Fri Blog: The Real Estate Market, A Tribute to Alan Berg and School Funding

ALAN BERG WILL BE PLACED IN THE DENVER PRESS CLUB'S HALL OF FAME TOMORROW NIGHT And the late talk show host who was murdered by white supremacists back in 1984 will be represented by his last producer Susan Reimann, who also happens to be a dear friend of mine and she joins me at 12:35 to talk about the man who left behind such a legacy. You can see the rest of the inductees by clicking here.

BOY HAS THE REAL ESTATE MARKET CHANGED IN THE METRO and my friend and realtor Mike Potarf from the Chad Madlom team with JRNY Real Estate is on at 1 today to talk about the new challenges facing our market, price drops, and more. If you need or want to sell your house now, call 303-900-8570 for the best team ever. Or click here for more.

ONE MORE TIME ON SCHOOL FUNDING Because Douglas County Superintendent Erin Kane is on to discuss how schools are funded and what a mill levy override really does. She's on at 2 to discuss.

DEAR REPUBLICANS, WE CAN JUST TRY TO WIN FOR ONCE? That idiot Ron Hanks is trying to play spoiler by "endorsing" the libertarian candidate in the US Senate race he lost so badly. Why? Because he'd rather demonstrate his ideological "purity" rather than vote for a candidate who IS THE NOMINEE and who on most counts is pretty damn conservative. But no, Hanks also wants to feed his own massive ego by showing that he has enough sheep like followers to make Joe O'Dea lose so Bennet is our Senator again. Hanks doesn't give two craps about anything but himself, or he'd be doing the exact opposite of what he's doing now. If you think Democrats are doing a bang up job in DC, listen to Hanks. This column demonstrates a key point in Colorado politics: Republicans want to be right, Democrats want to win. I will have a very specific message for Hanks and his supporters today.

I WATCHED THE NEW CHRIS CUOMO SHOW Yep, that's right, I'm the ONE who watched and I'm here to tell you it is a clown show. He did his opening segment on why Alec Baldwin's cash settlement with the family of the woman he killed is plenty and there should be no charges for Baldwin because it would be bad for the settlement (I am not making this up, I watched it twice to make sure that's what he was saying) and the ratings are an unmitigated disaster. I have more listeners on KOA in the key demo of persons age 25-54 than he had on a nationally syndicated show. This story is a huge part of what is wrong with national media. The good ol boy network always makes sure the dudes get another job.

WHO IS THE FASCIST AGAIN? This is a GREAT column about the hypocrisy of President Biden calling Trump supporters "fascists". From the definition of fascist, which most Americans clearly don't know, to the many, many ways Biden has behaved in a completely fascistic manner, the column answers the question above perfectly.

GOVERNMENT AGENCIES USE ARPA MONEY FOR BONUSES And sometimes they are giving bonuses to employees who worked from home for "hazard pay". But don't worry, all this "free" money from the government is always a good idea, just ask inflation.

KING JARED POOR MORE MONEY INTO HIS RE ELECTION CAMPAIGN And if the race is so in the bag, why would he need to put $11 MILLION of his own money into it? I'm guessing he knows after the first debate in which he came across like an unprepared lightweight things seem closer to him. It shouldn't be okay for a politician to buy an election like this. Period.

JUDGE SAYS NEW YORK CONCEALED CARRY LAW IS HOT GARBAGE And says the law that bans the carry of concealed firearms into "sensitive" areas is not constitutional. He also gutted the insane requirement that people turn over all social media accounts and list everyone they live with and many other stupid things New York tried to force law abiding citizens who want to protect themselves. Read about it here.

WEEKEND THINGS TO DO IN DENVER AND BEYOND Just in case you're bored this weekend. Check them here.

IS THERE ANYTHING PEYTON MANNING CAN'T DO? MAYBE BE SANTA? The new trailer for the new Santa Clauses series is out and Peyton is in it.

BRONCOS COUNTRY TODAY My friend Beardo says what we're all thinking. That game last night was fugly.

NASA IS EXCITED ABOUT THE SPACE TRASH THEY CREATED And I'm talking about a comet like debris trail coming off the asteroid they just crashed a craft into to see what would happen. Apparently they've been able to see the whole thing unfold brilliantly and are gathering data on what this means, but seriously we know it's about smashing stuff into other stuff and making dustups.

WHY IS IT TO SO FOGGY TODAY? I was not sure about this to be honest. Now we know.

FANS SUING OVER FOOTBALL THINGS And one of them may have a case, although I think it's a long shot, whereas the other one should be laughed out of court. First we have the case of a Patriots fan with an extremely rare US flag signed by Tom Brady. He loaned it to the Patriots Hall of Fame, and now he alleges that because of their poorly built display case the Brady signature has been significantly degraded. He says that's worth a million bucks. We'll see. The other clown is the idiot who stormed the field on Monday night to draw attention to some dumbass cause or something. He was tackled by Los Angeles Ram Bobby Wagner and now he's filed charges against Wagner, which is surely the first step to a lawsuit. If you missed the hit, check this out.

Now only do I hope the cops laugh him out of the room, I wish they'd charge him with running into Wagner or something, just because. No doubt this guy is going to find a horrible lawyer who will sue the NFL hoping they give him some money to go away. I hope they fight it tooth and nail and sue him for disrupting the game. Can they sue for that? They should be able to sue for that.

NOW IMAGINE A 155 POUND SAINT BERNARD DOING THIS Because I lived this reality yesterday but I was a mile and a half from my house. Click here if it doesn't load.

IT'S MORE EXPENSIVE TO RENT IN THE SUBURBS NOW At least in our metro area according to this story by Fox 31. As homeless people and crime have taken over downtown, people are moving to the burbs and that is causing rents to rise there way faster than in the city. Highlands Ranch is now the most expensive place to rent!

ANOTHER PIT BULL ATTACKS LEAVES TWO CHILDREN DEAD And I don't do these stories to pile on a dog breed, but DAMN THEY KEEP HAPPENING. Now a two year old and a baby are dead after being mauled by the family pets who are both pit bulls. Sixty six percent of fatal dog attacks involve pit bulls.

CNN PUNISHES A TWEET LONGER THAN IT PUNISHED PUBLIC MASTURBATION And it all depends on what side of the aisle you're on. Mary Katherine Hamm has worked as a commentator on many networks, CNN included. So imagine her surprise when she found out she was secretly banned from appearing on the network because she tweeted about CNN contributor Jeffrey Toobin's public masturbation during a work call. She's since been invited back under the new leadership at CNN, but she's written about her shadowban and more importantly, Toobin's lesser punishment here.

IT'S TIME TO CHARGE HUNTER BIDEN This is one to watch, because if Hunter Biden isn't charged and found guilty and given a sentence that any normal person guilty of the crimes he has allegedly committed, then we have no country left. The FBI says it has enough to charge the son of our President with multiple crimes. The New York Post says it's time to charge and I agree.

A HONG KONG BUSINESSMAN PAID 2 MILLION POUNDS FOR A WOMAN'S VIRGINITY This story is insane to me and really has me asking the question: why? Is it so she won't know how bad he is at sex? This makes no sense to me, but good for her for capitalizing in such a way that will make her very wealthy for what I'm guessing will take about ten minutes.

I KIND OF LOVE THIS GUY FOR BEING AN IDIOT And I don't know if he's being serious, but if he's messing with a scammer this is hilarious. Click here if it doesn't load.

JUST TAKE ONE, KIDS How many of your evil bastards are going to do something like this on Halloween? Click here if it doesn't load.

GEN X IS SO IGNORED And I felt so heard when I watched this. And I laughed really hard.

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