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CAN YOU CLEAN UP YOUR SPEECH FOR A MONTH? The goal is to help you clean up your speech longer than a month, but let's start slow. Rabbi Raphael Leban is on today to talk about Clean Speech Colorado, a concerted movement to help people be kinder to one another. Find out more and join by clicking here, it starts tomorrow!

THERE IS SOMETHING SCARY ABOUT THIS PODCAST Which is good as it's called Something Scary and you can find it by clicking here. Blair and Steffany are the hosts and they will join me at 1:15 to tell scary tales and more.

RIP REPUBLICAN MINORITY LEADER HUGH MCKEAN This man was the rare politician who seemed to have been liked a respected by everyone, including the opposition. He passed unexpectedly Sunday, read more here. My deepest condolences to his family.

REAL ESTATE I BUYERS ARE PUSHING DOWN MARKET PRICES I've been watching this in my own neighborhood and it's INFURIATING. I Buyers are companies based somewhere else who make cash offers for your home and then mostly turn around and sell it for more than they paid for it with no effort. They make a lot of money on the fees they charge as they strip people of their equity in the name of convenience. Now they are selling homes UNDER market value and that is going to drag ALL home values down. Because THEY don't live here, they don't care what they do to our market values. This article in the Post has details.

THE O'DEA-BENNET DEBATE THIS WEEKEND HAD SOME FIRE Which was sorely needed after the last snoozer. You can watch it here.


ONLY 17% OF BLACK PEOPLE SUPPORT DEFUNDING THE POLICE And I'm guessing the 17% are either extremely rich liberals or among or connected to the criminal class. This survey clearly shows that a large majority of black people surveyed support keeping the same amount of funding or INCREASING funding for police, and those numbers go UP in high crime urban areas. This is a far cry from the Democrats embrace of this idiotic movement championed by The Squad and other far left members of the political class. Of course Ilhan Omar wants to defund the police, she can spend 100k on private security.

DOUGCO RESIDENTS, VOTE YES ON 5A AND 5B PLEASE This is an article about the last minute push to get this Mill Levy Override over the finish line at a time when some staunch conservatives are coming out against it. Why? Because it raises taxes during a time of high inflation. I guess they think that teachers aren't being hit by the same inflation. I guess they think our great teachers in DougCo will never be tempted to leave the profession or go to another district in a time of inflation. I have to assume none of these free market conservatives think teachers can't play the free market. I don't want to raise my own taxes, but I'm voting yes because I actually talk to teachers about how hard it is to make ends meet in our very expensive district and I believe in Erin Kane and this Board when they say the money is going to increase salaries. I'm also voting yes a vote of confidence for this Board, which has been under idiotic attack by union stooges since the day they were elected.

THE EXODUS OUT OF DOWNTOWN OFFICE SPACE IS NOT OVER I personally know of two businesses that lease a decent chunk of space in downtown office buildings who are leaving as soon as possible. They say their customers do not want to come downtown anymore and they've already opened offices elsewhere. They are either trying to negotiate an early out, or are waiting out the end of a lease they will not sign again. This story talks about office vacancies still rising and I'm telling you, it's not over. The newer buildings with lots of amenities are getting some new business, but the older buildings are NOT. What does this mean long term? I have no idea, but if I invested in a building downtown I'd be a little worried right now as it's a bit difficult to pivot a building into something new. The only good news in the article is about retail space, which is filling up nicely.

HOW MUCH IS THANKSGIVING DINNER WORTH TO YOU? We are going to be visiting family for Thanksgiving so I won't be buying or cooking the normal spread, but DANG it's gonna be more expensive this year for sure. Read this for more.

ELON MUSK'S FIRST FEW DAYS AT TWITTER HAVE BEEN EVENTFUL After firing four of the top executives "for cause" so he doesn't have to pay their golden parachutes, he's now bringing the goods about the fraud the company ran about results and metrics. Not only does it seem he's going to prove they were lying about a lot of stuff, he's going to air the dirty laundry on Twitter. If what he's saying is true, than the CEO, who must sign the annual report to attest to its accuracy, could be facing legal issues from the feds also. I wonder, if advertisers find out they metrics they were given were made up, could sue to get their money back? If so, Musk would be doing this to his own detriment, although I'm pretty sure he's a strategic thinker who has already figured all this out.

CAN WE ALL AGREE THAT TOO MANY "INFLUENCERS" ARE JUST SELFISH JERKS? From the idiots demanding free stuff to this gem of a human who decided to hit a golf ball INTO the Grand Canyon and then throw her club after it. She's now facing charges because apparently she doesn't think about hikers at the BOTTOM of the Canyon when she did it. My favorite quote from this story:

“Do we really need to say, ‘don’t hit golf balls into the Grand Canyon?’” the park asked.

No, you do not, we just need people to not act like idiots.

ABOUT THAT PAUL PELOSI ATTACK To be clear, I hope he makes a full recovery. It's been very strange this weekend to see people raising questions about the weird shifting details of what actually happened. Was it a break in? Why did Paul Pelosi call this guy a friend he didn't know? Why was there broken glass OUTSIDE the door? How did this guy get passed the security outside Nancy's house? It's all very weird and the words "gay prostitute" have been thrown around and we know that this guy has a very troubled background so what is the truth? The "truth" is that if you ask questions that don't end with "he's a right wing white supremacist rock-ribbed Republican" you're going to be shouted down. Kurt Schlichter writes a stinging column about it here.

AMERICANS AREN'T AS DIVIDED AS OUR POLITICAL SYSTEM WOULD LEAD US TO BELIEVE And this is something I've known for a long time, which is WE are not nearly as divided as THEY would like us to believe. This article focuses sharply on abortion, which one would think would be the MOST divisive subject EVER, only to find out that we agree far more than we don't.

A BLACK MAN FINDS OUT THE MEDIA HAS BEEN LYING ABOUT CONSERVATIVES And this column is going to find you head nodding along with its conclusions and had me clapping at the end. Read it here.

TIMELINE CLEANSER OF THE DAY Babies hearing for the first time.

LITTLE DOES POPPY KNOW THIS IS HER FUTURE I'm sure ARod is already working on this for next year. Click here if it doesn't load.

SHE'S A KEEPER This woman knows how to keep her sweetie's attention during breakfast. C

A PREGGO WOMAN MAY HAVE SET A SPEARFISHING RECORD And at eight months, the water is EXACTLY where you want to be. This lady speared a huge black drum and may now hold the record.

THESE ARE ACTUALLY BOOOO-PS And I love this dog. Click here if it doesn't load.

DUDE. This guy can open his mouth really, really far and I'm not going to lie it creeped me out. Click here if it doesn't load

TWO AMERICANS ARE DEAD IN THAT HORRIBLE STAMPEDE IN KOREA And officials are trying to figure out what caused the stampede during a Halloween celebration in South Korea where at least 153 people died.


DO YOU LIKE ORANGES? DID YOU KNOW THIS? I do not, but I didn't know it either. Click here if it doesn't load.


EVER WONDER HOW THOSE FUN SIZE CANDY BARS ARE MADE? I'm sure this is legit. Click here if it doesn't load.

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