Tue Blog: CBS's Rick Sallinger Talked to Attempted Assassin John Hinckley

FORTY YEARS AGO JOHN HINCKLEY SHOT RONALD REAGAN And he has been in some sort of mental health facility since, although he is now out and trying to have a life. Rick Sallinger flew to North Carolina to speak with the man and Rick joins me today to discuss his three part series about Hinckley.

MOLLY LAMAR IS RUNNING FOR THE STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION And she's on to today to discuss why the position is SO IMPORTANT when it comes to what our kids are being taught and how they are taught. She joins me at 1:35. Find out more about Molly by clicking here.

MICHELLE ZELLNER IS BACK TO TALK HEALTH AND FITNESS And we're talking about disruption and schedule changes and how that can throw everything into a tizzy. She's also about to start a new class for her You University so if you're ready to make a change, find out more here!

Y'ALL THAT BRONCOS GAME It's the first game I've watched in a long time and OH MY GOD. Nathaniel Hackett will go to his grave being second guessed about those last two minutes. It wasn't all bad but that is what sloppy football looks like.

THE FIGHT BETWEEN LEFT AND RIGHT ON CRIME IS PERSONIFIED IN THE AURORA CITY COUNCIL As they try to take some sort of measures to make sure Aurora doesn't become a haven for the gangs of shoplifting thieves we've seen elsewhere, a perfect example of the schism between right and left blossomed. In last night's meeting, Danielle Jurinsky brought forth an ordinance that would require three days in jail at least if someone is caught shoplifting over $300 worth of goods. The issue I have with it is the same issue Mayor Mike Coffman had with it, and that is there is no fiscal note attached outlining what the ordinance will cost Aurora. But the progressive members of the board took umbrage with jail time AT ALL. Check this out:

Coombs said a fiscal note is how the city gauges whether it can afford the policies it implements, and that asking for one is not the same thing as siding with criminals who commit retail theft. Jurinsky said that a three-day stay would not be overly costly, and that the city’s jail has minimized its expenses.
Marcano and Coombs pushed for alternatives to jail, saying diversion and restitution are better remedies.
“Jail is literally the worst thing you can do to change behavior,” Marcano said.
Jurisnky said the city already requires restitution. Asked by Marcano if she considered other solutions than jail time, Jurinsky said she did not.
“I believe it’s time we start putting people in jail,” she said.

I wish Jurinsky had asked Marcano what his answer is because the left wing fantasy of asking people nicely to not break the law is an abject failure. The bill got first approval without the votes of the progressives who would rather hand wring over criminal rights than worry about businesses dealing with theft.

AURORA ALSO BANS COOL SEASON TURF AND WATER FEATURES I fully expect this to be a thing very soon across Colorado as we grapple with more people trying to use the same amount of water in the arid West. The City Council officially banned the use of cool season turf, which is mostly Kentucky Bluegrass here, from most applications. They also banned water features as well, so if you've been wanting a waterfall, now is your chance. They will study the impact on water usage and home values in a few years, but there are lots of million dollar homes going to xeriscaping so I doubt it will affect home prices much. All of this applies to new development only, but I'm guessing there will be turf replacement incentives for homeowners to rip out thirsty grass for something that uses less water soon.

DID YOU SEE THE NEW MAGICAL AD ABOUT JARED POLIS? The stuff he sings in between made me laugh out loud. "There's poop on the sidewalk...."

DENVER APPROVES ANOTHER TENT CITY ON CITY PROPERTY Because giving the homeless fishing tents means progress! Another pot of money wasted that won't solve anything.

DEMOCRATS ARE SUING EACH OTHER OVER THE PRIOLA RECALL This is not a confusing situation. Kevin Priola was redistricted out of his district, from which he was elected as a Republican before he became a Democrat. The people in the new district are conservative and don't want a newly minted Dem representing them so they are gathering signatures in the district he will be representing to recall him. Now Democrats are suing Jena Griswold, a Democrat, because they say the OLD voters should be the ones to sign the petition even though they aren't in his district anymore. The only one who thinks this is a good idea is the attorney billing the hours to do it, I'm guessing. Another stupid waste of time and money.

IF YOU GET ARRESTED IN DENVER BE SURE TO SUE Because they will pay you to go away apparently. The amount of money that Denver is spending settling lawsuits is insane. Because they didn't fight ONE of them, the floodgates are open and every scumbag who ever had an encounter with police is filing suit knowing they will settle. I'm not saying the city should never settle, but if you settle everything the attorneys take notice and just sue more. Now this is what we've got.

WHY IS OUR SUICIDE RATE SO HIGH? And what can we do to bring it down? Suicide is devastating for those left behind. It doesn't make their lives better, it doesn't ease financial worries, and yes, you will be missed more than any temporary relief you think will be granted. Those left behind will always wonder what they could have done to stop it. Trust me on this. Colorado's suicide rate is at an all time high. This quote from this story caught my attention:

More Coloradans between 10 and 44 years old died by their own hand than any other cause except accidents.

The stats are ugly and if you are feeling like ending your own life I promise you it will get better. Seek help not just for you, but for all the people who care about you. If you or anyone you know is at risk, call the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline number 988.

SEVERAL COLORADO COUNTIES HAVE HIGH WILDFIRE RISK FOR HOMES And you guys know how I feel about making sure you have the proper level of homeowners insurance to rebuild if you're in one of these counties. As we build homes closer to the wildland interface where there is a lot more fuel to feed fires that then reach homes. Five Colorado counties are on the high risk list, find them here.

WHEN WE MAKE PEDOPHILES HEROS If you have never heard of James Kinsey you most certainly have been exposed to the results of his work. He was a sex researcher who published what are known as The Kinsey Reports which purported to be a comprehensive study of male and female sexuality way back in the late 40s and early 50s. He's hailed as a genius and man to admired, but in order to believe that, you also have to ignore the fact he was a pedophile who had sex with "subjects" as part of his studies. This guy today would be ridden out of town on a rail but instead, Indiana University is putting up a statue for the man. Read more about this travesty here.

UKRAINE IS FULLY BEATING BACK RUSSIAN TROOPS And I mean beating the CRAP out of them and retaking some of the places taken by Russia early on. Russia is on its heels as Ukrainian fighters keep pounding away. Could this be the turning point? Maybe but don't count Putin out yet. Although....

RUSSIAN OFFICIALS CALL FOR PUTIN'S RESIGNATION No word on if these gentleman have "disappeared" yet but it's pretty bold to demand Putin step down but here we are.

THIS INFLATION HEADLINE BURIES THE LEDE DRAMATICALLY Inflation numbers are not good if you're a Biden or part of the Democratic party. After telling us it has likely peaked, inflation had other plans. Year over year inflation was up 8.3%, an INCREASE from last month of .1%. So what did the headline say?

Inflation rose 0.1% in August even with sharp drop in gas prices

Seems like it should have been "Inflation 8.3% year over year" instead of trying to make it seem that inflation was .1% to anyone uneducated and only reading headlines. Just saying.

DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE CALLS FOR KILLING REPUBLICANS And this is what happens when you dehumanize a political party because you disagree with it. I sure hopes when another crazy Democrat shoots up another GOP softball game Mr. Ryan feels responsible.

OUR ATTORNEY GENERAL DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HIS JOB IS Phil Weiser is an embarrassment as Attorney General. It's that simple, really and I can prove it by showing you this bit from his "debate" with the qualified candidate in the race John Kellner. Watch him squirm as he refuses to say he's the state's chief law enforcement official, one who should be held responsible for the outrageous increases in crime we are seeing now.

THE GREAT UNITER'S MASK IS OFF And Americans know that our current President Biden is a divisive politician who uses his office for political gain and to demonize half the country. Even Democrats agree that his recent language has divided the country EVEN MORE. Read the polling numbers here.

A GENDER REVEAL THAT TOPS ALL OTHERS So we can stop with the gender reveal stuff, right? Right?


DO YOU SMELL CUCUMBERS? TIME TO GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE This is very interesting and I did not know it. If you are in your home or garage and smell cucumbers, you may soon see a venomous snake. Read more here.

AND NOW, SOME STOP MOTION ANIMATION FOR YOU This takes way too long and way too much attention to detail for me.

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