Fri Blog: A New Dawn at Twitter, and So Many Guests

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IT'S A GUESTAPALOOZA TODAY! Heidi "Mad Mom" Ganahl is joining us today for a few minutes, Tom Kim is running for the State Senate District 27 but is running against Michael Bloomberg instead of his opponent (find out more about him here), Dr. Patty from Colorado Tinnitus and Hearing Center is on to talk the danger of over the counter hearing aids (find out more about her here),, and Barbara Kirkmeyer (find out more about her here), is on for a few about her opponent paying herself a salary during the campaign. It's going to be a banger today!

HEY LOOK THE FEDERALIST DID JOURNALISM ABOUT THE GREAT FURRY DEBATE OF 2022 And as much as Kyle Clark wants to try to make this into something sinister about trans kids it is clearly about the concerted effort by JeffCo schools and Kyle Clark and other media outlets to gaslight both Heidi Ganahl and parents they disagree with. Read this to see what actual journalism looks like. Spoiler alert: Ganahl was right and they know it.

THE ELON MUSK ERA AT TWITTER IS OFF LIKE A SHOT I have been watching the Left freak out for 16 hours now on Twitter and it's amazing they don't realize the irony that they are all TERRIFIED of dealing with what they have been doing to conservatives for YEARS. It's super hard not to type "SUCKS TO BE YOU" on all their posts. He walked in carrying a sink to mock the perennial fave comment on Twitter "Let that sink in" and immediately fired the CEO and the CFO. He's taken over as CEO and I can't wait to see what the next six months brings. All the lefties are threatening to quit, but they will find out what all the conservatives who have quit will find out, there is nothing quite like Twitter no matter how hard you try to think it is. Musk sent a missive to the advertisers about his philosophy and it's worth a look.

REMEMBER WHEN I TALKED ABOUT WEIRD TOILETS IN EUROPE? Our pal Rick Lewis is in London for the Broncos game and just posted this and I can't stop laughing because I've been there so many times.

ARI ARMSTRONG ADDS TO THE "WERE NAZIS SOCIALIST" DEBATE And so far he wins for citing his sources as he maintains that YES, the Nazis were Socialists using the work of one of the most prominent critics of Socialism Ludwig Von Mises as his foundational argument. You really should read it here, because you need to be able to push back against the "YOU'RE the real Nazi" nonsense that always is hurled at people on the right.

Y'ALL DEEP FAKE HAS COME TO THE COLORADO GOVERNOR'S RACE AND IT'S MAGIC Watch Jared Polis-ish tell the truth in this fake ad.

THE PELOSIS ARE THE VICTIM OF A HOME INVASION And Paul Pelosi was violently attacked in his own home in San Francisco. I hope he makes a full recovery and I hope this is just random San Fran crime rather than a political attack because that is actually better in the grand scheme of things. To be clear I don't find this funny or anything to dunk on, it's horrible and awful no matter who the victim is.

WILL DEMOCRATS PAY FOR HIGH CRIME? THIS COLUMN SAYS YES And it's not from a conservative source, it's from Spiked, which is more libertarian than anything. This author rightly points out that just because Democrats keep denying that crime is on the rise doesn't make it so, as the Pelosis just found out above. Read it here.

HERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF HOW THE DEMS ARE HANDLING CRIME Okay, not really but this tweet made me laugh super hard today.

DID DISH NETWORK BUY THEIR WAY OUT OF TROUBLE FROM PHIL WEISER? The Denver Gazette has this paywalled but I'm hoping they drop that so everyone can see the article and decide for themselves if the $40,000 in campaign donations to Phil Weiser are the reason DISH got off without the same penalties as their competition had to pay for the same offenses. From the article:

Dozens of people with ties to Dish Network ponied up nearly $40,000 in campaign contributions to Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser — many of them giving for the first time — just before, during and after the company was the focus of a deceptive trade practices inquiry that began in 2021, campaign records show.
And although two other of the state’s largest cable providers, DirecTV and Comcast, were already the targets of similar investigations since 2019, only Dish came out unscathed. All three companies eventually settled AG claims that they wrongly assessed fees to consumers, but Dish was the only one that did not have to refund any of the money it allegedly pocketed or explain to its customers what had occurred.  
In all, Weiser’s re-election campaign has collected more than $60,000 in contributions from people tied to all three companies in that timeframe, the bulk of it from people associated with Dish, including its owners, Charles and Cantey Ergen, records show.

The rest of the article has the details and at a bare minimum, it looks like a wink and a nod situation for sure. Just subscribe to the Denver Gazette already!

THIS IS THE JOE O'DEA I'VE SEEN Not the sleepy version from the last debate. Watch this for more on who he is and see why you should vote for him.

THIS IS A GREAT COLUMN ABOUT BLACK FOLKS SHIFTING RIGHT Written by a woman I've had the great pleasure to meet at the Steamboat Institute's Freedom Conference several times. She rightfully points out how the left tries to shame black folks back on to their ideological plantations with shame when they have been taking black folks for granted for DECADES now. Read it here.

THE END RESULT OF CODDLING BAD STUDENTS And as we are pursuing these same soft discipline policies in many districts you all should see what's coming if it's not already happening in your kid's school now. This is from Minnesota but I'm sure we have similar stuff happening here in the metro.

ARIZONA TV STATION CALLS THE GOVERNOR'S RACE TEN DAYS EARLY And remarkably, during what they say was a test of an AP graphic that will be used during election night, they called the race for the Dem candidate and by a large margin. Shocking.

HOW DID FULL STRENGTH BEER IN GROCERY STORES AFFECT LOCAL LIQUOR STORES? According to this story, not very much. Of course there are more details that they can't cover easily like how independent store sales were affected year over year, but it did not decimate the local liquor store industry at all. Read more here.

TOM BRADY PICKED FOOTBALL OVER HIS WIFE AND FAMILY AND THAT'S SAD They have finalized their divorce and I don't blame Gisele one bit on this one. What a shame and I'm guessing he will live to regret this mightily someday.

WANT TO WEIGH IN ON AIRPLANE SEAT SIZES? Now is the time, as the FAA is asking for comments on the minimum sizes for airplane seats. Why are they going to mandate seat sizes? Congress ordered the agency to do so as part of their reauthorization but didn't create any sort of penalties so it's totally unenforceable. That being said, I wonder why Southwest doesn't advertise that their normal seats have more leg room and general space? That's one of the reasons we fly with them. Long legs suck on planes.

YOU MAY NOW CRUISE WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS As nearly all cruise lines have dropped any sort of requirements regarding Covid, including vax requirements and testing requirements. I'll see you guys on a Christmas cruise this year (if you happen to book the same one we're taking, that is)


THIS ART IS SIMPLY INCREDIBLE what a creative idea! Click here if you don't see it below

JOSH ALLEN NEEDS A PRE GAME VOMITORIUM As emptying his stomach seems to help him get rid of his nerves. Okay. Click here if it doesn't load. .

I LOVE A PRANCY PUP And this one is super prancy. Click here if you don't see it.

A WOMAN WAITS ON HOLD FOR 15 MINUTES WHILE HER HUSBAND DIES FROM A HEART ATTACK Why didn't she call 911 you ask? She did, but they put her on hold because of staffing shortages. When you demonize law enforcement this is what happens.


KENTUCKY COACH JOHN CALIPARI SHINES THE LIGHT ON A COAL MINER And this story is lovely even though I think Calipari is sort of a douche.

THE ONLY PROPER WAY TO LEAVE A DRIVE THROUGH This is something my brother would have done when he was younger. For sure. Click here if you don't see it.

THIS HALLOWEEN COSTUME IS NEXT LEVEL Click here if you don't see it.

THE CREATIVITY ON TIKTOK IS INSANE AS SEEN IN THIS NOODLES VIDEO That's right, I said noodle video. Click here if you don't see it.

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