TGIF Blogcast: Nobel Prize in Physics; Is real estate pausing or crashing?

Just Two Things

A satirical take on a serious issue: Biden Calls Dave Ramsey's Radio Show For Advice On Paying Off $31 Trillion | Babylon Bee

And...true courage:

Today's Guests

CU Physics Professor Paul Beale is my most frequent show guest. I think that makes me a nerd, and proudly so Paul joins us again to help us understand the "quantum entanglement" science for which 3 scientists were just awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics. It's not just theoretical stuff: quantum physics will be the basis for massive gains in computing and other practical applications.

Press release: The Nobel Prize in Physics 2022 -

Pioneering Quantum Physicists Win Nobel Prize in Physics | Quanta Magazine


Realtor Ed Prather is one of my morning show partners and a valued resource for me in understanding the local dynamics of the Denver metro real estate market. With 30-year mortgages hovering close to 7%, more than double what they were at the beginning of 2022, real estate transactions have hit a wall. What can get this stuck market unstuck, and what should you do if you really need to sell a home? Also, how different are various sub-markets within the Denver area? We'll talk about all of that with Ed.


Other Stuff

Biden says risks of "Armageddon" are high:

Where did the name "Armageddon" come from? From an ancient hill town called Megiddo in Northern Israel: Welcome to Armageddon: Meet the city behind the biblical story | Live Science

Tel Megiddo - Wikipedia


When even the Washington Post can't ignore the story of the president's son's criminality: In Hunter Biden probe, agents see evidence of tax, gun-purchase crimes - The Washington Post Andy McCarthy points out, this is probably going to work out in a way that's good for Joe Biden, or as good as could be given the circumstances, so Republicans cheering the news should take a breath: Hunter Biden's end game: It’s about far more than him (


Great note by Peggy Noonan (WSJ) on the Herschel Walker situation:


This is obviously correct. I'm so sick of the non-stop refusal of Dems to abide by clear precedent. Not just this story, but how about when Joe Biden said he would continue the eviction moratorium even though he knew the Supreme Court would rule it to be illegal? Don't these people think about their oaths of office even for a moment? (That's a rhetorical question.)

U.S. judge blocks parts of New York's new gun law (


I'm in favor of this though I also suspect that the timing, just before an election in which Dems are expected to do badly, is not coincidental. (I'm not certain that the pardons can be effectuated before the election, but I bet they'll sure try.)

Biden Plans to Pardon People Convicted of Simple Marijuana Possession - WSJ

Here's the transcript of an interesting White House background call with reporters on the subject: Background Press Call on Marijuana Reform | The White House

To me it's clear that Biden can grant these pardons but it's not clear that they can say nobody will be prosecuted under federal law for a crime that's still on the books. Seems like that goes further than "prosecutorial discretion" and crosses into "we're changing the law without an act of Congress" which is not legal (even though it is consistent with a policy of pardoning such convictions and even though it's rational if the policy would be to always pardon such convictions; I still don't think it's legal.)


Wow: University of Florida’s finalist for president is Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse (


This is nuts, even for California. After all, we just had more than two years of yesterday's truth being today's misinformation and vice-versa: Doctors uneasy about California law aimed at COVID misinformation - Los Angeles Times (


Colorado's state government website is back up after being taken offline due to a DDoS attack from a Russian hacker group called KillNet: Cyberattack on Colorado state website follows Russian hacktivist threat (


A leader of the Proud Boys organization pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy for his actions regarding the mayhem on January 6th...even though he wasn't there:

Proud Boys leader pleads guilty to seditious conspiracy over Jan. 6 actions - POLITICO


Such complete and utter nonsense. I'd laugh if the implications weren't so serious for our military readiness.

Air Force’s Climate Action Plan Distracts From Mission - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

DAF Climate Action Plan - FINAL Oct 2022.pdf


Today's Videos

I didn't take this video, but I saw it happen as I was walking off the field after the horrendous Broncos 12-9 loss last night. The game was basically lost by Russell Wilson's bad decisions. 2 bad interceptions, and not throwing to a wide-open K.J. Hamler on the last play of the game.

I heard Dave Logan say that there hadn't been a Broncos game with zero touchdowns by either team since 2006.

Very bad night betting for me...really really expected something from the Broncos, but in retrospect there wasn't good reason to. It was the triumph of hope over experience, and that leads to dumb bets.

And to send you into the weekend with a laugh:

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