Dr. Andrew Fox and his Attorney, Hal Frampton Fired from Austin Fire Dept.

Dr. Andrew Fox and his attorney, Hal Frampton, from the Alliance Defending Freedom.

I'll quote from the ADF web site: "Dr. Andrew Fox, who served as lead fire chaplain in the Austin Fire Department for eight years, was fired from his position over religious and philosophical reflections that he shared on his personal blog."

This is the kind of cancel-culture lunacy that should not happen in a country where so many people, particularly the people responsible for this firing, claim to believe in tolerance and diversity. Even so, while private corporations have a wide range of leeway in their behavior, that range is much restricted for government. So when a governmental organization fires an employee for holding particular views, especially views that were never incorporated (or even mentioned) in executing his official duties, and especially views that the employee can credibly tie to (at least somewhat widely held) religious views, one has to think the government will lose the inevitable lawsuit.

Dr. Andrew Fox | Alliance Defending Freedom (adflegal.org)

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