Weds Blogcast: The Dem view of 2022 election landscape; Ross & the Rabbi

Today's Ross Report

Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) was on my show yesterday talking about his support for (Colorado Republican Senate Candidate) Joe O’Dea. I asked what he’d say to conservatives who think Joe isn’t far-enough right or Trump supporters who heard Trump’s comments about Joe. His response was simple. O’Dea will vote for lower taxes, smaller government, and almost every Republican priority and would be a critical seat for the GOP to hold as they try to retake the majority from Democrats and give the GOP control over all Senate committees. I wonder how many Americans know that the majority party, even if it’s a 50/50 Senate with the vice president breaking the tie, controls EVERY committee, every issue that comes up for a vote, every nomination hearing. Barrasso is right: Even if Joe O’Dea isn’t your perfect candidate, if you’re not on the political left, you should vote for him.

Today's Guests

Ted Trimpa is an attorney and a Democratic strategist who had a lot to do with turning Colorado blue, electing Jared Polis as governor, and so on. Unlike many activist Democrats whom I view as frequently opposing fundamental American values, I think Ted is a rational guy working for the wrong political team. He's not (in my opinion) a Bernie Sanders nutjob although he's also definitely a liberal, maybe even a "progressive." He's at least an honest one. He has a better take on what's REALLY going on in Colorado politics than most people and I'm looking forward to hearing his take. I hope you enjoy it too.

Ted Trimpa, Principal and CEO — Trimpa Group


Rabbi Raphael Leban is the Executive Director of The Jewish Experience. He joins the show for occasional "Ross and the Rabbi" segments which today will answer listener questions such as "In Jewish law, when does life begin" (e.g. in a pregnancy) and a question from one of my children: "Was God ever young?"

The Jewish Experience - Denver, CO


Other Stuff

This is clearly the least important story I have today but I like it so much that I'm starting with it: Former New York cab driver collects on 9-year-old IOU in Ireland -


Another embarrassing defeat for US Attorney John Durham. BUT, what was learned in this trial about FBI malfeasance during the "Trump dossier" scandal was very important.

Igor Danchenko Acquitted, FBI Misconduct Revealed in Trial | National Review

Trump-Russia Steele dossier source acquitted of lying to FBI - BBC News


Big change in tax bracket income thresholds for 2023 tax year (returns to be filed in 2024)

2023 Tax Brackets and Federal Income Tax Rates | Tax Foundation

Standard deductions also going up:

Tax filers can keep more money in 2023 as IRS shifts brackets | The Hill


"Rental assistance" reaching its end in Denver and elsewhere. (This article has, in my opinion, considerable bias in favor of these programs but people need to remember that this money comes from somewhere.)

Colorado evictions climb as rental assistance begins to dry up (


Attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers are going completely unpunished. We don't even know if they're really being investigated.


This is an outrageous and disgusting political use of a national strategic asset, draining our STRATEGIC petroleum reserve to try to ameliorate a POLITICAL problem for Democrats. Even Politico notes this is "ahead of the midterms." Biden administration to tap oil reserve again ahead of midterms - POLITICO


Russia is attacking Ukrainian basic infrastructure, trying to leave Ukraine suffering through a cold, dark winter. Vladimir Putin needs to be put down like a rabid animal - by his own people.

NY Times: Russian Barrage Targets Power, Water and Heat for Ukraine’s Civilians

Meanwhile, Iran is selling drones to Russia and sending Iranian trainers to teach the Russians how to use them: Iran Sends Drone Trainers to Crimea to Help Russian Forces: Reports (


Amazon workers at small warehouse in NY State reject union:


Even if we do have a recession (and I think we will), any "model" that claims to predict something (that can vary; not the sunrise) with 100% certainty is, with 100% certainty, a crappy model.


I have to try this: Smoked Bourbon | Arby's (


Today's Videos

Rolls-Royce releases its first-ever all-electric vehicle, the $413,000 base-price Sceptre. They say they'll only make all-electric vehicles by 2030 but I'm skeptical...

More info and cool pictures here:

Very cool tech allows a person to type in some words and the AI system to generate an image based on that text. This WSJ reporter compared AI-generated images to actual photos taken my a human photographer.


This one clearly watched Yogi Bear cartoons as a kid

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