Wed Blog: The Veterans Day Parade is BACK, and Weather Wednesday!

THE VETERANS DAY PARADE IS BACK! And I've got Todd Youngblood of the Colorado Veterans Project on at 1 to talk about the return of the Colorado Veterans Day Parade. They are looking for participants and sponsors and you can find out more here.

WEATHER WEDNESDAY IS TODAY! Fox 31's Dave Fraser joins me at 12:35 to answer your questions about weather and whatnot. Get those questions ready!

KRISTA KAFER IS ON AT 2 TO BREAK DOWN HOW THINGS ARE GOING IN THE ELECTION And I just enjoy having her on to chat for a while.

JEFFCO SCHOOLS ARE IN A HECK OF A LOT OF FINANCIAL TROUBLE And it's not because they don't have enough money, it's because enrollment is declining. Why are students leaving the district? Because of declining performance across the board for the last five years. This column does a deep dive into the dire situation in JeffCo and if you're a parent of a student there, you need to pay attention.

DPS TRIED TO STEAL A PODCAST CREATED BY TEENAGERS This is LOW. Like really, really low. After the George Floyd riots four teenagers at Dr. MKL Early College High School started a podcast so they could talk about social justice issues. They called it "Know Justice, Know Peace" and it's been around for SEVERAL YEARS. Imagine the student's surprise when Denver Public Schools tried to take ownership of the podcast, even going so far as to try to trademark the name! Now the students are suing and I hope they embarrass the district terribly. Shame on DPS.

PAM ANDERSON NAMED ELECTION DEFENDER BY TIME MAGAZINE And you know who ISN'T listed as an election defender? Our current SOS, the hopelessly partisan Jena Griswold. Read about Pam and the others working to insure election integrity here. And PLEASE VOTE FOR PAM.

FOUR AIRLINES ARE MOVING THEIR CHECK IN DESKS AT DIA And if you haven't been to the airport in a while, this is just part of the many changes taking place. Find out which airlines have moved this time by clicking here.

THIS AS TRAVELLERS ARE LESS HAPPY WITH THE AIRPORT According to the new JD Power survey, we are now 14th in Customer Satisfaction when it comes to North American mega airports. This is a sharp decline from where we once were, and the slide started before covid. Our slide corresponds with our never ending remodel of the airport, which was horrible mismanaged under previous CEO Kim Day. Our new CEO may or may not be going to the FAA even though he has almost no real experience and has been named in an FBI investigation from his time in LA. I feel like this is a very fixable issue when this construction is finally done.

THE SHIFTING VIEWS OF JARED POLIS When it comes to crime, he helped create the problem that he now says he can fix. George Brauchler takes that apart in this column.

SHOULD A METEOROLOGIST HAVE BEEN FIRED FOR OFF THE CLOCK SEX STUFF? I thought this only happened to women, but here we are. A male meteorologist who used a web cam to share sexy time with other men (he's openly gay so no scandal there) has been fired from his job in NYC after some dude sent video to his bosses. First off, why would someone do this? THEY WERE THERE TOO. Second, this is his business and in no way detracted from his work. Third, I guarantee you some of the executives of that company do way freakier crap. Just saying. This is another example, however, of when a high sex drive and the internet are a bad mix.

FAUCI FUNDED THE GAIN OF FUNCTION RESEARCH THAT CREATED COVID 19 And now we have a whistleblower from Eco Health Alliance, the organization that proposed the gain of function research that was ultimately approved by the Troll himself. Now a Vice President of Eco Health has come forward to blow the whistle, and look at this:

"Anthony Fauci funded the creation of SARS-COV2 and lied to Congress about funding Gain-of-Function work," Renz wrote in the summary – a claim also recently made by former CDC Director Robert Redfield. "Anthony Fauci and others coordinated to cover-up the funding of the Gain-of-Function work that resulted in SARS-COV2."

It's all part of a bigger whistleblower case, but I sure hope Rand Paul sees this and hold Fauci in contempt for lying to Congress.

DON'T PANIC ABOUT MELTING GLACIERS JUST YET This column from the WSJ addresses some of the scary headlines that were recently out about Antarctic ice melt and what it really means. Guess what? The media oversold the gloom and doom. I know, it's shocking to you as it is to me. Read the column here.

THIS IS RON DESANTIS' SPEECH I REFERENCED YESTERDAY And it's worth watching and wondering what it would be like to have him as President. He's incredibly articulate and lays out why conservative policies work, how they work and the success stories from Florida.

MAYBE THAT SPEECH IS WHY DESANTIS IS LEADING TRUMP...IN FLORIDA And not by a little, by a LOT. Politicians often don't win their home states (how did Michael Bennet poll for president here?) but it looks like if Ron DeSantis runs (which he will) he will win Florida by a handy margin over Trump and this is kind of a big deal. Like Hugely. New polling shows DeSantis up by 8% in Florida. Please God let this hold. It's time to move on from Trump.

THIS AS TRUMP IS NOW FACING A CIVIL LAWSUIT IN NEW YORK New York Attorney General Leticia James has filed a civil suit alleging that the Trump Organization and family have engaged in fraud to enrich themselves by exaggerating the value of properties to get loans and insurance. The issue I have as of now is that she is alleging that Trump lied about the value of his company's to get loans and financing from banks. Okay, then shouldn't the BANKS be the one's filing? But they aren't, because he gave them their money and they don't care. This is a purely political move that I think in the end will only make Trump more of a martyr to those who support him.

THE CONSTITUTION SHOWS US THE WAY FORWARD This is a GREAT column on how the Constitution, which is one of the greatest documents ever created, is the way forward for our nation. She is absolutely right.

MATT WALSH INVESTIGATES A TRANS CLINIC IN NASHVILLE And not only did he find some super dodgy stuff, the light he shines has Vanderbilt pulling down all of the stuff on their website about butchering little children.

A NAKED WOMAN PEEING ON BROADWAY IN BROAD DAYLIGHT IS OKAY IN DENVER NOW That's the only conclusion I can come to after looking at the Twitter thread below.


SYSTEMIC DISCRIMINATION IS BEING ALLEGED AT DPD A female officer has come forward to allege a pattern of sexual discrimination and harassment as well as retaliation when she brought the mistreatment to the attention of her bosses. She has filed a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission and I'll be watching this closely.

THE MYTH OF INCOME INEQUALITY The CATO Institute has a fun new presentation about why the government income inequality stats are useless. Spoiler alert: they don't count money given to poorer people and they don't count taxes as deductions. That has a big impact.

DID THE FBI WHITEWASH A REPORT ABOUT POLITICS SEEPING INTO THE AGENCY? That's what Senator Chuck Grassley wants to know after it was reported to him that agents throughout the FBI raised concerns that politics was guiding the agency, concerns which were later stripped from a report by higher ups. This would be entirely unsurprising because of what we know about James Comey and his dirty deeds. I'm interested in seeing what happens next here.

HEY LOOK, GIANT TARANTULAS! The tarantula migration has begun, so Colorado Parks and Rec made this horrifying video for us.

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