Thu Blog: A Mullet, Some Bad Water, and A Cool Invention for Sheets

EVEN BY MY STANDARDS TODAY IS GOING TO BE A WEIRD SHOW Because we are all over the place today but it will be nice for a change, don't you think?

THE USA MULLET CHAMP WILL BE CROWNED SOON And I've got a finalist who live right here in Colorado coming on the show today. Darius P. Nabors was featured in this article in 5280 Magazine and he's in today at 12:35 because I must see this in person. You can size up his competition by clicking here and it's magic. Follow KOA on TikTok as I'm sure ARod will have something up there for you to see.

WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED AT CAMP LEJEUNE BACK IN THE DAY? All of a sudden there are a bunch of ads about Camp LeJeune and cancer, including from my friends at Bell and Pollock and I'd like to know the backstory (wouldn't you?) so I've invited Gary on the show for a quick primer. He joins me at 1:05 for a few minutes to explain. Find Bell and Pollock by clicking here!

CYNDI BRAY SOLVED A VERY SPECIFIC PROBLEM And after appearing on Shark Tank she's now a finalist in the Chamber's Best Product Made in Colorado contest. Find out more about her product by clicking here!

THE FURRIES IN SCHOOLS ARE REAL AND THE MEDIA GASLIGHTING OF HEIDI GANAHL The Great Furry Controversy erupted when Heidi Ganahl repeated what she had been told by LOTS of parents, that children were dressing up as animals at schools and creating disruptions. A reporter from the Springs took Ganahl to task for it and Kyle Clark picked it up on his Twitter feed, thus releasing his minions onto Heidi and both of the parents who have been trying to bring attention to this issue. Several news organizations reached out to JeffCo schools for clarification and the District said no, this wasn't happening. Except, the parents whose kids are having to deal with the disruptions in classrooms because of this sent emails to the district asking why the district was lying about this issue. They lied because they don't want to look bad and frankly so they could make Heidi look bad, in my opinion. How do we know they "lied"? A simple CORA request found these two emails:

Not the part where School Board member Susan Miller says clearly,

"we have received numerous emails from parent that state their child is experiencing this disruptive behavior. And while perhaps Fox 31 asked about specific schools, that's not how this is framed...And I have had parents show me pictures their children have taken of "furries" at their school. (emphasis mine)

Wait, what? IT'S HAPPENING? Or maybe this school board member is just a crazy lady like Heidi, huh? What did JeffCo Schools Superintendent say in return about this?

Superintendent Dorland literally says Fox 31 asked about TWO SCHOOLS and THOSE schools don't have any kids doing this so she stands by the statement. The last line is the kicker though:

The context in which our statements are used by the media, is not within our control.

So JeffCo lied by omission, the "journalists" who used this story to paint Heidi as a lunatic were out-journalismed by a bunch of moms in JeffCo and I don't expect an apology from any of them because they are partisan hacks who landed their shots and are now going to tell themselves the story is old news so they don't have to correct themselves. OR in the case of Captain Sanctimony himself, Mr. Clark, he is actively trying to make this story about trans kids, WHICH NO ONE ELSE IS DOING OR TRYING TO DO, because he will never admit he got lazy and leaned into his confirmation bias rather than doing actual journalism to dig into the truth. That's NOT how you Colorado.

THE ATTACKS ON CONCERNED PARENTS NEED TO STOP I don't give a rat's ass if anyone comes at me on Twitter, or has their minions attack me endlessly. I'm used to it, it comes with the territory and it doesn't affect me one bit. But for people who are just trying to bring light to an uncomfortable subject, it can lead to a ton of stress and anxiety and fear. That is exactly what Kyle Clark unleashed on two moms from JeffCo about the furry thing, and they were so relentlessly harassed they had to shut down their accounts EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE RIGHT. This is a blatant attempt in my view to not only silence dissent, but also to put anyone else on notice that they better not stick their heads up lest they be lopped off. We need to stop. Now.

GANAHL AND POLIS DEBATE THIS WEEKEND And you need to make an effort to watch. It's going to be a humdinger. More details here.

INFLATION IS STILL HORRIBLE Even worse than last month, ticking back up to 8.2%. This is horrible news for everyone's budget, and I hope you vote accordingly in the mid terms.

ROSS KAMINSKY'S VOTER GUIDE IS OUT! Ross and I are in complete agreement except for ONE issue, and this is the legalization of psychedelics, where I am a NO and he is a YES. I realize I may have to turn in my libertarian card, but until government can show me how they protect everyone else's rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness from tourists whacked out on mushrooms I'm a no. Find his voter guide here! Mine is out Monday.

MICHAEL BENNET HEARTS JOE BIDEN And he is aligning himself with the man he's voted with 98% of the time in this last push to the election. Odd that he loves him so much but can't do something like get Space Force HQ moved from a Republican to his state. Axios writes about their love affair here.


INDIA IS TALKING ABOUT OUR UPCOMING RECESSION And I wish we had news programs who did things like this.

SCUMBAG ALEX JONES GETS HIT WITH AN ALMOST BILLION DOLLAR JUDGMENT I got hip the fact that Alex Jones is a complete charlatan around 2007. A listener sent me one of his stories from Infowars about some horrible thing that was about to happen where we were all gonna die or something and when the date came and went, I went to Infowars to see what Jones had to say about his failed prediction. Jones said that BECAUSE he had shined a light on it, it didn't happen. Uh-huh. Since then, he's done nothing but peddle conspiracy after conspiracy all the while selling his gullible followers all manner of snake oil. I HATE this guy. HATE him. He is a stain on my profession. Now the parents of children killed in the Sandy Hook shooting have won a ridiculously large judgment against Jones for his lies about Sandy Hook being a fake, "false flag" operation where no children actually died. What a scumbag this guy is, but the parents will not collect anything remotely close to that. I do hope the verdict wakes up some of his followers, because anyone giving this guy money needs help. Period.

META HAS A SUPER EXPENSIVE VR HEADSET OUT And it looks remarkably like the headsets in Ready Player One. It doesn't just let you see things, it reads your facial expressions so your avatar can react naturally to others in the virtual world. You can't buy this with virtual bucks yet, it will set you back $1,500 real dollars if you're interested. I'll sit this one out. I remember the first flat screen tv I ever saw, it was 36 inches an 12 grand. I'll wait for the cheaper iteration.

GUYS, WORRIED ABOUT THE DOBBS DECISION? THERE'S ALWAYS THE BIG SNIP One doctor in Saint Louis is offering free vasectomies as requests for the procedure are on the rise. Find out more here.

IS ARVADA WEST HIGH SCHOOL TEACHING KIDS TO BE ANTI-GUN? I don't have enough details on this yet, but I wanted to share a letter that was allegedly given to kids at Arvada West after a required assembly. I'd love to hear from any kid who went to the assembly. Here is the letter.

LET'S JUST DEBUNK ONE OF THOSE ANTI-GUN LIES HERE And that is the big lie of omission that is making the rounds. On the face of it, yes, some Red states have higher murder rates, but where are those murders taking place? In Blue cities. Democrat run cities are the hotbeds of crime and we need to remind people of the stuff in this column all the time.

HIGHER ENERGY PRICES ARE A FEATURE, NOT A BUG If you really want to understand how our government has destroyed our energy industry I've got a column for you. It's LONG, but it contains so many examples of how Democrat policies, started under Obama and continued full force under Biden, have systematically destroyed our access to cheap, reliable energy. It's honestly shocking when you see it all together like this.

TOM BRADY BOUGHT A TEAM It's a pickleball team, but he bought a team nonetheless. Read more here.

LAYLA NEEDS KISSES AND MAYBE A HUG And how can you not oblige when she's this cute? Click here if it doesn't load.

DUDE. This is some kind of compact self defense weapon although if you don't know how to wield it it could be a disaster. Click here if it doesn't load.

THE FIRST SPACE TOURIST TRIPS ARE BOOKED And they will be circling the moon courtesy of Space X, once Space X has a craft built to do so. The first paying passenger is a dude who paid $20 million to Russia to just go into orbit so no clue on how much he shelled out for this. As he is 82, Dennis Tito says he's working hard to stay healthy so he can make the trip.

EX-MLB PITCHER RANDY JOHNSON HAS A NEW GIG And it's photography based. A photo of him photographing an NFL game has gone viral. See below and read more here.


DAD WAS GOING TO WATCH FOOTBALL WITH HIS FRIENDS This is adorable. Click here if it doesn't load.

HOLY COW, THE REAL PETER GRIFFIN and I kind of love this guy. Click here if it doesn't load.

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