Thurs Blogcast: Joe O'Dea; Steele Dossier bombshell; what are prices anyway

Today's Ross Report

Even though I’ve never voted for a Democrat, I understand the idea of not voting for a Republican. But I have to sharply (although, I hope, politely) disagree with my friend and radio colleague Dan Caplis who, I believe, has said he won’t vote for Republican senate candidate Joe O’Dea because Joe is not strongly enough anti-abortion. It’s true that Joe has a moderate position on the issue, but still he would support SOME restrictions on abortion that Michael Bennet never would, if this ended up being legislated federally, which I hope it won’t. More importantly on EVERY OTHER ISSUE as well, O’Dea is better than Bennet for a conservative. The Libertarian candidate who was endorsed by the grifter Ron Hanks is a fake Libertarian who said explicitly on KHOW that he’s only running to be a spoiler. I mean, he used that very word. Don’t let him and Dan Caplis re-elected Michael Bennet. Vote for Joe O’Dea.

Today's Guests

Joe O'Dea is the Republican candidate for US Senate, aiming to unseat incumbent accidental Senator Michael "Cheaper than Sominex" Bennet aka Michael "Whatever Schumer Says" Bennet.


Scott Lincicome is the Director of General Economics and Trade at the libertarian Cato Institute. We'll discuss: What are prices? And why should we not hate high prices?


Perry Pendley is the former Acting Director of the Federal Bureau of Land Management. We'll discuss Joe Biden's trip to CO yesterday where he (with Sen Bennet tagging along) designated nearly 54,000 acres of western Colorado as the Camp Hale-Continental Divide National Monument. In short, Democrats couldn't pass a bill so Biden is abusing presidential authority to appease anti-energy radical environmentalists.

Biden, visiting U.S. West, designates national monument in Colorado (

Lauren Boebert (R-CO3) slammed Biden's move: Representative Lauren Boebert (

From the Axios article: "The trip coincided with the more significant announcement that the Biden administration is moving to prohibit mining and oil and gas drilling for two years on a 225,000-acre parcel of the Thompson Divide as it develops a plan for a 20-year ban."


Eldon Larson and his wife own The Wine Experience Cafe in Aurora. We'll discuss Proposition 125 on this year's Colorado ballot; it would allow grocery stores and convenience stores to sell wine.

Colorado Proposition 125, Wine Sales in Grocery and Convenience Stores Initiative (2022) - Ballotpedia


Other Stuff

Consumer price index without food and energy makes new 40-year high even as overall number is slightly below 40-year high due to slight decline in gasoline from the peak.

Consumer Price Index Summary - 2022 M09 Results (

Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers: All Items in U.S. City Average | FRED | St. Louis Fed (


Huge Social Security cost of living adjustment on the way. Yes, recipients are entitled to it and need it but let's also remember that this will significantly move up the insolvency date for the program's insolvency:


Alex Jones gets more or less what he deserves. Alex Jones ordered to pay $965 million for Sandy Hook lies | AP News


That's some seriously entrepreneurial fraud: Inmate in Georgia’s maximum security prison accused of impersonating billionaires to steal millions (


So the FBI offered Steele $1 million to prove claims in his dossier. He couldn't and didn't. And the FBI still used the dossier as a basis to get FISA warrants on innocent Americans. Seriously, someone at the FBI needs to go to prison.

Danchenko Trial Bombshell: FBI Offered Steele $1M to Prove Dossier Claims | National Review

Utter proof the FBI framed Trump and shielded Hunter Biden (


I didn't get to this one the other day. Very cool...the origin of the word "Armageddon" as Biden invokes that risk due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Welcome to Armageddon: Meet the city behind the biblical story | Live Science

Tel Megiddo - Wikipedia


One more example of why to vote "NO" on all Denver-specific ballot measures: Denver Deserves Sidewalks' plan may actually take almost 30 years to complete, according to city's analysis - Denverite, the Denver site!


I guess this story means I'm old, but my kids already make that clear daily. I like the "thumbs-up" emoji...use it all the time!

Gen Z has canceled the thumbs-up emoji because it's 'hostile' (


Sometimes the law is...let's say....quirky: Mother’s love priceless but has no monetary value, WA Appeals Court rules | The Seattle Times

Today's Videos

First: OK, I don't know who started it but this sure looks like karma

Even with just that, this doggie is a better dancer than I am

Seriously, nobody there reacted at all?!?

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