Wed Blog: Whose Path to a Zero Income Tax is REALLY BS?

WE'RE TALKING SNOW WITH FOX 31'S DAVE FRASER TODAY FOR WEATHER WEDNESDAY I read an article yesterday that said we may be in for a late start at some of the ski resorts this year because we've not had a lot of snow, so we're checking some snow totals and projections with Dave Fraser at 12:35.

IS HEIDI'S PLAN FOR A ZERO INCOME TAX REALLY BS? The short answer is no, but it will be challenging. But more importantly, our esteemed Governor, Mr. Freedom, says he wants to go to zero with no real plan, something the media simply ignores. I'll talk to fiscal policy nerd Ben Murrey from the Independence Institute about his analysis of the plans and how they might work today. Read his report here!

LET'S TALK STATE RACES WITH KRISTA KAFER As she joins as our unofficial political analyst for a chat at 2.

YES, HEIDI WAS RIGHT TO TURN DOWN 9NEWS And this is a GREAT column about exactly why Republicans in this state not only have the right not to engage with utterly partisan Kyle Clark, they should make it a habit. Read it here.

DEMOCRATS ARE USING SECRET BALLOTS TO KILL LEGISLATION This is an interesting use of technology to keep a lawmakers votes on potentially controversial topics out of the public eye and a CLEAR violation of sunshine laws to boot. Democratic leadership has been using the system since 2019 and it works like this. Lawmakers are sent a survey about issues and they can then indicate their interest in funding those issues via the secret survey. If an issue isn't important enough to them, it doesn't even make the cut to be heard. They can vote against something in secret that they may lie about supporting later. The kicker is that when a media company submitted a CORA request to get the surveys they were denied, and Democrat leader State Senator Chris Hansen said:

“The value of the survey is higher if we can use it internally,” Hansen said. “That's been our experience.”

I bet it is. Unfortunately I have a real issue with this, and I'm not the only one. Even some Democrats are not happy about this system and have pointed out that even though CITIZENS don't have access to the survey, LOBBYISTS know when the survey is happening and take the opportunity to lobby for their bills via email RIGHT BEFORE the survey. This is hot garbage and must be either stopped or made public. There is no in between.

FINGER CROSSED THAT A COLORADO MAN TAKES HOME THE MULLET CHAMPIONSHIP After reading this story how can you not be a huge fan of mullet wearer Darius Nabors. Not only does he rock an epic mullet, his attitude in life is just fantastic. All in, my friends, all in. We'll see how he does soon!

WOODY PAIGE IS NOT WRONG HERE In openly mocking this year's "we didn't get it done" letter sent to Rockies season ticket holders by owner Dick Monfort. Read it here.

JOHN KELLNER MAKES THE CASE FOR STRONGER CAR THEFT PENALTIES And he's written this column that has a ton of great information in it about who steals cars and how they usually aren't nice people doing the right thing. He also lays out how our current system protects those who really don't need it while making it more attractive to steal from those who can least afford it. It's a very comprehensive column and totally worth your time.

BRIGHT HEALTH IS LEAVING COLORADO And if you are part of the Peak Health Alliance this is going to kill your health plan. This is a long column about the why and how and I'm not going to talk about this but in case you don't want to read it, they set their premiums too low and couldn't pay their bills.

JUST A SHOOTOUT AT A MAJOR INTERSECTION IN DENVER, NO BIG WHOOP It closed down the intersection of Colfax and Broadway, as police are trying to find the three guys who decided to shoot at each other in broad daylight. Now THAT's how you Colorado!

A REALITY STAR IS SUING TIKTOK And hats off to Bethenny Frankel for suing because TikTok lets shady companies steal her image to sell crap products. She's filed a class action lawsuit alleging that TikTok not only knows about the scammers, they protect them because of the ad revenue they bring in. As TikTok is a Chinese owned company and China has been stealing our intellectual property for decades, this comes as no surprise. It will be interesting to see TikTok hide behind Section 230 protections on this and I'm hoping the court finds them liable so we can begin to either force companies to be opinion neutral or be stripped of any protections. Section 230 is being abused by tech companies, imo.

GOT A SIDE HUSTLE? THE BIDEN ADMIN IS COMING FOR IT A new labor rule is going to gut the gig economy and create and possible destroy companies like Lyft and Uber. The Biden Administration is changing labor rules that oversee who is and who isn't an "independent contractor". This article in the Wall Street Journal says that the new rules could force companies to make contractors employees which would make them available for benefits and more importantly to the Biden Admin unionization. This is 100% about giving the unions more chances to dip into people's pockets. It would also mean set schedules and hours, something gig workers do NOT want. Between this and all the new IRS workers, you better know they are coming for you and your flexibility.

TROY AIKMAN MAKES DRESS WEARERS MAD Can we all get over ourselves for a minute? I heard Troy Aikman's comment about how the NFL should "take off the dresses" when the refs called yet another roughing the passer call on a relatively minor hit an Troy Aikman shared his displeasure by saying this:

The internet was not happy and called Aikman to task over the comment. I am sick of everyone thinking them not being happy is worth a comment. I don't care, and I wear dresses. Get over it and move on, we all know what he meant, and that is they've made the game so soft that women should be playing it. He's not wrong.

SPOOKY SEASON IS UPON US And this means creativity on social media. Click if it doesn't load.

THE AVS GOT THEIR RINGS And I mean their literal championship rings and they look super cool. Check the details out here and see them below.

THIS SCAMMER MET HIS MATCH In a seemingly clueless person who masterfully strings him along. Click here if it doesn't load.

I'M NOT SURE DEVAUNTE ADAMS WAS SUE-ABLY WRONG HERE The Oakland Raiders lost a heartbreaker to division rivals Kansas City and when Adams was walking off the field, a dude hopped in front of him and Adams pushed him to the ground. Now the guy is suing Adams, and I'm not sure a jury is going to find in his favor. I'm guessing he's hoping Adams will settle to avoid ongoing negative publicity (he will) and he can make some quick cash. This video goes over the story and shows a pretty good angle.

A STUDY HAS SHOWN THAT TRANS WOMEN MAINTAIN THEIR ADVANTAGE IN SPORTS This is a super small study, but it was done in a very interesting way. A group of Brazilian scientists did their best to do an apples to apples comparison of the physical strength and endurance between trans women, biological women and men of similar age and health. They found that even after as much as 17 years of hormone therapy, trans women maintained a large advantage in muscle mass, remained stronger, and had better cardiovascular strength as well. From the study:

“Long-term estrogen exposure and testosterone suppression were not enough to completely shift the body composition of transgender women to the female pattern, despite their direct and indirect effects on fat and lean mass,”

It would appear that biology trumps hormone therapy on this one.


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