Lukas Liquors Owner Joe Brunner on Upcoming Alcohol CO Ballot Measures

Joe Brunner is the owner of Lukas Liquors in Lone Tree and he's my go-to expert when I need advice on all things ethanol. He taught me the right way to drink bourbon...and yes, it really made a difference. We're going to discuss three upcoming Colorado ballot measures relating to alcohol sales. I suspect he'll be against them but maybe I'll be surprised. I also suspect that my opinion will differ from his...which is why I want to get his perspective.

Prop 124: Increase # of liquor licenses

Colorado Proposition 124, Retail Liquor Store Licenses Initiative (2022) - Ballotpedia

Prop 125: Allow grocery stores that are licensed to sell beer to also sell wine

Colorado Proposition 125, Wine Sales in Grocery and Convenience Stores Initiative (2022) - Ballotpedia

Prop 126: Allow alcohol delivery; allow restaurants to offer alcohol takeout/delivery

Colorado Proposition 126, Alcohol Delivery Service Initiative (2022) - Ballotpedia

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