Tue Blog: A SWAT Team Sent For a Pro Life Preacher, and Pray for Tampa

A TRAINING PROGRAM TO HELP ADULTS WITH AUTISM FIND WORK I love the work that Firefly Autism does and I'm super happy to have Ben Whittle on the show today to talk about a new program they have put together to help adults living with autism succeed in the workplace. He joins me at 2pm and you can find out more about Firefly Autism by clicking here. We are SO LUCKY to have an organization like this in Colorado.

PRAY FOR TAMPA And mostly pray that Hurricane Ian calms the blank down before it makes landfall. A Category 2 is manageable, but a Category 3 is devastating and Ian is expected to strengthen before it weakens so pray for a solid weakening before this thing hits. Flooding is the big worry but I have to say that storm surge predictions are NEVER accurate. They are always way off in either direction so I can't get worked up about that. I've a lot of friends in Tampa and most of them are staying, which I think is dumb, but I get it. It's impossible to get BACK to your home after a storm if you evacuate if the government decides to blockade the streets, which they often do because of downed power lines and whatnot. A LOT of Tampa has buried power lines so I'm hoping they don't have massive weeks long outages after this one. It's gonna be bad any way you slice it.

COLORADO WATER RIGHTS ARE VERY COMPLICATED And this column did an outstanding job of laying out just how our water rights work in this state. If you live here, you should read this.

A BOY GETS KILLED AT A REC CENTER AND PARKS WANTS A DIVERSITY EQUITY AND INCLUSION DIRECTOR Talk about wasting money. Denver Parks is asking for a whole lot more money for things like cameras and additional staff after the murder of a teenager at a Southwest rec center. That's not all they are asking for. As Council members complained about things like not having bathroom access at parks and safety at parks, Parks Director Allegra Haynes wants almost $80,000 for a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director. She said in the meeting:

"It is no one individual's job to focus on this effort," Haynes said. "(But) we have found increasing need to make sure someone on our team lives and breathes DEI."

Did anyone ask what those needs were? And what metric would be deployed to measure the success of this new position? I just want someone to ask these questions.

A PRO LIFE PREACHER IS ARRESTED VIA SWAT RAID And this is another example of law enforcement being weaponized against those who don't follow the dogma that is currently approved. Mark Houck is a Christian who runs an organization that helps victims of porn and porn addicts while also being a pro life activist who regularly stands outside Planned Parenthood offering prayers and counseling for women seeking abortions. During one such event, a man volunteering as an "escort" for women seeking abortions started saying disgusting things to Houck's twelve year old son who was with him and that lead to Houck pushing the man to get him to leave his son alone. The man tried to sue Houck and it was thrown out of court. It was investigated by the cops and no charges were filed. Then Merrick Garland's DoJ heard about it and decided to charge Houck with violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, due to a claimed “ATTACK OF A PATIENT ESCORT.” Instead of calling him and letting him know there was a warrant for his arrest, they sent 25 SWAT team members to serve the warrant. This story is yet another example of how the Biden Administration is using law enforcement to silence opponents. This is Russia level stuff imo.

SHOCKER: DENVER POST ENDORSES WIFE OF ONE OF IT'S COLUMNISTS As if this wasn't a lock from the moment she entered the race, as she is married to cranky progressive columnist Ian Silvierri, something that doesn't get mentioned by him as he showers praise on Dems. Brittany Petterson is a reliable progressive who now wants to go to Congress to spread the bad ideas she's inflicted on Colorado to the entire nation. Vote for Erik Aadland instead if you want sanity in Congress.

A FAMED MOUNTAINEER IS LIKELY DEAD AND LEAVES TWO BOYS BEHIND This story is sad and yet it really bothers me. A Telluride woman was one of the world's foremost skiing mountaineers, but now she's missing and likely dead after falling down a crevasse while trying to ski down a very dangerous mountain in Nepal. I want to start by saying I'm terribly sorry for the two boys left behind. But then the mom in me kicks in and I get super mad at this woman's selfishness. You don't get to do insane crap when you are mothering two boys. Period. Your responsibility to your kids should supercede your desire for adrenalin. I feel the same way about dads with dangerous hobbies, by the way. Give them up until your kids are grown. It's called making a sacrifice for the humans you chose to create. It's a thing. I recommend it. And again, I'm so, so sorry these boys are going to grow up not having their mom.

OUR HOUSING MARKET IS THE FIFTH FASTEST COOLING IN THE COUNTRY And this is what I've been talking about. Redfin says that Seattle is cooling off the fastest, but we are tied with Sacremento for sixth. California and Washington state make up the bulk of the list, with only ONE city in a Republican run state making the top ten.

IF YOU SHOPLIFT IN AURORA, YOU'RE GOING TO JAIL And none of this 900 dollar limit nonsense, if you steal something that costs 300 bucks you're going to jail for three days. Maybe this will inspire stores to go after shoplifters and hold them accountable instead of letting them walk out. I know, I know retail employees should not have to expose themselves to danger, but hire some people who can.

THE CREEPY SMILE LADY WAS AT THE BRONCOS GAME! I think it was a texter who said that the lady with the creepy smile who is promoting a new horror film by Paramount was a the Broncos game and here is the video evidence!

9NEWS IS REAPING THE BENEFITS OF DEMOCRAT COWARDICE Doesn't it say something when Democrats REFUSE to debate unless it's at 9News? Now 9News is going to have a bunch of debates on Democrat home turf because of it. A word to the other tv and news outfits, if you suck up to Democrat politicians and do the dirty work of attacking their opponents (especially conservative women) this is your prize! Screw journalism, do this instead! It works for Kyle Clark.

$300,000 OF YOUR TAX DOLLARS AND MINE WILL STUDY HOW TO MAKE GRADING EQUITABLE This proves that the Federal government needs to claw back all unused covid funds RIGHT NOW. Two students at North Dakota State University were just granted 300k to study how grades are racist or something something. I don't care. It's a dumb thing to study and I'm over stories like this one.

THE FIRST LAWSUIT OVER STUDENT LOAN FORGIVENESS HAS BEEN FILED And it's going to be interesting to see this work it's way through the courts. Read more about the Pacific Legal Foundations lawsuit here, where they allege that this loan forgiveness hurts people it is intended to help and they've got plaintiffs.

WE SUCCESSFULLY ATTACKED AN ASTEROID And don't get me wrong, I'm glad we're working on a plan in case the Earth is in the path of a huge asteroid that could destroy us, but this feels like a goof. Like a bunch of scientists were having beers and one of them said, "I bet I could hit an asteroid with a spacecraft" and now here we are.

THE WOMAN HIT BY A TRAIN HAS BEEN RELEASED FROM THE HOSPITAL And boy howdy is she going to get some money for this one. Cops arrested her for a road rage incident, placed her in the back of the police vehicle and went to search her car. THE COP CAR WAS PARKED ON THE TRAIN TRACKS AND WAS SLAMMED INTO BY A TRAIN. Good grief, this is a comedy of errors and we're lucky this woman didn't die.

THIS CAT KNOWS HOW TO PARTY You can find rave kitty here if it doesn't load.

THE CDC FINALLY SAYS NO TO MASKS IN HEALTHCARE SETTINGS Which means the LAST PLACE you've been forced to wear a mask can let it go now. This has been so stupid.

COOL SEASON TURF IS AT RISK IN CASTLE ROCK And after Aurora banned new cool season turf in new construction it seems that Castle Rock is going to do the same. We can fuss about government control, but we have a serious problem with water and it's not going to get any better. I'd rather see incentives for builders and landscapers to use other turfs, or tax incentives for people to do the right thing, but we all love our Kentucky Bluegrass. Read more here.

A WOMAN AND A RACCOON WALK INTO A BAR... And now the woman is facing charges for bringing a potentially rabid animal into a bar.

PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING IS BACK AND SOME OF IT IS CRINGE Aside from the Pumpkin Spice Lattes there are a myriad of items that use the spice flavoring and some of it is gross. What the actual H-E-Double Toothpicks is Pumpkin Ramen about????

TRYING TO USE THE BATHROOM AS A DOG OWNER This spoke to me so clearly. Only I have one who just comes in the restroom with me.

THINGS MOMS NEVER SAY This is also eerily accurate.

AND NOW, THINGS DADS NEVER SAY Also eerily accurate.

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