Mon Blog: DougCo Schools Isn't Requiring a Covid Vaccine, Plus Joe O'Dea

DOUGLAS COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD PRESIDENT MIKE PETERSON TODAY Last week the CDC defied science to recommend that kids have a covid shot for school. Children are almost no risk for this disease and we know now that even Pfizer knows it only stops transmission briefly, so there is no reason to require this for kids. If some kids have health issues their parents need to make the best choice for those kids, but forcing healthy kids to get a vaccine for what is a mild illness for them is insane. One school district locally is saying parents should be the ultimate deciders for their children. I've got Mike Peterson on today to discuss at 1:15.

WE ARE REALLY TRULY GETTING AROD'S REVIEW OF BLACK ADAM TODAY I meant to do it last week, but forgot so today at 2:20 it's happening!

DESANTIS UNDERSTANDS HOW IMPORTANT THE SENATE IS And maybe that's why Republicans are FINALLY saying things like they want HIM to be the face of the party going forward. He finally beat Trump in a significant poll and all I can say is HALLELUJAH. It's about time we moved on from the angry bitter former President who would rather talk smack about the man who could actually beat Michael Bennet in our state because his feelings are hurt that O'Dea doesn't want him to run again. Ron DeSantis doesn't feel that way and has come out to endorse O'Dea, while Trump whines about what a huge mistake it is. Go away, Mr. Trump. Just go away.

BIDEN MEETS WITH TIKTOK STAR WHO PLAYS AT BEING A GIRL I try to be sensitive about trans people because they are people who deserve love and compassion as they navigate a very difficult world. I'm going to say something that isn't going to seem nice, but it's driving me crazy. Our President met with a TikTok star who has built a brand "being a girl" even though s/he clearly is not. Why spotlight Dylan Mulvaney then? Because Dylan Mulvaney is building a brand by displaying every stereotype about girls and women by play acting that he is really a girl. And not even playacting well. When he pulled out a tampon in glee to see what that was all about I'm done. Biden can get her/his advice all day long, but I don't want advice from someone who wants to reduce me to a video where he states his first day as a girl he cried three times. REALLY??? I'm just a hard pass on this and I don't care that this person is demanding children have access to all forms of bodily harm in the name of affirming a three year olds gender. I'm done with this.


I WISH HEIDI HAD MADE THIS VIDEO SOONER Because it directly addresses the attack points of Jared Polis, who has nothing positive to run on, and it's really good.

THIS VIDEO ABOUT A MOM USING THE TWILIGHT BARK MADE ME TEAR UP TODAY And if you don't know what the twilight bark is, you really need to watch this.

DID YOU KNOW WE ONLY HAVE 25 DAYS OF DIESEL LEFT RIGHT NOW? Thanks, Joe Biden, for so totally destroying our oil and gas industry that we are almost running out of diesel fuel instead of languishing in our energy independence. Now we only have enough stockpiles of diesel to last another 25 days during a time of surging demand. It's like he's trying to destroy the country, right?

ARAPAHOE BASIN IS OPEN FOR SKIING! So you crazy kids who can't wait to get on the mountain can read this and head out.

CHRISTIAN TOTO SCORCHES COMEDY FOR IGNORING THE OBVIOUS Which is that Joe Biden is a gaffe machine and if he were a Republican you better bet they'd be making fun of him on the regular. It's a great column you can find here.

CAN WE TALK ABOUT LIFE JACKETS FOR A MINUTE? Growing up in Florida, spending a lot of time on my dad's boat, life jackets were a constant part of my life. And when I see a story like this, where several people died when kayaks flipped over, I just get mad, because if these people had been wearing life jackets they would probably be alive right now. Wear the damn life jacket, I know it's uncomfortable but so is drowning.

WHY IS IT ALWAYS GAY WEDDING CAKES? We are well acquainted with the never ending saga of Jack Philips and Masterpiece Cakeshop, but now we have a new contender for The Great Gay Wedding Cake Challenge. A baker in California refused to bake a gay wedding cake, but also found ANOTHER baker to refer the request to instead. The two brides sued and this case has been bouncing all over the courts, where a lower court just found she did NOT have to make the cake so I'm sure this will be a Supreme Court case AGAIN. Why is it always gay weddings?

THE UK WILL HAVE THEIR FIRST PRIME MINISTER WHO ISN'T WHITE In Rishi Sunak, an incredibly rich Asian-Britain whose parents are Punjabi immigrants. He is married to an extremely rich woman and has been very successful in finance himself, making him richer than the royals at this point. Read more about how this all unfolded here.

MAY YOU ALL HAVE A BLESSED, HAPPY AND HEALTHY DIWALI! Diwali is one of the largest holidays celebrated in India and it starts today. It's days of celebrations and each day is different. You can check them all out here, but maybe greet your Indian friends with my headline today.

THE REAL STORY BEHIND DRAG QUEEN STORY HOURS This is fascinating and long but worth your time. I'm on record as being pro-drag shows FOR ADULTS who want to attend but firmly against children attending because I've been to drag shows and know they are clearly not for children. So why are they becoming a left wing darling? Christopher Rufo goes deep into drag to bring this story to light, and it's more frightening that I realized. Though we should all want our kids who identify as LGBTQ+ to have all the support and love they can get, these "family friendly" drag shows seem to have a far darker long term agenda, which is to sow confusion into children about sexuality and gender to make them more open to queerness themselves. I've never been one to subscribe to the "the gays want your children" mantra but in this case it might fit. Especially after some of the video I've seen from some of these shows. Why is it so important to sexualize little children? This article tries to explain it.



TWO CLUNKERS MEAN FREE CHICKEN! And that's exactly what happened in Philly during a Sixers-Bucks game. Click here if it doesn't load.

THE SAUDIS ARE BUILDING THEIR GIANT SKINNY CITY And this thing is going to be insane if it gets done. If it works, I fully expect this to be the model for building in unfriendly environments. If it works. Watch this.

LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT STAR WARS INSPIRED HOUSE? You're in LUCK, as it's back on the market in Houston and you have to click through to the listing at the bottom of this story to see it in all its glory.

I FEEL LIKE THERE MAY BE AN INSURANCE CLAIM HERE But can you imagine if this were your house? Click here if it doesn't load.

THIS IS WHY IT'S IMPORTANT TO CALL OUT KANYE WEST'S ANTI-SEMITISM Because now other idiots think it's fine to parrot the idiotic and hateful stuff he said. I love how all of these brave people who hate Jews are wearing masks. The pandemic is over, fools.

IT'S PRETTY CLEAR THIS PUP LOVES THE LITTLE ONE Click here if it doesn't load.

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