Thurs Blogcast: Don't Get Scammed; Jack Phillips back in court

Just One Thing

We'll see if this works...for today's Just One Thing I want to share with you a 6-part Twitter "thread" (series of tweets) that I posted on Wednesday night. I think you should be able to see the whole thing if you click on the Twitter link.

Also, this addresses the topic at hand: Opinion Herschel Walker’s alleged hypocrisy on abortion likely won’t matter (Washington Post)

Today's Guests

Paul Benda, SVP for Operational Risk and Cybersecurity with the American Bankers Association. We'll talk about how to recognize and not get caught up in phishing scams.

Phishing Scams | American Bankers Association (


Jack Phillips, proprietor of Masterpiece Cake Shop, and his attorney Jake Warner from Alliance Defending Freedom return to the show. Jack is back in court...this time back in state court at the Colorado Court of Appeals, fending off the never-ending harassment of trans-woman Autumn Scardina who is trying to force Phillips to make a cake celebrating her transition.

Colorado baker fighting ruling over gender transition cake (

Jack Phillips asks CO Court of Appeals to protect his right to create freely |

Jack Phillips returns to court, fights ruling over gender transition cake (

Other Stuff

Disgusting, immoral, impoverishing our children and theirs:

US starts fiscal year with record $31 trillion in debt - ABC News (

Are Deficits Actually Going Down? - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics


DACA is still illegal...but also still in place: DACA protections remain in place for now, but appeals court orders more review and says it's illegal - ABC News (


OPEC+ announced oil production cut, though about half of it is a mirage (because they're not currently producing up to their stated target):

OPEC+ agrees deep oil production cuts, Biden calls it shortsighted | Reuters

OPEC plans to cut oil production: What happens to U.S. gas prices? (

Of course, this will lead to higher gasoline prices which are political Kryptonite...which is why Biden will foolishly keep releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve even though we don't have a "strategic" problem; we have high prices and a political problem.

Gas prices starting to take off again. More increases are on the way | CNN Business


Did his inability to stay retired lead to this, or did knowing this was coming lead him to go back to football?

Gisele Bündchen Out with Kids After She, Tom Brady Hire Divorce Lawyers (


I suspect that there are VERY few cases of this but even if there are it's a HUGE mistake for Heidi to get caught up in the conversation.

Colorado schools deny Heidi Ganahl cat costume claims (


Will he or won't he? Elon Musk's Twitter acquisition isn't a done deal yet | CNN Business


Alec Baldwin movie project Rust to resume after settlement with family of woman he killed: If I read the article correctly, Matthew Hutchins, the husband of the now deceased cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, will be the film's executive producer. I suppose it's a way to make sure his wife's last work gets seen by the movie-going public.


I have no idea what to say about this: Squatters take over a Colorado home; now, the owner is in a homeless shelter | Subscriber Content |


One step at a time: Citing Concern for Free Speech, 12 Federal Judges Say They Won’t Take Clerks from Yale Law School (


They just don't get it:

Automobiles, not mass transit, drive Denver’s future | Denver-gazette |

Denver launches latest bikeway expansion - Axios Denver


New studies show possible benefits of eating earlier and keeping your meals within roughly a 10-hour window:

Eating early in the day and within a 10-hour window brings health benefits, research finds (


Seems a little gross, but, hey, you do you...and I do understand her explanation: Woman with world's longest fingernails struggles in bathroom (


Today's Videos

Just another day in Chicago (has some bad language)

Well that went bad in a hurry

(Guy proposes to girlfriend...until she sees he's offering her a "RingPop")

Ukrainian strong-man sets new world record for deadlift: 1210 pounds of Hummer tires

Former 'World's Strongest Man' deadlifts 1210lbs of Hummer tyres and sets new world record (

I sure hope this is real

They're open on Christmas too!

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