Wed Blog: Yes, Polis Fired Women Who Didn't Want the Jab.

FOX 31'S DAVE FRASER IS ON FOR WEATHER WEDNESDAY And I'd love to ask him your questions today!

MY VOTER GUIDE IS OUT! And I added the Board of Education races because they are CRITICALLY important in this election cycle. Find it here.

****LATE ADDITION: ERIK AADLAND JOINS ME AT 2:05 Because he is pushing hard towards the finish line in the 7th Congressional District joins me at 2:05 to talk about why he wants your vote. Find out more about Erik Aadland by clicking here.

****LATE ADDITION TWO: PAM ANDERSON IN THE STUDIO TODAY AT 1! She is the ONLY qualified choice for Secretary of State and will bring fairness and sanity back to the Secretary of State's office. Find out more about Pam here.

WHY DID IT TAKE SIX PARAGRAPHS TO SAY HEIDI IS RIGHT? The way the media is covering the Governor's race is ridiculous. During the debate last weekend Heidi Ganahl pointed out that Colorado is second in the fentanyl death increases in the nation. Jared Polis said that was a lie, but it's not. The Denver Post did a fact check and came to the same conclusions, but not before they said Polis was right about where we are in overall fentanyl deaths, which is not what Heidi said. When did they clarify? In paragraph six, when it could have been a quick, "she's right". Between this and Kyle Clark still saying on Twitter that kids in schools dressing as cats has been "debunked", this is making me crazy. Why can't they just say, "she's right"?

TRUMP ATTACKING O'DEA SHOWS HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THE SENATE OR THE COUNTRY And it's a godsend for O'Dea who needs a LOT of independents to vote for him if he wants to win. In his childish name calling attack, the former President and Narcissist in Chief does exactly what he did in Georgia in 2020, which is put his own ego ahead of what's right for the country. I used to believe that for all his faults, Trump loved this country. I no longer believe that, he only loves himself. I'm not the only one who thinks so.

AND YES, POLIS DID FIRE FEMALE HEALTHCARE WORKERS WHO WOULDN'T GET THE VACCINE This is another shot Ganahl landed during the debate that Polis tried to deny, but it was his policies which led to the firing of healthcare workers who didn't want to get the shot. Read more here.

YOU MAY WANT TO GET DROPPED OFF AT THE AIRPORT Because we've known for some time that catalytic converters were being stolen in the parking lots, but now we know cars are being stolen out of the parking lots. You may want to just get a ride.

ENGLEWOOD IS BANNING SLEEPING ON SIDEWALKS BUT... Not elsewhere. They say it is because people sleeping on the sidewalks blocks it for people who have mobility issues. They also in the same resolution laid out the places homeless people CAN sleep, so I hope the urban outdoorsman read the ordinance.

DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS' SUPERINTENDENT GETS TO EVALUATE HIS OWN JOB PERFORMANCE And I have to say, nice work if you can get it. After being on the job for 15 months, Alex Marrero has had no performance evaluations from the Board. Why? They decided to accept his self evaluations instead. To be clear, he's evaluating his own performance and reporting it to the Board. This column explains more.

WE'RE EXPECTING A SUPER COOL METEOR SHOWER LATER THIS WEEK The Orionids meteor shower happens in October with some of the most brilliant meteors moving super fast across the sky. Find out how to see them here.

ABOUT THE LATEST LIE ABOUT THE GOP AND SOCIAL SECURITY I may have responded in a less than ladylike fashion to this tweet.

This proves that Democrats are TERRIFIED of being bounced out of office so they have resorted to just making crap up. There is no bill under consideration or being proposed that would do ANYTHING of this sort. Not ONE and they know it, but I've seen this lie repeated many times, even by our lying sack of crap of a President. The reality is that if we don't do something to SHORE UP Social Security and Medicare the plan will go broke, and Republicans are trying to keep that from happening. There is nothing under consideration that would affect current recipients. Repeat, NOTHING that would affect current recipients unless you count that it would make their benefits MORE secure, not less. Adding in things like some income requirements that would EXCLUDE the wealthy from tapping into the benefits they've paid into for years is under consideration so that's hardly taking away Social Security from the people who rely on it. This is just a giant lie.

WANT TO CUT YOUR OWN CHRISTMAS TREE? It's time to get that permit from the state to do so, details are here.

THE CDC IS DECIDING WHETHER OR NOT TO ADD COVID SHOTS TO THE REQUIRED VACCINES FOR KIDS And I've already submitted my comment via this link and you can to. As children are at a very small risk of serious illness from this disease and the vaccine has shown to be ineffective at stopping the spread of this disease, along with the risk of cardiovascular events in especially teen boys this is unnecessary and will simply mean more kids leave public schools.

WHY WON'T THE FBI INVESTIGATE CHINESE INFILTRATION INTO OUR ELECTION SYSTEM? Get ready this is a LONG story. I will be honest, because it involves TrueTheVote, the organization who helped create 2000 Mules while NOT releasing the underlying data, I was skeptical, but this Substack report on how a company that was charged with gathering information about our election workers then sent all that data to China and stored it there is very, very thorough and shows its work. Not only is the FBI NOT investigating, the head of cybersecurity for the Biden Admin is out trying to obfuscate the fact that a Chinese company has all the info on poll workers across the country. Why would they want that? Hmmm, let's see. Do you think any of those poll workers have access to passwords? Maybe, maybe not, but it doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy to see this all swept under the rug by an FBI that is under the direction of a guy whose son made a small fortune for doing nothing with "business partners" who are part of the Chinese Communist party. Before you dismiss it, ask how you'd feel if this were Trump and his son made a fortune from China. I bet we'd need to investigate it then. Really long explanation here.

KARI LAKE HANDLES THE MEDIA LIKE A BOSS And this is the strategy for pushing back on the media continuing to call her an "election denier" which is the new scarlet letter. She handled this like a boss.

Here's a fun response tweet in case you were wondering.

ELTON JOHN IS COMING TO DENVER! He added us to his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour! Find out more here but tickets go on sale this Friday!

TOM BRADY IS JUST A WORKAHOLIC AND NEEDS HELP Because after reading this and listening to what he's saying about being consumed with football during the season, I see that clearly and understand why his wife has hired a divorce attorney. This is sad because when you're on your death bed, your job isn't going to be there. He needs help. Chris Simms says it's possible Brady might quit mid-season but I would be shocked based on how he feels about football. It's clearly his entire life.

A RED COLLAR MEANS LEAVE THIS PUP ALONE I had no clue about this but apparently it's a thing. This article says that dog owners with unfriendly or aggressive dogs will put a red collar or bandana around the dog's neck to indicate they are not friendly. Good to know, but I always ask first anyway, regardless of what kind of collar they are wearing.

YOU KNOW WHEN YOU TICK THE BOX TO SHOW YOU'RE NOT A ROBOT? The company is gathering data on you based on HOW you click it. Watch this, but click here if it doesn't open.

MAKING IRISH STEP DANCING HIP If anyone can do it, it's these cats. Click here if it doesn't load.

I WOULD LOVE AN ELEVATOR LIKE THIS! I want to know how they got the building to go along. Click here if it doesn't load.

NEED A SUPER CREEPY MAKEUP TUTORIAL? This should do it. Click here if it doesn't load.

MILLENNIALS STAY CLOSE TO HOME I just saw this article but find it very interesting. New census date shows that millennials have stayed close to where they grew up by a large margin, with a vast majority living within 500 miles of their hometowns. The survey also showed that ALL of us are moving less than prior decades, with the number of us relocating fell from 20% in the 1950s to just 8.4% last year. That's a huge drop and may explain part of the reason why social mobility has also dropped. The days of "Go West, Young Man" seem to have been replaced by "Stay Home, Young Man".


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