Thu Blog: Aurora's Big New Proposal on Homelessness Is a Step Forward

AURORA IS PROPOSING SOMETHING BOLD AND NEW FOR HOMELESSNESS And if you were listening to my show the other day I laid out my carefully considered plan for a large clearinghouse style campus, where people could be brought in, stabilized then funneled into the sort of help they need to get them going again. The Aurora City Council is considering using that model to deal with homelessness in Aurora. The plan would create a campus where people can get shelter, and folks who want or need help and are ready to accept it can move through a process that helps them get sober and back to work and life. It's a great idea, inspired by a similar program in San Antonio, and I hope they make it work. If it accomplishes nothing else, it allows them to enforce a camping ban because there will be a place for people to go other than the streets. I fully expect a mass exodus from Aurora of homeless people and would advise neighboring counties to give Aurora a call to see if they can partner up now before their communities are overrun with urban outdoorsman who refuse help. I'm trying to get Danielle Jurinsky on to discuss.

IT'S TIME FOR PLEASE TELL ME I'M RIGHT WITH CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER He joins us at 2 to answer all of your word and grammar questions. Find out more about Charles by clicking here!

WHY IS PHIL WEISER AT A FANCY CONFERENCE IN HAWAII WITH COMPANIES HE'S SUING? This is a really interesting thing that has apparently been going on for years now. Our top cop Phil Weiser is the Chair of the Attorney General Alliance, which appears to be a private group made up of Attorneys General from around the country and a bunch of companies they are suing for a variety of stuff. They recently soireed in Hawaii at a very exclusive resort to rub elbows with execs from companies like Google and Pfizer, some of whom the attorneys are actively suing. How do the companies get this kind of access? By sponsoring the event. Nice work if you can get it.

THIS IS WHY RON DESANTIS HEADED TO BEING THE NOMINEE The horrific hurricane Ian that ripped through Southwest Florida destroyed a lot, including two major bridges to barrier islands with no other access. The first bridge to Pine Island was fixed THE SAME WEEK, and just check out the progress on the Sanibel Causeway.

Compare this to what's happening in California right now. San Francisco is celebrating the building of a new public toilet for just $1.7 million dollars and it will take three years. For ONE toilet stall. ONE. This is what a difference in governance looks like and this is why DeSantis is going to be hard to beat in 2024. He gets crap done.

ABOUT HOMELESSNESS IN CALIFORNIA Michael Shellenberger, the man who wrote the incredibly important book San FranSicko is working on a new film about homeless people in California. It properly blows up the notion that it's a housing problem and not a drug problem. Watch these snippets.

THINKING OF DOING SOME WORLD TRAVELING? First off, I'm always going to tell you to do it. This is a great article with some of the particularities that exist in different places so you don't stand out like a tourist.

ONE MORE TIME, JARED POLIS IS NOT A LIBERTARIAN And Rob Natelson rips that image to shreds in this column. He reminds us of the many, many ways Polis abused his power to shut down businesses he didn't like in favor of those he did, how he grew the size of government and crapped all over TABOR,and how he wants to control our guns, our transportation options and more. Great column, please read and share.

VOTE NO ON THE AFFORDABLE HOUSING PROPOSITION And Ben Murrey lays out why in this column. The long and short of it is, it's a tax increase that doesn't bring the cost of housing down for EVERYONE, just those chosen few who are granted government largesse.

WHY DID IT TAKE FOUR YEARS TO STOP THIS GUY? Maybe there is more to this story, but if a guy working for a ride share app sexually assaulted his customers for almost FOUR YEARS, why did this take so long to stop?

ONE OF THE TOP HALLOWEEN ATTRACTIONS IN THE COUNTRY IS HERE IN COLORADO And if you're into being scared silly this may be for you. I am not but thought I'd share for you maniacs who do.

BRAND NEW PRIME MINISTER LIZ TRUSS HAS ALREADY STEPPED DOWN And we think our politics are jacked up. Liz Truss took over just six weeks ago, and has now stepped down after saying she could not deliver the goods she was elected to deliver. She obviously didn't have the stiff upper lip needed for this job.

THE LEFT FACE A RECKONING ON CRIME Great article by the same name which lays out the myriad of ways that criminal justice reform, often passed by white, wealthier liberals who inhabit the halls of power in cities, has had a disproportionately negative effect on black communities. Those communities are now looking to hold someone accountable. From the article from City Journal:

Since 2019, shootings in New York more than doubled and murders have risen by 30 percent. And though only one-fifth of city residents are black, they account for more than 72 percent of shooting victims and 67 percent of murder victims. Black New Yorkers are the victims of rape and felonious assault at more than twice their proportion of the population; 69 percent of shooting suspects, 63.9 percent of murder suspects, 64 percent of robbery suspects, and 58 percent of violent crime suspects are black. This disproportionality is reflected in nationwide statistics, where blacks represent around 13 percent of U.S. residents but more than half of identified homicide victims—and this disparity is growing.
Left-wing criminal-justice policies aimed at elevating blacks have instead devastated collective efficacy in their communities. They did so by removing consequences for criminals, emboldening them to commit more crimes while dissolving community trust. No longer deterred or incapacitated by law enforcement, a new and growing cohort of offenders is making it much harder for neighbors in black communities to trust one another, to step in when they see a problem, and to marshal the social capital that is the bedrock of collective efficacy.

Read the whole thing here, it's worth your time.

THE CDC VOTED TO ADD COVID VACCINES TO LIST OF RECOMMENDED KID'S VACCINES And this make no sense scientifically. We know that covid poses almost NO threat to children who are otherwise healthy, and almost NO threat to kids with conditions like asthma as well. We have plenty of statistics to prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt. We ALSO know that the vaccine for covid does NOT stop transmission, so the argument that kids need to be vaccinated is just ridiculous as well. So why did the CDC do this?

AMAZON WORKERS JUST SAY NO TO UNIONIZATION And this one has to be very upsetting to the unions salivating at the thought of all those new members. Oddly, this isn't getting as much coverage as Starbucks workers voting to unionize. Oddly.

A NEW IPHONE COULD SELL FOR 30 GRAND, BUT THERE'S A CATCH This one happens to be a brand new IPhone from 2007, still in the box, that is being sold at auction.


COOKING BACON IN WATER? I've tried this and meh. Click here if it doesn't load.


AND NOW, THIS VIDEO OF SOMETHING THAT CONFUSED ME Just look at it. Click here if it doesn't load.

LATE ADDITIONS I got the blog done super early because I had a field trip today, but I've got time to add some more stuff.

MAINSTREAM MEDIA FINDS OUT IT'S A THREAT TO DEMOCRACY From people answering a survey by a mainstream media outlet, which makes me laugh. The New York Times did a massive survey and now we're seeing stories drip out about what is in it, but this one is new. When asked the following question:

"Do you think each of the following is a major threat, minor threat, or not a threat to democracy?"

When the question was asked about Mainstream Media, the response was overwhelming. From

Fully 84% of registered voters named the Mainstream Media as a threat to DemocracyNearly 60% of voters called the MSM a “major threat.

I'm not going to lie, I burst out laughing. That is far and away the largest number who say that this is the thing that is the threat to democracy, far more than Biden, or even Trump! This is going to make head's explode as Democrat STILL try to tell us this is the biggest issue facing us right now. It is not. Not by a longshot. Look at some other polling data from the Harvard CAP/Harris poll recently released.

I only share this because Democrats are demanding the media cover the issues THEY care about instead of the issues voters care about. Let's see how that goes on election day.

WHY AREN'T WE HEARING MUCH ABOUT ABORTION VIOLENCE NOW? This column supposes that unlike when abortion clinics are targeted and people are killed, when pregnancy life centers are attacked and burned, it's not a story they care about. Not only are they not being covered, they aren't being solved by the FBI either. Which is weird because the FBI has plenty of time to harass and arrest anti-abortion protesters on trumped up charges that the Biden admin refuses to address.

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