Cato Institute's Clark Neily Talks Biden Student Loan Scheme Lawsuit

Clark Neily is the Senior Vice President for Legal Studies at the libertarian Cato Institute which has just filed a lawsuit against the Biden student loan scheme.

Here's the lawsuit: Student Loan Complaint CATO_10.18.2022_Final (

A federal court (the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals) put a pause on the Biden administration's student loan reassignment program (by which people's student loans will be paid by other taxpayers in one of the most disgusting, cynical, and illegal moves I've seen by an administration in a long time.)

Here's some excellent analysis by the excellent Andy McCarthy:

Biden Student-Loan Debt Cancellation: Eighth Circuit Slams Brakes on Program | National Review

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona wrote an op-ed for USA Today complaining about Republicans objecting to the program:

Biden's student debt relief plan won't be stopped by GOP, lawsuits (

Of course it's very difficult to take someone seriously who begins his argument by lauding the anti-inflation benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act, which does no such thing.

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