian Toto writes about it here as studios grapple with "go woke, go broke" and try to right the ship.

WE'RE LIVING IN A PERMACRISIS KIND OF WORLD THESE DAYS And it's been named Word of the Year by one dictionary I've never heard of. We shall ask Charles Harrington Elster about this next time.

WHAT IF THEY EAT IT ON THEIR OWN? Apparently it's a 100 dollar fine if you feed your pumpkins to wildlife in Colorado. What if those little deer bastards come steal it off your porch as they do at my house? I'd like to know if they have to pay the fine then.

ONE FORMER NFL PLAYER SAYS IT'S NOT WORTH IT This is so sad and makes me want to give former DB Sam Shields a hug. He says his friends and family ditched him after football and his concussions have left his brain "mush". I feel so sad for him.

ONE FCC COMMISSIONER IS ARGUING WE SHOULD BAN TIKTOK And he's not wrong that Americans have no way of knowing what the Chinese communists are doing with all the data they are collecting on Americans. Read more here.

DANIEL CRAIG IS GETTING A MARVEL SERIES AND I'M HERE FOR IT I can't wait to see this one! He's playing Thor's brother Balder the Brave and YES.

IF YOU'RE GONNA BE STUPID YOU BETTER BE TOUGH AND LOOK FOR A NEW JOB Dude got fired after wearing a Hitler costume for Halloween. Dumbass worked at a children's museum.

THERE IS A SEQUEL TO THE CHRISTMAS STORY And the trailer is out, but I'm not sure about this. You don't get to capture lightning in a bottle twice.


RECYCLE AND REUSE YOUR HALLOWEEN DECOR This is absurdly clever. Click here if it doesn't load.

AND NOW, A CHINCHILLA HOLDING THINGS Because why not. Click here if it doesn't load.

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