Weds Blogcast: Ripley's Heroes update; LA politics blown up by racism

Just One Thing

If you watch even just 15 minutes of last night's debates (for Colorado State Treasurer and Secretary of State), I think you'll understand just 1) how far left our current Democratic state treasurer, Dave Young, is (and how we must vote for Republican challenger Lang Sias) and 2) how much of an incompetent hyperpartisan hack Jena Griswold is (and how we must vote for Republican challenger Pam Anderson.)

The video (that contains both debates) is posted at the end of today's blogcast. I encourage you to watch at least some of each debate.

Please check out my 2022 Colorado General Election Voter Guide!

Ross's 2022 CO General Election Voter Guide | KOA 850 AM & 94.1 FM | Ross Kaminsky (


Today's Guests

Lt Col Rip Rawlings (USMC Ret) and former US Army Sgt James Vasquez join the show to update us on the progress of Ripley's Heroes in supplying Ukrainian fighters with all kinds of materiel that they need to fight the Russians -- all kinds that don't "go boom", that is, because civilians aren't allowed to export bombs and bullets and guns, so they're getting things like body armor, night vision, medical kits, etc. James has been on the front lines fighting Russians and recently lost a friend who was an incredibly brave Ukrainian who helped clear areas of Russian mines.

Learn more, and contribute if you want to, here: Rip Rawlings (I have donated more than once.)


In my voter guide (linked above) I state that "Pam Anderson is the most qualified person running for any office in the state of Colorado in 2022." Pam is running to replace the partisan and incompetent Jena Griswold. Following up on their Tuesday debate, Pam joins the show to talk about the debate, the race, and this: Colorado sent 30,000 noncitizens a voter registration mailer (

See the video below to get a sense of just how unintelligent, incompetent, and hyperpartisan current Secretary of State Jena Griswold is.

Other Stuff

Producer Price Index report this morning was slightly worse than economists' forecasts, 8.5% year over year. Remember this is the stuff that feeds into the stuff that you buy, suggesting that consumer prices aren't going to be coming down significantly anytime soon.

Producer Price Index News Release summary - 2022 M09 Results (


A PERFECT example of why I oppose the death penalty (even though this man wasn't on death row; he would have been in many other states and perhaps would have been executed already). 🎤 Axios PM: "This case is over"


This is a potentially ENORMOUS development for Israel and for Europe. Don't know how long it will take for a pipeline between the two to be built so that Israel can supply some of Europe's natural gas needs but I hope the US will aggressively support the project. Note that the pipeline would likely need to traverse Turkey which will be another interesting negotiation and perhaps improve Israel's relationship with that country despite its near-dictator being an Islamist, albeit not nearly as radical as the leaders of Iran.

Israel, Lebanon agree on historic maritime border deal - The Washington Post


I'm always nervous when something seems obvious but this does: NATO pivots to sending Ukraine air defenses after Russian missile attacks - POLITICO


LA Democratic politics in massive turmoil due to racist (anti-black) comments by Hispanic city council members and labor leaders.

Herrera resigns as L.A. Labor Federation head after audio leak - Los Angeles Times (

Outrage erupts at LA Council meeting over racist remarks - The Washington Post


I sure hope a court stops this soon. Once some people get their loan balanced reduced it's going to be even harder to stop, and imagine the politics of trying to undo the transfer of college loan debt from the person who took out the loan to taxpayers.

White House unveils application form for Biden’s student debt relief - POLITICO


Bunch of stuff I STILL didn't get to but need to:

Fanaticism Of The Apocalypse - Michael Shellenberger (

The CNN propaganda at the end of this is as insane as the people the story is about: Picasso protest: Extinction Rebellion activists arrested after gluing themselves to painting | CNN

The left hates humans. This is what they actually want:

VERY important article that highlights just how much true human harm is coming from government-caused energy catastrophes:


Gonna try to get to this stuff today too:

Inside Amy Schumer Colorado tourism sketch promotes abortion rights (

Stereotypes, Jews and Tools-Fun or Dangerous - The Lid (


Today's Videos

Last night's debates between candidates for State Treasurer and Secretary of State

Smart doggie!

If this is real, it's freakin' AMAZING...although the haircut isn't

Ukrainians push back against Russia with determination and planning an orgy in the event of a Russian nuclear attack

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