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THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES TO YOUR HEALTH CARE PLAN You've heard me talking about Pinnacle Advanced Primary Care which is a membership fee based primary care office that is VERY affordable with a very high level of care. But what do you do if you have a bigger problem? Or need medicine? I've got answers today with Travis Bockenstedt from Pinnacle and Satish Srinivasan from a company called DiRx which handles prescriptions meds, and Timothy Hirsch with Zion Healthshare and we'll talk about how to cover yourself and your family for less money while you get better quality care. Just call Pinnacle at  (719) 888-4858 and let them help you put together your own benefits package! Find out more by clicking here.

LET'S CHECK IN WITH ERIK AADLAND AS HE RACES TO THE FINISH LINE He's running against the wildly progressive Petterson in CD 7 so we need to get him into office. Find out more about Erik by clicking here.

I'M APPEARING WITH HEIDI TONIGHT And if you're in the area you should stop by. I've got some mom stuff to do first but I should be there by 630ish to speak and say hi. We're going to be at the Northgate Event Center and the event starts at 6. Why am I actively campaigning for Heidi? Read the next story.

THREE MORE DEAD FROM A DRUG OVERDOSE And I'm going to go ahead and go out on a limb and say these people died of fentanyl ingestion when they thought they were going to do some party drugs. Read the story here, but this is what the Democrats have allowed to happen in our state. They passed the bill essentially decriminalizing fentanyl, they refused to fix it this year, and our weak ass governor was too soft to demand more action. Vote for Heidi.

IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU LOVE DOES PARTY DRUGS And I'm not here to judge, or tell you you're wrong or any of that, I'm here to tell you to TEST YOUR DAMN DRUGS FOR FENTANYL. You can order the strips off of Amazon for criminy's sake. Please talk to your kids about this. Please.

THE GOVERNMENT IS TELLING SOCIAL MEDIA WHAT TO CENSOR That is the takeaway from this long investigation from The Intercept. Not only did members of the Trump Administration conspire to control what the electorate saw during the 2020 election, they clearly favored the Democrats while doing so. From spiking the Hunter Biden laptop story, which we now know proves what a scumbag Hunter is, to refusing to allow dissent about covid policies, the government is running social media. There is even a really super easy platform for the FBI to "escalate" things to certain social media outlets so they can be censored. Knowing what we know about FBI Director James Comey's malfeasance during the Trump administration is this any surprise? This should put to bed any notion that social media platforms should not be held to First Amendment standards however, and that SHOULD be a game changer. Read this little nugget:

According to a draft copy of DHS’s Quadrennial Homeland Security Review, DHS’s capstone report outlining the department’s strategy and priorities in the coming years, the department plans to target “inaccurate information” on a wide range of topics, including “the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic and the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, racial justice, U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the nature of U.S. support to Ukraine.”

What sort of "inaccurate information" did we have about the withdrawal from Afghanistan? Why should that make this list other than to protect the incompetent administration who let it happen? And check out this bit:

Biden also prioritized such efforts. Last year, the Biden administration released the first National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism. The strategy identified a “broader priority: enhancing faith in government and addressing the extreme polarization, fueled by a crisis of disinformation and misinformation often channeled through social media platforms, which can tear Americans apart and lead some to violence.”

Here's a great idea, how about the President stops calling Trump supporters a threat to democracy as a way to address the extreme polarization? They say they want it to stop but then they do it so I'm guessing this is just about enhancing faith in Democratic administrations. This is why the First Amendment is so critical and why any effort in government to "police" speech should be shut down immediately. The cure for bad speech is more speech, not less.

COLORADO HAS TAKEN IN SOME VERY SPECIAL UKRAINIAN REFUGEES And I'm not talking about the lovely people who have made their way here, I'm talking about lions rescued from a war torn zoo in Odessa. If you've not been to the Wildlife Sanctuary in Keenesburg you need to visit. And don't choke on the price to go, all that money goes to support a bunch of the most majestic animals in a way that they deserve. Now we know that the great folks there have taken in nine lion who will now call Colorado home. This is just a cool story.

CBS SHAUN BOYD DID REAL JOURNALISM ON THE FURRY STORY And it's amazing what you find when you sit down and look at evidence and listen to parents. Amazing.

EVEN THE DENVER CITY COUNCIL THINKS CANDI CDEBACA IS CRAZY The Mayor's budget needs approval and the City Council has until the 7th to amend it or make changes to spending. So far the only City Council member to do so is Socialist/Communist Candi Cdebaca, who plunged ahead with her effort to defund the police in an era of rising crime. To say it was not well-received is an understatement. It was voted down quickly. Read about her idiotic stance here.

THE PAUL PELOSI ATTACK IS NOT LETTING A CRISIS GO TO WASTE I watched the opening monologue of Gutfeld! last night and Greg was PISSED. Watch it below.

He is right, of course. After watching attacks on Republicans be brushed off or laughed about for years we're now supposed to cancel campaign ads because Pelosi was attacked by a mentally ill drug addict who is allowed to roam the streets mostly because of lax policies in California. This column also does a great job of talking about the politicization of this attack by the media and how they are trying to use it to politically advantage the Dems. From this article in Commentary.com:

“The attack on Paul Pelosi is becoming the latest inflection point in an American political discourse that’s grown exponentially coarser since Republicans first embraced Nancy Pelosi as an attack-ad bogeywoman,” Politico asserted. The Democratic lawmakers the outlet quotes place the blame at the feet of Donald Trump and the Republican political “machine,” which “led directly to this attack.” The president himself echoed these sentiments within hours of the attack on Pelosi.
This attempt at advantage-seeking in the wake of this episode of violence is as familiar as it is sordid. It’s precisely what the New York Times editorial board engaged in when it alleged that a paranoid schizophrenic with a deluded grudge against English grammar shot Rep. Gabby Giffords because Sarah Palin’s PAC placed “Democrats under stylized cross hairs.” It’s of a piece with the efforts to establish a causal relationship between “martial metaphors” and attempted murder. That is a source of psychological comfort, insofar as those are things that are at least theoretically within our control. As a bonus, it is also a tool of political utility.

The author gives more examples in the article of the double standard at play here. I don't blame politicians but I sure do blame the news media who treats each thing very, very differently. If they want to know why no one trusts them, this is Exhibit A. How about this bit:

PLEASE STOP PUTTING PLASTIC IN YOUR RECYCLING BIN I shared the story last week about how little plastic is actually recycled (5%) but I missed this part of the equation. When you put plastic into your recycling, much of it is sent to second or third world nations and it ends up in the ocean. YOU COULD BE KILLING TURTLES BY RECYCLING PLASTIC. Environmentalist Michael Shellenberger has some tweets on hit here.

WHY DID SO MANY INTELLECTUALS GO ALONG WITH COVID STUPIDITY? This is a great column that seeks to answer the question and I must say, it makes sense. It was about self preservation because the skills the left intellectual class possess aren't very fungible and therefore they have limited options so must go along to get along.

ANOTHER YOUNG GUY DROPS DEAD And we have no clue what killed Bengals Offensive Analyst last night but he was only 38. RIP Adam Zimmer.

ROE WAS OVERTURNED AND MEN ARE FINALLY STEPPING UP And getting vasectomies. Sorry it took the potential loss of being able to kill your baby to make you responsible, but good job guys. Read more here.

ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR YOUTUBERS IS LOOKING FOR A 1.5 BILLION DOLLAR VALUATION And he may not be wrong. MrBeast has the fifth most subscribed to channel on YouTube and regularly brings in $54 million a year for his content alone. He's now diversified into other businesses built around his brand and wants investors to build it even more. In the process he's asking for a $1.5 billion valuation to present to investors. This is really remarkable and good for him!



ARE YOU READY FOR SOME OFF BRAND FOOTBALL? Good news, football fanatics, the XFL is back to try again! They've got eight teams for the spring season, but the closest one to us is in Vegas. No word on if the very scantily clad cheerleaders will be back.


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