Wed Blog: A Quick Weather Wednesday and Silly Topics

BASEBALL EATS THE SHOW AT 1:40 TODAY So we will make the best of what we've got.

KDVR'S DAVE FRASER IS ON FOR WEATHER WEDNESDAY Send me your weather questions for a quick WW at 12:35!

THE AURORA PD CHIEF SEARCH GOES ON The word went out that one of the two finalists has withdrawn his name after his three day visit to Aurora. The other candidate does not have the support of the City Council. Both of these guys came from the bureaucratic side of law enforcement which didn't set well with many of the departments patrol officers. I hope that the firm doing the search takes all this to heart and they better not get one more dollar of taxpayer money until they find appropriate candidates for this job.

CHERRY CREEK SCHOOLS PARENTS JUST WOKE UP And they have sent a letter to the District outing the many outrageous ways that the once formidable Cherry Creek School District has gone from excellence in education to excellence in wokeness. My words, not theirs, but read the letter here. No offense Cherry Creek parents, but this is long overdue.

SOME OLD SCHOOL DENVER HAUNTS ARE REMEMBERED IN THIS ARTICLE And as a transplant of just nine years, all of these pre date me but I thought I'd share so the real Denverites can take a stroll down memory lane. It did make me miss the mall though. Any mall, really, but malls from their heyday.

MUSK IS BUYING TWITTER AGAIN AND SO MANY PEOPLE ARE SUPER MAD ABOUT IT The great "I'm Leaving Twitter Forever" fit happened for the second time yesterday as word came out that Musk has said he WILL buy Twitter after all at the original price. Notably, only folks on the left, who have been able to count on Twitter censors shutting down any thought they don't approve of, are freaking the blank out. I like it. I really like it.

AARON JUDGE IS THE HONEST TO GOD HOMERUN KING NOW Because he broke Roger Maris's record by hitting his 62nd home run this year. Now Major League Baseball has to do the right thing and drop those cheating fools from the record books. They won't, but they should.

OUR NATIONAL DEBT JUST HIT 31 TRILLION DOLLARS And this, my friends, is why our nation is doomed. Read about it here, and then please direct me to anyone in Washington DC proposing to do a damn thing about it. We're trying to stop global warming, which is an absolute fool's errand, when there will be no country left to save from the climate.

THE ANTI-FRACKING MOVEMENT WAS A RUSSIAN PSY OP And boy howdy did it work. This article breaks down the history of energy and how Biden's utter foolishness on this history is going to lead to disaster. This is a really good overview of how Russia duped Europe into becoming energy dependent on Russia instead of pursuing their own energy independence, and now we're going to allow China to do the same to us. Please read it here.

ROGER WATERS HATES AMERICA AND JEWS And this makes me very sad, because he is such a brilliant performer. I will miss seeing him in concert. Read just how hateful and misguided he is here. And it's not enough that he is all these things, he demands his audience 'accept" him and his crazy political positions as well. I will tolerate, but if buying a ticket makes him think I agree with him, I'm out.

THIS IS WHY I CALL THEM THE DAMN DEER The first year we lived here I was so excited to carve pumpkins with little Q and when we came out the next day they were smashed all over the yard and I was SO MAD because I was SURE it was "those damn kids" but in reality, it looked more like this:

IF YOU'RE IN THE MOOD FOR A HAUNTED HOUSE? The metro has a lot of options to go get your scare on, find them here.

ABOUT OUR CONVERSATION ABOUT ELECTRIC CARS YESTERDAY I talked about the huge expense of replacing Tesla batteries yesterday (up to $20,000 if you missed it) and a listener sent in this story of her sister's electric car:

Another problem with electric cars...
My sister has a Chevy Bolt that she purchased used for $20,000. The car came with the original warranty that had a recall on the battery, so she got a new one. (getting a new battery is the reason she bought it) It only took over a year to get her new battery.The old battery could only hold a charge that would take her 150 miles. Now the capacity should be around 250 miles. When you charge up the Bolt there is no way to know how long it will take to "fill" it up. There are "slow charging" stations and "quick charging" stations. The "free" stations are slow chargers that will give you 5 - 10 miles for a 1 hour charge. The "quick" charging stations will cost $6.00 for and hour's charge and maybe get 50 miles or so. Another consideration...when you see a charging station..not all of them work. There are programs that can tell you where you can charge up on a trip. It doesn't mean the charging stations are actually working.
She has a friend that lives ***** that was thinking of getting one. Her daughter lives in ****, Nevada which is 250 miles away. This means that on the way to see her daughter she would have to stop someplace and charge up. If she is lucky enough to find a "quick charge" station it would take at least an hour to make sure you have enough "charge" to make it the rest of the way to her daughter. Therefore she cannot get a Volt.
Tesla's have better computers that give you a more accurate "mileage range". The cheaper E cars don't have the luxury to know how many miles your current "charge tank" will get you. It gives you a mileage range but it is not necessarily accurate. You have to remember that driving up hills, additional people in the car, and windy days will use extra power, therefore you won't get as and many miles.
E cars are a great solution for people and delivery trucks that operate in a city like New York City. Because you spend a lot of time in traffic you are not using a power when you are sitting at a light so it can last longer. Also, no hills.
I hate to think of the problem of disposing all these batteries with hazardous materials. 
E cars...great idea that is not ready for prime time.

Again, I'm not opposed to electric cars, but we need to be well-informed about what that actually looks like first.

CHRIS CUOMO'S NEW SHOW ON NEWSNATION WAS AN ABJECT FAILURE and frankly I think NewsNation did their brand a huge disservice by hiring him in the first place. I've been watching NewsNation's news product and I like it, but Cuomo is a hopelessly partisan hack and brings that energy to everything he does. His show premiered with just 147,000 viewers, which is truly pathetic. They should give me a show.

NO, CLIMATE CHANGE HAS NOT INCREASED THE FREQUENCY OR STRENGTH OF HURRICANES No matter how many times Don Lemon tries to say it does, the facts don't lie and this chart presents the facts on frequency and strength pretty clearly.

DOES THIS MEAN COVID IS PRETTY MUCH DONE NOW? A couple of stories about covid have me hopeful that this stupid disease is moving quickly towards endemic status and out of pandemic status. The first is this one which shows that covid levels are very low in every county in the state. The second is that the CDC has dropped any guidance for travel to other places based on covid. Yes, it's a thing that is still killing people, but it's time to move on from this.

HOW DO OUR COLORADO UNIVERSITIES DO ON THE FREE SPEECH INDEX? Not horribly, but Colorado College did REALLY poorly. I've been told by numerous people that Colorado College is a left wing indoctrination machine and to not let Q go there unless I wanted her and her viewpoints attacked every day. Now we see in this survey what they were talking about.

TOSS ALL THE JUDGES OUT That is the message by Jon Caldara in this column and I can't say I disagree with him. Our judiciary is a hotbed of nonsense and corruption and needs a good cleaning. Vote NO on retaining any judges and we'll see what comes next.

CHESSMASTER OR CHEATER? This goes along with the rant I had the other day about cheating in general and how much I hate it. Now a chess master and fast rising star in the chess world is being accused of cheating by another chess master and an investigation will ensue about whether or not this kid is a genius or a cheater. This one isn't so shady looking as the other cases I talked about, but it's sad that we are even having the conversation. Chess has always seemed like a gentleperson's game.

THAT'S A REALLY GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN We have a new pumpkin record out of New York with a whopper that came in over 2500 pounds! That's a ton of pie.

APPLE'S DUMB CHARGERS ARE GOING AWAY After the EU passed a rule that says all chargers must be the same and they must be USB-C cords not those funky things Apple uses.

DO YOU WANT THE SHATTERED GLASS LOOK AT HOME? this is really kind of cool but I'm not sure I would get over worrying about it just breaking some day. Click here if it doesn't load.

I KNOW WHAT AROD IS GETTING FOR CHRISTMAS Because how could I not? Click here if it doesn't load.

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