Mon Blog: Furrygate 2022 Is A Complete Distraction From Real Issues

THE COMMON SENSE INSTITUTE HAS A NEW REPORT ABOUT CRIME IN COLORADO COMING OUT TODAY And I will try to link it as soon as it's out but Mitch Morrisey joins me today to discuss it at 2:35 to discuss it. Read the report by clicking here!

STUPIDITY BROKE OUT ON TWITTER THIS WEEKEND OVER FURRIES Heidi Ganahl, who has actually been TALKING to parents of kids in our schools has been told by MULTIPLE sources that kids are being allowed to dress as "furries" at schools, including hissing, barking and trying to bite other children. As she is trying to remind people that our kids can't read and write on grade level, it came up and OF COURSE the local Polis friendly media POUNCED on it as THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE of the campaign because they think gaslighting the lived experiences of a bunch of kids is a way to score cheap political points and make Heidi seem like some kind of maniac. I despise the way these people (Kyle Clark) make their smug assertions that this isn't happening followed IMMEDIATELY by another smug assertion that Heidi if punching down at kids they just told us don't exist. Do not be distracted. Campfire Colorado has comments from parents in this article, something 9News couldn't be bothered to do before Kyle smugged all over Twitter.

HEIDI GANAHL IS ON AT 1 And we're talking about her stellar debate performance, the stupid furry controversy, and a town hall in El Paso County tonight, here are the details about that.

THE INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE'S BALLOT GUIDE IS OUT And I'm going to be sharing ballot guides I agree with and those only because it's my blog. Check out the ballot guide for the state here.

COULD WE WAIT FIVE MINUTES BEFORE CONVENING A RALLY? Guess what? When your job includes things like taking a suspected murderer into custody bad things happen. This past weekend four people were shot by police so the community organizers are having a rally at the Capitol about it. Who got shot? A person wanted for murder who led police on a high speed chase before shooting at them, a robbery suspect who led police on a chase before shooting at cops, a person who was actively shooting at people when cops arrived and a person on an RTD bus who did something we don't yet know about. That last part is important, we don't really know. Which is why we should maybe wait a hot second before a rally about things we don't know about. I'm sick of assuming the cops are always wrong. Sick of it.

HOUSING FIRST DOESN'T KEEP ANYONE ALIVE And as a matter of fact, a larger percentage of formerly homeless people who were given a free place to live died than those who remained on the street. Why? Because putting a roof over someone's head isn't the wonderful panacea it seems to be. Institutional housing where people live under supervision is a better option for someone with mental illness and serious health issues, not a free apartment where they can continue their bad behaviors. Read about this here.

FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SAYS KILLING EAGLES IS A-OKAY If and only if you are killing them with wind turbines. The Golden Eagle, which is moving towards endangered status, and Bald Eagles are now fair game for the giant wind turbines that knock them out of the sky. This is quite the difference for eagles than other animals who are used regularly to stop any sort of power plant the environmentalists think are bad. Sucks to be an eagle, huh?

WHEN YOU CAN'T FIRE THE TEAM, YOU FIRE THE COACH And that's just CU just did in firing their head ball coach, who has lead the team to an abysmal start. When things are going well, change the leadership. Vote for Heidi.

MSNBC SAYS TALKING ABOUT RISING CRIME IS RACIST And you have to watch it for yourself. Oh, and Defund the Police is now about SUPPORTING THE POLICE and "not a Democratic policy". Okay, find me one Republican that ever said that once. Just one.

THE US SUPREME COURT HAS SOME INTERESTING CASES THIS SESSION And it should further demonstrate the Originalist bent of the court. From gerrymandering to the EPA and the Colorado gay marriage website case, this is going to be a gangbusters term.

REPUBLICAN SENATORS VOTED AGAINST A PORK LADEN DISASTER RELIEF BILL Even though their state is the big beneficiary of such disaster relief. It's being painted as a flip flop in the media, but read this quote from Florida Senator Marco Rubio:

"It had been loaded up with a bunch of things that had nothing to do with disaster relief," Rubio replied. "I would never put out there that we should go use a disaster relief package for Florida as a way to pay for all kinds of other things people want around the country."
Rubio explained his position on the Hurricane Ian relief to Bash: "I will fight against it having pork in it. That's the key," he said.

Thanks for looking out for the taxpayers, Marco.

CHEATING IS BIG NEWS THESE DAYS I can't stand someone who cheats at anything. A board game, a golf game, any of it. Now we've had an outbreak of alleged cheating in both poker AND fishing and it's ridiculous. A female poker player is being accused of cheating after some suspicious activity with a ring, and now the casino is saying they are busting out the lie detectors to find out what's happened. At a fishing tournament, the winners were busted after their fish we cut into only to find lead weights inside. Watch this reaction, I skipped the initial weigh in to get to the good part. There is some cursing. The duo who "won" is up for "Team of the Year" although I'm guessing that's done now.

This is what happens when you let your kids cheat at Candyland. The rules are there for a reason.

POLYGAMIST UNHAPPY HIS WIVES AREN'T DOWN WITH THE PATRIARCHY The show Sister Wives, which features a polygamist family lead by a dude named Cody, is losing a wife after one of the women wised up and decided to get out. Now Cody says the rest of his wives need to respect the patriarchy because he allowed them to focus too much on their own "independence" instead of taking the reigns and running the family in the way he has envisioned. And people wonder why polygamy doesn't appeal to most. Good luck to this crew. They need it.

INFLUENCERS YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO THIS KIM KARDASHIAN STORY Because the FTC has the same power the SEC does to reign down pain when you don't tell people you've been paid to advertise something. We have a class EVERY YEAR at IHeart that is required to talk about endorsement rules and disclosure rules about who paid us for what. Kim Kardashian is now paying a settlement of over $1.3 MILLION dollars for not disclosing that she was paid $250,000 to promote a cryptocurrency online. That is a BIG no-no and as you can see, totally not worth the measly payout she got to do it. If you are paid to promote something, you MUST clearly state that you are paid to promote something. Period.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE COULD LEAD TO COGNITIVE DECLINE This is very interesting but I think the takeaway is this: maintaining a healthy weight and blood pressure is pretty critical to healthy aging. Now a new study shows that those with high blood pressure can also struggle with cognitive awareness and decline. Why? They don't know, but they were trying to find a reason that so many hispanics get dementia as they age. They tried to connect it to blood pressure, but found that bp had the same effect on white people as well.

THE RUSSIAN ARMY IS ON THE BRINK OF COLLAPSE At least according to this article which quotes General David Petraeus on the matter. He says the retaking of some of the newly "annexed" parts of Ukraine could be the final swing back into Ukraine's favor. Read it here.

THAT TIME WHEN DR. FAUCI CRAPPED ALL OVER THE CONSTITUTION AND NO ONE NOTICED I have to say I watched this with great interest because of it's incredible breakdown of seventy seconds of a press conference that ruined our lives. And I mean that, it ruined our lives FOR YEARS and some people who owned the businesses he so casually devastated for much longer. Read the whole thing here, and then watch this BIG FAT LIE by Fauci.

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