Wed Blog: Weather Wednesday, Krista Kafer and the PUC Says No to Xcel

FOX 31'S DAVE FRASER JOINS US AT 12:30 So send in your weather questions on my Facebook page here if you could.

KRISTA KAFER IS ON TO TALK BALLOT MEASURES As we race towards the end of this election cycle. She joins me at 2.

TWO DEMOCRATS ARE RUNNING FROM THEIR OWN RECORDS And I sure hope you don't fall for this, though many will. Brittany Petterson, one of the most progressive members of the State Senate, is now saying she DOESN'T want to defund the Border Patrol even though she signed a letter to the White House demanding just that. So did State Rep. Yadira Caraveo, although NOW she says she is against it as well. Caraveo also helped make our fentanyl problem much worse by voting for criminal justice reform that turned drug dealers loose, while Petterson led the charge for Safe Injection Sites, which thankfully failed. Now they are both walking those positions back as they try to go to Congress. Both of these women long to become members of The Squad based solely on their own actions while in office. Don't let them tell you they've changed their spots now, tigers and progressives really don't.

THE PUC FINALLY SAID NO TO XCEL ENERGY And I'm not going to lie, I was shocked to see this story. The Public Utility Commission regularly rubber stamps whatever rate increase Xcel slides over their desks, but they finally said no to a huge increase for natural gas, and a slush fund for nebulous "capital improvements". Read more here.

THIS AS YADIRA CARAVEO IS PAYING HERSELF A SALARY OUT OF HER CAMPAIGN FUNDS This is a neat trick and something she perhaps picked up from Tay Anderson, the man with no definable income. Ms. Caraveo has paid herself a salary out of her campaign funds for months now. What did she deem her work running for office is worth? So far just over $44,000. Is this okay with her donors? It would not be okay with me. It's allowed under the rules, but there are restrictions and there is no doubt that a complaint should be filed to make sure she isn't breaking the rules. Read more here.

HEIDI GANAHL RELEASED HER TAX RETURNS WHILE POLIS HASN'T This came up in their last debate when Polis was asked about his push for Trump to release his tax returns because he may be hiding something. Polis said he and Heidi could discuss it, but Heidi said HERE YOU GO instead. The last tax returns we've seen of Polis were leaked and showed he paid zero taxes. It's time for him to live by the rules he tried to create for Trump, don't you think?

Y'ALL, THAT FETTERMAN-OZ DEBATE WAS WOW I watched most of it this morning, but this moment is the moment that helped Dr. Oz win this race is nothing else does. Watch this.

After watching the debate, this is most savage response I saw on Twitter.

The Philadelphia Inquirer's opinion staff embarrassed the hell out themselves by enthusiastically declaring Fetterman the winner. They've been appropriately mocked endlessly online for doing so. They were counting on no one actually watching the debate I guess.

JARED POLIS IS DONALD TRUMP IN DEM CLOTHING It seems crazy, but Jon Caldara lays out the striking similarities here, and it begins and ends with Polis's ability to lie about what he believes in such a way that he believes it. Great column, read it here.

HE'S LYING ABOUT HEALTH INSURANCE COSTS AS WE SPEAK The Colorado Option was the Democratic Legislature and Jared Polis's attempt to show that government mandated health care plans can compete and even be cheaper than private health care plans. So far, not so good. Insurers are leaving the state and one of those is the largest insurer in the Colorado Option system. Healthcare rates are going UP this year in the state, while private plans are generating greater savings than the Col Option plans. As I read this article, the artificial demands to lower premiums arbitrarily ignores the real inflation and rising cost of healthcare and will just drive more insurers out of the state in the next two years. This is going to be a healthcare disaster. And it's Jared Polis's fault because this is his ginormous bloated baby.

CAN WE END THE RECYCLING CHARADE NOW? I've known for a long, long time that most of what I put in my recycling bin (and I do participate to create more space in my trash can) goes straight to the landfill. Like I've known this since 2008, when an attorney in Southwest Florida followed the city's recycling trucks to the landfill and watched them dump their load. Recycling, especially when mandated by a community, is a complete money grab and racket by government. Now we have further proof from an unlikely source as Greenpeace has released a scathing report on recycling plastics. They found that out of 51 million tons of plastic, about 5% is being recycled. FIVE PERCENT. The highest percentage ever reached was 10%! By lying to us about plastic recycling the government has made us all feel better about plastics so we buy more of them instead of trying to limit our use of them instead. Bring back the bottle deposit! I've been trying to reduce my own plastics use because I know this doesn't work, but still throw your cans and clean cardboard into your recycling bin, as they DO get recycled more often. We need to change the messaging and only recycle stuff that is BEING recycled, not stuff we wish and hope would be recycled. This is madness.

WATCH THE JOE O'DEA VS THE USELESS MICHAEL BENNET DEBATE HERE And I urge you to watch it. The Governor's debate is right before it, but if you watched the other debates there was no real new stuff in this one. Honestly the debate was kind of boring. Joe matched Bennet's low energy and I was not super impressed by anything. Michael Bennet tried over and over again to make O'Dea Trump, which he clearly is not, but O'Dea didn't land any big punches either. I think whoever did O'Dea's debate prep should be relieved of those duties, as O'Dea missed many opportunities to hold Bennet to account for his votes and the disastrous Inflation Reduction Act. Even Fox News called it a "drowsy debate" and they are not wrong.

PLEASE HOLD THE DEMS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEMORALIZATION OF COPS This story breaks nothing new for me, as I hear from longtime cops who say their industry has never been more demoralized than it is right now. Law enforcement agencies from across the state are reporting problems hiring and keeping officers and this is a huge issue. Read more here.

BUT THE ONLY WAY TO SAVE DEMOCRACY IS ONE PARTY RULE Y'all this column is FIRE. It calls out the absurdity coming from the Democratic party, where EVERY policy position they demand is to Save Democracy (TM)! It's hilarious because it's true, but also sad because people actually believe this horse crap and vote based on emotion.

REMEMBER OUR MAN JERRY BELL? The longtime Denver radio reporter and my former colleague at KOA Jerry Bell sat down with Peter Boyles to chat about his career and it's fantastic. Watch it here!

COLORADO CRAVINGS IS BACK WITH THE COLORADO CHERRY COMPANY I love this series in the Denver Gazette so much. Read this if you love pie and family run businesses!

REPUBLICANS ARE SAYING TRUMP WON'T BE THE NOMINEE And PRAISE JESUS about this turn of events. reports on more and more prominent Republicans who are saying it should be and will be someone else. I wouldn't be surprised to see the party move behind one opponent to clear the field to prevent Trump from being the nominee. I sure hope they do.

THIS COLUMN CLEARLY EXPLAINS WHAT I SAID YESTERDAY ABOUT A CERTAIN TRANS ACTIVIST Amber Athey, who is an emerging scholar from the Steamboat Institute's previous classes, writes a column called "My womanhood is not your costume" and it made me stand up and cheer. Read it here for more. You may have to create a free account to get to it.

THIS IS PRECIOUS AND TERRIBLY SAD AT THE SAME TIME Twitter employees are about to find out how much pull they don't have after they sent a letter of "demands" to new owner Elon Musk and the Board of Directors. It's comically childlike. Sad because they must think doing this in a public forum will help them without realizing Musk doesn't give two craps about public opinion. Read the sad demands here. I almost feel sorry for them but then I remember they are sanctimonious partisans who worked really hard to get Joe Biden and Democrats elected so they can eff right off.

THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE WHEN I TRY TO THROW POTTERY I've found out that it is not a skill I possess naturally. Click here if it doesn't load.

AND NOW SOME NOT SO COMMON KNOWLEDGE I'm happy to say I knew all of these, but I'm 53 so I've had lots of time to make mistakes and learn the hard way. Read this and avoid that.

A REF ASKED AN NFL STAR FOR AN AUTOGRAPH AND HE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT The league is investigating this exchange.

DOES BIRTH CONTROL LEAD TO DIVORCE? This is an interesting assertion that needs further review, though as a former birth control user I can tell you it definitely changed me in many ways I wasn't ready for. So much so, that if I weren't in any kind of relationship I would often go off it. This is fascinating though. Click here if it doesn't load.

THIS IS LIKE A COMMERCIAL FOR THE NEW LUGGAGE TAGS THAT TRACK YOUR BAGS I've been considering getting some of these but this might cement it. Click here if it doesn't load.

THE MCRIB IS BACK FOR ITS FAREWELL TOUR And I can honestly say I've never tried this and will likely not ever try it but I know people love it so here you go. It's back on Halloween.

I WOULD BE FORCED TO FORGO MY OWN DESTINATION TO FOLLOW THIS THING Just to see where this massive statue of a lion was going to end up. Click here if it doesn't load.


JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD This guy is putting spoons in the microwave and I just can't. Click here if it doesn't load.

AND NOW FRYING WITH PARCHMENT PAPER This is kind of cool, but make sure that paper doesn't hit the heat! Click here if it doesn't load.

THIS IS GENIUS TO STEAL A BITE And I'm kind of mad I didn't think of this. I'd be a terrible criminal. Click here if it doesn't load.

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