Prof. Tom Krannawitter Talks Happiness: A Legitimate Goal of Government?

Professor Tom Krannawitter (Ph.D. in political science) is the proprietor of The Vino & Veritas Society...I encourage you all to consider joining. He's also a good friend of mine and one of the few people whom I consider a true mentor.

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Tom recently posted a note on Facebook about the importance of happiness, following the thoughts of Aristotle. (Thus today's blog picture.) Is happiness the true legitimate purpose of life? If so, is it a legitimate goal of government? (The Declaration of Independence sure suggests so.) And if yes to that, how do you think construct philosophically consistent limits on the power of government?

This will be a deep conversation that, were it later in the day, would require bourbon...or maybe wine at one of the Vino & Veritas meetings.

Here's Tom's Facebook note:

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