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I'M DONE AT 12:30 So the Rockies can take on the Brewers.

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DID JARED POLIS BENEFIT FINANCIALLY FROM BILLS HE SIGNED? That's the accusation being made by Senator Jerry Sonnenberg, who wants an investigation into the matter. The big thing seems to be that our Governor owned stock in Fan Duel when he signed the bill to allow voters to legalize sports betting. Here are two interesting parts of this story from Colorado Politics:

"The Governor is now solely focused on giving back to the state he loves through public service and does not actively engage in business during his time of service; any assertion otherwise is patently false," his office said in an emailed statement. "He also files his financial disclosure regularly to inform the public of his assets, and also has a blind trust that he set up in 2009."
The statement did not say if the blind trust contained all his business assets or just some of them, and financial filings were unclear on the matter.
"The Governor is focused on saving Coloradans money and protecting their freedom, and it’s unfortunate to see an attempt by a legislator to use taxpayer-funded resources for a blatant partisan attack," the statement read. "The Governor strongly supports and would proudly sign greater disclosure requirements for all elected officials including the Governor." (emphasis mine)

But then, it says this:

“The Governor has complied with the comprehensive state statutory requirements for annual financial disclosures and we don’t have any additional formal information beyond the disclosure forms,” his spokesman, Conor Cahill, wrote in an email.

So he's in FAVOR of more disclosure he just isn't going to DO anymore disclosure. Seems like Herr Polis wants it both ways. He's Both Ways Polis on so many issues.

AT LEAST ONE DEEP POCKETED REPUBLICAN IS SUPPORTING HEIDI This is a great article on oil and gas man Steve Wells and the new Super PAC he formed for this election cycle. He is 100% correct when he says this:

“I honestly believe this is probably the most important election Colorado will ever see,” he said. “I look at the drugs, I look at the crime. I’m looking at the homelessness, I’m looking at the economy. These guys have made a mess out of everything.”

LANDLORDS ARE IGNORING DENVER'S NEW CASH GRAB FROM LANDLORDS The City of Denver decided to force landlords to pay a licensing fee for literally nothing so they can charge them for a license that also does nothing. Now they know, landlords are not happy because the landlords are simply ignoring the law. Good for them, this is morally wrong when rents are already so high. Less than 1% have applied.

CLIMATE CHANGE IS NOT TO BLAME FOR OUR WATER WOES This is a GREAT column that uses science to demonstrate that all the talk about climate change being the reason Lake Mead and Lake Powell are so very low is really political science. That's the name my 13 year old daughter gives "science" that is tainted or skewed by politics and boy does this meet the standard. Author Roy Johnston goes into the wayback machine in Colorado climate to show two things: we haven't gotten warmer and we don't have less precipitation. The reason our reservoirs are so low is PEOPLE. Fake green emergencies are PEOPLE.

ANOTHER CRAZY IDEA BY TINA PETERS IS REJECTED BY A JUDGE Because she doesn't remotely have cause to sue every Clerk of Court in the state no matter how mad she is. The judge rightly pointed out that Peters did not follow Colorado law in a timely fashion so she missed her chance to stop a recount. Imagine that, she didn't follow the rules. This is the story of Tina Peters life.

BUT SHE'S NOT SO CRAZY THAT SHE HIRED BAD ATTORNEYS Tina Peters must be spending a fortune on her defense attorney, but it seems that is money well spent. Her attorney is using a tactic that could throw her criminal case into chaos because of a SECOND charge of contempt from another hearing for her former deputy. It's a convoluted story but her defense attorney is going to depose the judge and prosecutor in her criminal case about her contempt case. The defense attorney wants to be able to ask the judge and prosecutor about their FEELINGS about Peters in the deposition, and then likely use that to get them taken off the criminal case. This guy must cost a fortune but is he just putting off the inevitable? I guess it's cool as long as her checks clear. I wonder if Mike Lindell is footing those bills?

AN XCEL RUN POWER PLANT FEELS LIKE A RACKET TO ME CORE Electric is now suing to force Xcel Energy to buy its share of the Comanche power plant in Pueblo. It's a coal fired plant that has been plagued with issues since it opened. Issues that should have been fixed, but instead have lead to shutdowns that have cost CORE Electric customers a small fortune when CORE has to buy more expensive power when the plant is shut down. Guess who they buy the more expensive power from? You guessed it, Xcel. Doesn't this seem like a racket to you?

BENNET TRIES UNSUCCESSFULLY TO RUN FROM WHO HE IS And who The Useless Michael Bennet is is a rubber stamp for everything Joe Biden wants. He votes with Biden MORE THAN AOC. Read this for more.

AND NOW, A SLOTH BECOMES BEST FRIENDS WITH A DOG And you need this in your life.

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