Fri Blog: So Many Cool Events This Weekend, and ReDefining Heartbeats

AURORA CITY COUNCIL'S DANIELLE JURINSKY JOINS ME AT 1:05 TODAY We'll talk about the search for a new Chief of Police and a cool rally happening in Aurora tomorrow, you can find the info for that right below!

I'M ALSO ASKING HER ABOUT THE CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES I know that working in child protective services is a very, very difficult job. Case workers are often overworked and every decision about a child's safety is a very, very important one. However, when that system is abused, it infuriates me because innocent parents are accused of horrible things and children can be removed and placed in LESS safe environments. Danielle Jurinsky was the victim of such an abuse and thankfully had a big enough microphone to fight back. There is now a class action lawsuit with a ton of parents who suffered at the hand's of unscrupulous CPS workers. Read about it here. This is a parent's WORST nightmare.

FRANK DEANGELIS IS ON AT 1:35 TO TALK ABOUT SUPPORTING OFFICERS WHO NEED IT MC-1 Foundation is a group that provides help for first responders who have been hurt in the line of duty, no matter how bad it is. There is a huge motorcycle ride this weekend to raise money to that goal, and this year the race is in honor and support of Wheat Ridge Police Officer Allan Fischer, who nearly died after knife fight with a car thief. Join the ride, the flyer is below and here is a link to the website.

LOG CABIN REPUBLICANS ARE BACK AT IT TOMORROW AND I'M GOING TO BE THERE! VP of LCR Ken Wilkinson will join me at 2:05 to talk about tomorrow's community roundtable taking place in Golden. You're all invited to meet so many candidates and I am leading a discussion on crime and the economy. The event is from 2 to 5 at the Denver West Marriott. Everyone is invited, so I hope you can make it! Use this link to the get the SECRET MANDY TICKET PAGE!

WE'RE GETTING ANOTHER TABOR REFUND Because the state of Colorado took in a RECORD amount of money from us at the end of the last quarter. Read more here.

JENA GRISWOLD OPENLY ADMITS SHE CARES MORE ABOUT DEM LEANING COUNTIES And you don't have to take my word for it, she said it herself to Aspen Public Radio. When Griswold is talking to a friendly outlet like The Guardian or Aspen Public Radio she tends to tell the truth about her leanings. Our friends at Campfire Colorado waded through the interview to get this quote:

When asked by the host, “In your role, what are you really proud of, or what do you think you’ve done well to make sure that Colorado is able to have fair and safe and secure elections?”
Griswold responded with a few talking points, but then went off script and said, ““Whether that means intervening in Mesa County, when rogue County Clerk Tina Peters compromised her own voting equipment, to making sure that voters in Democratic leaning counties have elections that they deserve as Colorado citizens.”

It's no surprise that she only sees things through an entirely partisan lens, as she has since she has taken office. She must go, vote for Pam Anderson, please!

AND HERE I JUST THOUGHT STACEY ABRAMS WAS AN IDIOT If you missed this little snippet of Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams saying a baby's heartbeat at six weeks ISN'T a heartbeat but a tool of the patriarchy, here you go.

But now we know she was just parroting the new words Planned Parenthood put in her ignorant mouth. Planned Parenthood, on their website, CHANGED THE LANGUAGE ON HEARTBEATS. Yep. Check these two web page screen grabs out.

They did this because of the Dobbs decision knowing that there were several bans based on fetal heartbeat in some states. This is why when a progressive tells me I'm saying the wrong words I ignore them. When they begin to lose an argument they simply change the language. They can eff right off with this one.

THE FBI IS HOPELESSLY CORRUPT AND WE NEED TO CLEAN HOUSE We know have ANOTHER whistleblower coming forward to accuse the agency of political malfeasance. This one comes from a guy in Florida who says he was taken of child trafficking and pornography cases and forced onto investigations into misdemeanor charges stemming from the January 6th investigation. When he complained that the SWAT raids on J6 suspects were excessive that FBI procedures were violated during the process he was stripped of his gun and badge and walked out of the office. Read the accusations this guy is making here:

  • The Washington, DC, field office is “manipulating” FBI case management protocol and farming out J6 cases to field offices across the country to create the false impression that right-wing domestic violence is a widespread national problem that goes far beyond the “black swan” event of Jan. 6, 2021.
  • As a result, he was listed as lead agent in cases he had not investigated and which his supervisor had not signed off on, in violation of FBI policy.
  • FBI domestic terrorism cases are being opened on innocent American citizens who were nowhere near the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, based on anonymous tips to an FBI hotline or from Facebook spying on their messages. These tips are turned into investigative tools called “guardians,” after the FBI software that collates them.
  • The FBI has post-facto designated a grassy area outside the Capitol as a restricted zone, when it was not restricted on Jan. 6, 2021, in order to widen the net of prosecutions.
  • The FBI intends to prosecute everyone even peripherally associated with J6 and another wave of J6 subjects are about to be referred to the FBI’s Daytona Beach resident agency “for investigation and arrest.”
  • The Jacksonville area was “inundated” with “guardian” notifications and FBI agents were dispatched to conduct surveillance and knock on people’s doors, including people who had not been in Washington, DC, on Jan. 6, 2021, or who had been to the Trump rally that day but did not go ­inside the Capitol.

The next Republican President MUST clean house at the top levels of the FBI and root out the political hacks that have weaponized our nation's highest law enforcement agency.

WE FEEL THE SAME WAY ABOUT VON, KID Click here if it doesn't load.

I HAVE NO IDEA WHY LEAKED BARBIE MOVIE PHOTOS WERE SO UPSETTING To the actress PLAYING Barbie, Margot Robbie. She looks fantastic as Barbie, and it's OBVIOUS that she isn't rolling around in neon clothing in perfect match with Ryan Reynolds just because. She says she was "mortified". See the photos here.

WHAT IF THESE CELEBRITIES HADN'T DIED? A new program aged some of the superstars who died young, although I feel like Elvis would for sure be way fatter than they have him here. And Jimi Hendrix looks a LOT like Morgan Freeman. Just saying.

THE PHOENIX SUNS AND MERCURY ARE FOR SALE Because the current owner has been called on the carpet for his use of the N-word and other accusations of gross behavior. From what I can tell from the ESPN report, Sarver acted like a lot of dudes in sports but worse. Robert Sarver has had the good sense to simply sell the teams rather than try to defend himself against the accusations. Based on his track record of a revolving door or GMs and head coaches he doesn't seem like a good owner anyway.

DO YOU FEXT WITH YOUR ROMANTIC PARTNER? Don't know what fexting is? It's fighting via text message. In this story they found a therapist to say there are upsides to this, but I have to say, I don't see any. It's very easy to misinterpret something via text, you can't get tone down, and it's a recipe for disaster. We don't fext in our house.

MICHAEL JORDAN NEVER WON A CHAMPIONSHIP WHILE ALSO MAKING A HUMAN, JUST SAYING Because one WNBA star announced at the Championship parade in Vegas after winning the WNBA Championship that she is pregnant with a baby boy. Congrats to her and her new son on their big win!


WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF YOU TRIED TO LAND ON JUPITER? Not a whole lot but it does sound kind of cool that you would be floating around in the middle of Jupiter because it's made mostly of gas.


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