Thu Blog: A New Film Called The Holly Tells An Important Denver Story


THE HOLLY IS A NEW MOVIE WITH DEEP DENVER TIES As it takes place in Denver and tells the story of former gang member and now community activist Terrance Roberts. The director of the documentary Julian Rubinstein joins me today to talk about it, find out more by clicking here.

MY ARGUMENT FOR DOUGLAS COUNTY'S 5 A AND B If you're a DougCo resident you are being asked to raise your own taxes via a Mill Levy Override on your property taxes. Some conservatives have come out against this saying rightly so that inflation is really hitting people's wallets so they think any tax increase is a bad idea. They are right about inflation, but inflation is precisely why we MUST pass 5A and 5B. I've taken the time to sit down with Superintendent Erin Kane to go over what we currently spend and how we spend it. Compared to other districts in the metro, we spend less on administration, less on buildings, and WAY less on teachers. Our teachers are woefully underpaid compared to the surrounding districts, who are all trying to hire away our best and brightest teachers, I might add, and inflation is only going to make that much, much worse. It is not reasonable to expect a teacher to take up to $20,000 LESS per year than they can make by driving an extra twenty minutes in the morning. I personally moved to Douglas County nine years ago BECAUSE of the schools. Because I believe in school choice and empowering parents and DougCo seemed to also. Board flips aside, I'm still happy we made this choice, especially with the makeup of the current Board, whom I trust very much to get this money into the pockets of teachers who deserve it and need it. If you have a kid in a charter school, those teachers are making even LESS than their traditional public school peers. If you want to maintain your high home values, and if you want some certainty that some nice family will want to buy your home when you're ready to downsize at some point, this must pass. And regardless of what some are saying, this isn't about keeping woke ideology out of the classroom, it's about making sure we can retain our best teachers in DougCo. How much will this cost homeowners if it passes? Via the Denver Post.

The district previously has said the cost for residents with homes valued between $500,000 and $1 million would be about $255 to $510 per year. The cost of non-residential property that is valued at $100,000 would be about $214 per year.

I know how much a lot of y'all spend on your cars and other fun stuff, surely you can afford that bump? Please vote YES on 5A and 5B.

HEIDI RELEASED HER TAX RETURNS, WILL POLIS DO THE SAME? During a recent debate between Heidi Ganahl and Jared Polis tax returns came up. Heidi immediately said she'd release hers and she's done so now. She released the top page of the 1040 form that just hits the highlights and her campaign says she will be happy to do a deep dive as soon as Polis releases his. Polis told Kyle Clark that he would release the same, but then he seemed to back track and say he'd only release one year. Why does this matter? In the grand scheme of things, I don't care how much money any of them have. HOWEVER, as Polis was the guy to lead the charge to get Trump's tax returns, he must think they are super important to the public sphere so he needs to put his money (literally) where his mouth is. Additionally, I think when you are a politician who believes in bigger government (as he does) you have to prove that you are paying your "fair share" like everyone else to pay for those taxes.

THIS COLUMN ON POLIS AS TRUMP IS A MUST READ Jon Caldara figures out how Polis lies with such ease. Jon is going to hop on with me at 12:45 to discuss.

THE GUN GRABBERS ARE SPENDING BIG TO KEEP THE COLORADO SENATE Everytown For Gun Grabbing (okay it's Safety but I'm not wrong) is pouring money into our Colorado Senate races. They are propping up the single issue Tom Sullivan with a million bucks, and his opponent Tom Kim is right when he says this is “an example of the gun control lobby trying to buy elections.” Everytown specializes in super scary ads but in a time of rising crime like we have in Denver, I'm hoping the message falls on deaf ears. I'm going to try to get Tom Kim on the show.

NO ICE CASTLES IN DILLON AGAIN THIS YEAR And I'm bummed about this. We were supposed to go a few years ago but someone got sick and we didn't make it. Last year was cancelled and now this year is cancelled too. I'd love to see this cool (pun intended) event make a return.

BUT THE COFFIN RACES ARE BACK FULL SPEED Manitou Springs is one of my favorite places in Colorado and if you've never been to the Coffin Races you may want to go check it out. Find more here.

OUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES WANT EXPENSIVE FUEL And they've been scored appropriately by the American Energy Alliance on how well they support affordable and reliable energy. Three of our members of Congress scored a 100%. Four of our members of Congress scored a 0%. I bet you can guess how that broke down along party lines.

THANK THE TEACHERS UNIONS FOR CRAPPY MATH SCORES Colorado students saw a larger decline than the national average when it comes to math learning during the pandemic. As teachers unions successfully shut down schools, which was not at all backed by science, kids suffered.

IF YOU'RE GONNA BE STUPID YOU BETTER BE TOUGH, EPISODE 1874 For the record I am against helmet laws. That being said, if you ride a bike without a helmet I don't think you're very smart, just saying. A Florida lawyer who was at the forefront of fighting helmet laws in Florida has died in a motorcycle accident. He was not wearing a helmet.

SCHOOLS ARE CLOSING BECAUSE PEOPLE AREN'T HAVING BABIES The story broke this week that several school districts have targeted schools for closure citing low enrollment now and in the future and people are asking why. We aren't having as many babies. It's really that simple and Fox 31 wrote about it here.

IS IT TIME TO RETHINK HOW WE SCHOOL OUR BOYS? This is a long article about how boys lag behind in school and are now underrepresented on college campuses. In it Kay Hymowitz breaks down the gender gaps that exist from a very early age between boys and girls, and how boys are far more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD or have behavior issues in the classroom. This is REALLY important, as boys are being overlooked in the "girl power" era and it's going to lead to some serious issues if we don't address it. After volunteering in my daughter's kindergarten class years ago I came away thinking boys shouldn't start school until the age of 7 like they do in Finland, as at 5 or 6, some of those boys were physically unable to sit still for very long. This should be very concerning if you've got boy children or grandchildren but reading this should give you good information to advocate for your boys if needed.

STD'S ARE ON THE RISE IN THE US And I mean REALLY on the rise, with gonorrhea rates rising a whopping 45%! Here are some common myths surrounding STDs that you should know, especially if you're single and ready to mingle, if you know what I mean.

HOBBY LOBBY'S OWNER IS CALLING WEALTH A CURSE And he's giving away the company he founded that has made him rich. All the shares of Hobby Lobby have been placed into a trust, and it's not been revealed how the company will be "given away" but founder David Green says he doesn't want to curse his grandchildren with wealth. Read this from USA Today:

Green credited his faith and higher power as the "true source" of his success, noting that "God was the true owner of my business," and felt that passing the company down to his children and grandchildren would've been the wrong move. 
"As an owner, there are certain rights and responsibilities, including the right to sell the company and keep the profits for yourself and your family," Green wrote. "As our company grew, that idea began to bother me more and more. Well-meaning attorneys and accountants advised me to simply pass ownership down to my children and grandchildren. It didn’t seem fair to me that I might change or even ruin the future of grandchildren who had not even been born yet.
“When I realized that I was just a steward, it was easy to give away my ownership," added, Green, whose net worth is $14 billion according to Forbes

He's not wrong about wealth being highly corrupting. It's like fame. Both need to be handled with care. Wealth you earn is much different than wealth you inherit. One it full of your own blood, sweat, and tears, the other gives power to someone who did nothing for it and that's dangerous.

GDP BOUNCED BACK IN THE THIRD QUARTER And made it into positive territory even as housing took a big hit. The GDP grew at 2.6%, exiting negative territory, which is good news. We will find out about inflation tomorrow.


ACTOR LESLIE JORDAN PASSED AWAY And I loved him on Will and Grace and he's been having a moment these days. This story from CBS Morning is lovely.

DID TIM ROBBINS GET RED PILLED? Our pal Christian Toto did this story about Tim Robbins having a Come-To-Jesus about big government during the pandemic and I'm not gonna lie, it seems Tim Robbins has begun to see through the progressive smokescreen he's been living in for years. Read Christian's column here.

THE ELON MUSK ERA AT TWITTER IS FINALLY HERE And this story on does a nice roundup of the various freakouts from those on the left who are panicking over the loss of their ability to censor news on one of the most influential social media platforms around. I love that Elon showed up with an actual sink for a "let that sink in" moment that will never be topped.

WHAT HAS $3.8 TRILLION DOLLARS IN RENEWABLE INVESTMENT GOTTEN US? We've managed to drop fossil fuel consumption 82% to...wait for it...81%. Watch this.

THE ABRAHAM ACCORDS AND A WEDDING DAY This article follows up on some of the results of the historic Abraham Accords that normalized relations between Israel and several Muslim nations in the region, including the United Arab Emirates. You may have seen this video from a wedding held in the UAE of a Hasidic rabbi and his new bride. Note who attended. This article talks about how incredibly important this wedding is and how the Abraham Accords are truly historic and should be treated as such.


NASA HAS A NEW UFO INVESTIGATION TEAM And they aren't calling it that but read this and tell me that's not what it is.

IS TELLING YOURSELF YOU'RE NOT A FISH THE CURE FOR HICCUPS? As a frequent hiccupper myself (yes, I know I do it on the air, sue me) I'm going to try this but I'm skeptical. This researcher says that hiccups are leftover from how we evolved from amphibians and all we need to do is remind ourselves we aren't a fish. We'll see.

ANTISEMITISM SHOULD BE EXPENSIVE And it has been for Kanye West, who dropped off the billionaire's list after Adidas dropped him from their label. He was apparently escorted off the property when he showed up at Skechers headquarters. I'm not sad about any of this, but now let's do all the Hollywood types who love to run smack about the Palestinians and Israelis who never hold the Palestinians accountable. Let's do them next.

APPLE IS CHANGING IT'S CHARGING PORTS To comply with a new law in the EU that all charging cords must be USB-C instead of the stupid Apple charger they use now. Apple is not happy about this.

THE FANCY WAY TO EAT OREOS If you're bougie. Click here if it doesn't load.

THIS DOG IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL As I once put a phone call on hold accidentally with my boob. True story. Click here if it doesn't load.

THE ULTIMATE ICE CREAM SANDWICH MAKING HACK I can't believe I never thought of this. Click here if it doesn't load.

THE FAMILY THAT PLAYS TOGETHER STAYS TOGETHER And this family is playing dress up for Halloween. Click here if it doesn't load.

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