Tue Blog: My Voter Guide is Out and Mayor is ON!

MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK IS ON TODAY He joins me at 1 today and we're talking about the universal basic income pilot, the affordable housing programs in Denver and the new ballot initiative that would do more, plus the new crime stats and being Hockeytown USA. It's gonna be a busy hour.

MY VOTER GUIDE IS OUT! And I kept it short and sweet because that's how I do it. Find it here.

YOU ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY MUST GO TO WASHINGTON DC I was so honored by the Steamboat Institute to be asked to speak to their Emerging Leaders Conference and as it was in DC I maximized my time there. We took Q, who is 13 and had to read Elie Wiesel's Night last year, so we all picked the things we wanted to see and crammed them into three days. We barely scratched the surface of what DC has to offer but we gave it a great try. Follow me on Facebook to see all the photos of the trip by clicking here. We walked the National Mall and visited the memorials there. The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial is simply spectacular. I had not seen it before. We visited the Spy Museum, The Smithsonian Museum of American History, and the Holocaust Museum. I still feel the Holocaust Museum days later. I'm talking about it all today.

I DON'T NORMALLY CARE ABOUT KANYE WEST BUT... Kanye West is obviously mentally ill. He displays all the hallmarks of bipolar behavior and every so often seems to have a catastrophic period of grandiose behavior (like when he ran for President for a minute) and he's currently having another one. Why do I care about this? Because now he's decided to wrap his latest moves in anti-Semitism and I'm not going to tolerate it. After being booted off Twitter he now says he's going to buy Parler, which has to be a fraction of the price of Twitter. So I guess Parler will be where all the anti-Semites gather now in the name of free speech, but I sure hope it's not couched as a "conservative" alternative because conservatism is not anti-Semitic. He's already being cancelled by JP Morgan Chase, who told him to move his money asap.

HERE IS A DISCUSSION OF THE BALLOT INITIATIVES FROM THE INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE Great explanations of what each would do and how much it will cost.

FORECLOSURES TICKED UP IN DENVER BUT DON'T PANIC They have been really, really low for several years and are just returning to more normal levels. This is something I will be keeping an eye on going forward though, as our housing market has cooled dramatically here.

DID YOU SEE THE DEBATE BETWEEN GANAHL AND POLIS? It's obvious from Polis demeanor that he learned his lesson from the last debate where Heidi ate his lunch and came prepared to fight. It was a fiery debated but Heidi drew rhetorical blood to be sure. The big takeaway is that Jared Polis wants credit for things like "free" pre school while not taking responsibility for anything bad. Watch is below.

COULD CREATING MORE CHOICE BRING ELECTRIC PRICES DOWN? It's not a full deregulation, but a new bill would allow counties and municipalities to shop for other service providers for their communities other than the stockholder owned Xcel Energy. It sounds good, but Xcel would still get their money they spent on infrastructure so I'm not sure how much we'd actually save here in Colorado. At least they are looking at something.

THE ALASKAN KING CRAB SEASON HAS BEEN CANCELLED FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER And if you like crab legs, you better get them now because they are about to be a million dollars a pound. A bigger issue is WHY they cancelled it, and it's because there has been a complete colony collapse in Alaska with warmer waters and more predation being blamed as fish move north to stay in colder water. Read more here.

AGGRESSIVE DRIVING IS ON THE RISE IN COLORADO And we are the only people who have the power to change this. This story from CBS 4 shows that it's not just me thinking we've all gotten nastier on the roads. Or we all get dash cams and send the video to State Patrol for follow up. Is there a better way? I'd like to know what you think.

MAKE OCTOBER THINK OUTSIDE YOUR TRIBE MONTH At Real Clear Politics they are doing just that, by pairing two news stories from opposite perspectives every day this month. I've always encouraged people to do this and now they've made it easy. Read more here.

BLACK FOLKS WHO DON'T LIKE COPS MAY BE SERVING ON JURIES IN COLORADO If I just typed "White Folks who are racist may be serving on juries in Colorado" I'm sure there would be an outcry, but the reverse is true so there won't be. There is a move afoot to allow minority jurors to be open about their biases and STILL serve on a jury, potentially one where a cop if on trial. Read the column about this here.

WHY ARE PEOPLE BUYING LESS WEED? Our sales in Colorado declined last month and I'm curious if it's because there are new limits on how much medical marijuana someone can buy or if it's inflation related? If you're broke, most people have to give up something, and maybe it's smoking weed. Read about the decline, which includes a decline in tax revenue, here.

WHEN STUPID PROTESTS DO NOTHING BUT MAKE PEOPLE MAD Have you seen the latest by these climate protesters? The ones where they throw soup or paint onto great works of art and then glue themselves to the wall so we'll stop all drilling for oil? Or this one, where they go into a grocery store and dump a bunch of milk on the ground so we'll all be vegan? This Australian show spills the goods on this idiotic protest. This makes me want to drink MORE milk and then give some extra money to the grocery workers who will have to clean this crap up.

CLIMATE RESEARCHERS SAY IT'S TIME TO CHILL OUT ON THE DOOMSDAY PREDICTIONS And I'd like to say a huge thank you to the researchers at CU-Boulder for printing a letter asking other climate scientists to just chill out on the scare tactics and worst case scenario focus. The letter was in response to an article that says that climate research should focus on those worst case scenarios that are the least likely to happen, while CU-Boulder's researches recognize that continually telling us the sky is falling any day now is not productive or likely.

DEFUND THE POLICE COUNCILWOMAN IN SEATTLE DEMANDS POLICE PROTECTION And I wish she would just get to the root cause of the issue so the socialist won't have to beg for cops to stop protesters from throwing poo at her house. Not gonna lie, I LOVE this story. We are seeing karma in real time and it's glorious.

DUTY BEFORE DELIVERY FOR THIS BAD ASS MOM And if you're nine months pregnant, get into a car accident, go into labor at the scene of the accident but still take the time to get the other car out of her vehicle and stay with the other driver until first responders arrive before you get yourself to the hospital to deliver your baby you ARE a bad ass.

CREEPY MOVIE SMILE IS DOMINATING THE BOX OFFICE and I'm not saying it's because of the extremely creative marketing ploy of sending people to sports events to stand in the camera shot smiling very creepily. Now the horror film is killing it at the box office. Yes, I did that on purpose.

TENNESSEE IS ASKING FOR DONATIONS TO PAY FOR THE BIG CELEBRATION SATURDAY NIGHT Because after beating Alabama, which I thoroughly enjoyed even though I do not like either of these teams, led to the tearing down of goalposts and whatnot. Now the Tennessee Athletic Director wants Tennessee fans to pay for the cleanup and I think this is a good idea.

BEEN THROUGH AIRPORT SECURITY LATELY? Security lines can be nuts. This Twitter post lays it out and the guy says he's going to get Pre-Check, but trust me, those lines are hella long too, they just move faster. The regular line moves pretty fast too, tbh.


BAT DOG IS ALWAYS WATCHING I feel more safe knowing BatDog is out there. Click here if it doesn't load.

JJ WATTS IS AN ALRIGHT GUY And even better teammate. Click here if it doesn't load.

I WANT THIS GUY TO NARRATE MY LIFE Click here if it doesn't load.

AND NOW, IF YOU'VE GOT QUESTIONS ABOUT A WEDDING, SHE'S GOT ANSWERS Because her dad seems like a real simpleton to need this explanation.

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