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RON HANKS ENDORSED A GUY WHO IS JUST RUNNING TO LOSE But he plans on peeling off enough votes from Joe O'Dea so he loses. It's called being a spoiler and Libertarian Candidate Brian Peotter admitted as much on my colleague Leland Conway's show on our sister station KHOW. I've asked Leland to pop in today at 12:35 to discuss the stunning admission made by Peotter Friday on his show.

XCEL ENERGY JUST HIRED A CALIFORNIA GUY WHO DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOUR HIGH HEATING COSTS Because he has just come from Pacific Gas and Electric in California and in this article he doesn't once proclaim any concern for people being able to pay their electric bills as Xcel spends a ton of new money on green energy sources as they race to shut down any reliable energy sources.

Customers of the largest power company in Colorado should expect higher energy bills to pay for an expanding energy grid that includes upgrades to its natural gas facilities, said Robert Kenney, the newest president of Xcel Energy Colorado.
Kenney took the helm of Xcel’s state operations in June after serving as an executive for Pacific Gas and Electric Company in California. In an interview with CPR News this week, he said the recent trend of rising energy bills likely wouldn’t end anytime soon.
“We will likely see some amount of increase as we continue to make investments in the system,” Kenney said. “We're making the investments that we think are necessary to drive the clean energy transition while doing it safely and reliably.”
Kenney, who has both worked with utilities and served as a utility regulator, said he wants Xcel to model how investor-owned monopolies can change from coal to cleaner sources of energy. 

By gosh California is our model now, so we may as well hire the people who left thousands of Californians sweltering in hot temperatures last summer to run our stuff! And in case you think Xcel is just SUPER CONCERNED about the climate, you need to understand their business model and where they can juice the profits the most. This article out of Minnesota (where Xcel is the huge player there too) shows exactly how Xcel uses these "green energy improvements" to pad their bottom line at the expense of rate payers. The article shows how Xcel makes a GUARANTEED 7.5% return on capital investments into green energy infrastructure like wind farms and solar farms. It's merely a profit center and we don't have options to get our energy somewhere else. We can't have a monopoly power company that is beholden to shareholders. Period.

OIL PRODUCTION IS UP, METHANE EMISSIONS ARE DOWN And by a good bit in Colorado. It shows that creating climate "plans" based on today's technology are a fool's errand, as we are constantly making the use of petro energy better and more efficient. Methane emissions in the state have dropped a whopping 72% since the last check in 2015, this as oil and gas production has gone UP by a third during that time. That's just one aspect of our energy usage.

COLORADO JUST LOST THE TOP SPOT IN A REALLY IMPORTANT CATEGORY And that is the number of us who are obese. We've been number one for a LONG time meaning that we had the LEAST obese people in the country, but now as our rate has ticked up every so slightly, we have slid to number two behind Hawaii. We need to get our ranking back! Time to skip some desserts. I blame the number of heavy young people moving here for the uptick. I'm not kidding.

WE GOT GOOD RAIN THIS SUMMER BUT WE'RE STILL VERY DRY And this article does a good job explaining why summer rains could mean a better runoff season next spring, as our reservoirs and creek flows are still below normal.

HOW DOES ONE GET IMPALED BY A LOST ARROW? I am posting this story because I need to know how this happens. I'm sure there is a good reason but how does one get "impaled" on a lost arrow? How does that even happen? I need to know.

THE GUY WHO DROVE INTO A CROWD WAS A LONGTIME CRIMINAL Currently out on "enhanced supervised probation" which apparently means he can go drinking and getting into bar fights and then run over seven people in the parking lot under Phil Weiser's office's policies. I can only imagine why a criminal who was charged with possessing an illegal weapon was out on probation. Could it be our kind-to-criminals justice reform passed a few years ago by the Democratic Legislature? One man is dead, by the way, I'm sure his family will be comforted knowing this criminal won't suffer for his actions. From the article:

Officers arrested Ruben Marquez, 29, whom they believe to be the driver. He faces charges of first-degree murder, three counts of accessory to first-degree assault and three counts of accessory to second-degree assault. 
Marquez has been arrested multiple times, according to court documents, and was on probation after pleading guilty to a charge of weapons violation, possession by a previous offender. He was released on enhanced supervision probation Sept. 20, court records show. He's got multiple arrests dating back to 2009 on drug possession with intent to distribute, weapons violations and car thefts and been sentenced to prison at least twice in that time.

PLEASE WATCH THE GUBERNATORIAL DEBATE ON CBS 4 PLEASE As both candidates have accepted invites to that debate. Heidi Ganahl has chosen NOT to participate in the 9News debate, which I have to say I agree with as long as Kyle Clark would have anything to do with it. He is HOPELESSLY biased and obsessed on Twitter with conservative women and there is a ZERO percent chance she would be treated fairly there. The CBS4/Colorado Sun debate will take place on October 13th at 6pm. Tell your friends, have a watch party, just pay attention to this debate.

AN ONLINE LIFE IS NO LIFE AT ALL And this column should speak to younger people who have been robbed of the joy of an offline life by the fake promises of an online one. This is a must read for people under 25.

SOMEONE MADE A SONG WITH BIDEN AND IT'S.... This is funny but also profoundly disturbing.

OUR FRIEND CHRISTIAN TOTO IS ON PRAGER U! I am so happy for his continued growth and exposure. I can't embed it until it hits YouTube, but you can see it here, and it's really, really good.

IS AMAZON SPIKING STORIES ABOUT LAWSUITS AGAINST IT? That's what is being alleged by the attorney for multiple parents who are suing Amazon for selling their children "suicide kits" in the form of suggested sales surrounding sodium nitrate. Several kids have taken their own lives using the "kits" and are now suing Amazon. 60 Minutes was working on a story about the suits before spiking it, saying they were worried that more children would commit suicide after seeing their story. As if kids watch 60 Minutes.

IT'S TIME TO STOP USING THE BMI SCALE And not because we're all getting fatter, because it's not based on anything remotely scientific. Much like drinking eight glasses of water a day is made up, this too, was completely pulled out of whole cloth by a guy trying to come up with a way to measure the "average" man back in the 1830s. Unfortunately it's now been widely accepted and insurance companies use it to limit a myriad of things to those who are not fat enough, too fat, or just outside the spectrum. Read more here.

Y'ALL, CAN WE HAVE A MINUTE ON MADONNA? My early teen years were full of Madonna. She was everywhere, we wanted to be her, and she's had an incredible run as a pop star. But she's older than me now and doesn't seem to want to admit it. She's had so much work done to her face she looks like Marilyn Manson, and she's still so desperate for attention she just did a video where she apparently came out as gay (yawn). Her people need to have an intervention. Just stop, Madonna. Just stop. I'm all for fighting aging WITHIN REASON, but we have to stop making it seem like a good idea to continue to try and have utterly lineless skin until we're 100. It's weird and gross.

WOW, MAGIC ERASER REALLY CAN CLEAN ANYTHING, EVEN MONEY A dude has been charged with counterfeiting 100 dollar bills using a Magic Eraser and an Epsom printer. I'm actually very impressed by this.

AND NOW, SOME RIDICULOUS WEDDING THINGS Like this from a wedding photographer who had never seen anything quite like this at a wedding before. Click if it doesn't load.

Or this unique "flower boys" walk down the aisle. I can hardly wait to hear the bride and groom explain that sea shanties were a thing for a hot minute during the pandemic so they added them to their wedding to the grandkids. Click here if it doesn't load.

WHY I LOVE MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL IN ONE EASY VIDEO This is the Savannah Bananas of the Coastal Plain League and I love minor league baseball so much. Click here if it doesn't load.

SORT OF MAKES YOU QUESTION HOW HE WAS AN "EXPERT" IN THE FIRST PLACE An art expert appraiser missed the mark by just a hair when he appraised a vase at just $1,950 when in reality it sold for over $8 million to a Chinese buyer at auction. The "expert" is looking for a new job.

EVER WONDERED HOW STRONG A HIPPOS JAWS WERE? This video should answer the question pretty clearly and the answer is strong as you-know-what. Click here if it doesn't load.

LET'S SEND TOM CRUISE TO SPACE! That is the pitch for a new movie that wants to actually FILM at the International Space Station. I'm sure nothing could go wrong here. They want Tom Cruise to be the first actor to ever be filmed doing an actual space walk. I don't see this happening just for the sheer cost alone. We're not talking just sending Cruise to space, he would need a TEAM with him. This is where CGI works against you.

DEMOCRAT STACEY ABRAMS DOESN'T KNOW BASIC BIOLOGY The election denier who wants to be Georgia's next Governor had this to say about when pregnancy begins:

But she wants to be Governor of a state.

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