Fri Blog: Zero Income Tax in Colorado, Plus Biden Gave a Hate Speech

BEN MURREY FROM THE INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE IS ON AT 1 TODAY Because he's written this nifty column about an easy way we can eliminate the income tax in Colorado, something BOTH gubernatorial candidates say they want to happen, although I believe one of them more than the one in power right now. Ben will explain how and I can ask him how to backfill those dollars. Read his column here.

MICHAEL BENNET SAYS NO THANKS TO BIDEN AND PELOSI And this must show that national Democrats are even more disliked than The Useless Michael Bennet is. I thought about this when I heard Pelosi was going to Boulder and there wasn't a peep from any other Dems, including the Governor, about it. Now we know Bennet isn't interested in reminding voters he votes with Biden and his agenda almost 100% of the time. Funny.

DENVER TEACHERS UNION CANDIDATES CAVE TO TEACHERS UNIONS DEMANDS How else do you explain a "marathon" bargaining session of just ONE DAY? That's all it took to get teachers exactly what they wanted with a huge raise, five hours minimum of "planning" time and I'm sure lots of other goodies. Where is the district coming up with this money? Genuinely curious. Good for the union, they got what they paid for from their puppet school board. I bet it won't do crap for student achievement. One quick thing, I'm not opposed to teachers making more when the educate children properly.

DID YOU USE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION IN AUGUST? If you did, do you always? Did you use in August because it was free? Local transit agencies say ridership was up considerably over last year, but I'd love to know how those numbers compare to three years ago pre-Covid. It as free to encourage people not to drive to keep smog down and it's over now, so get your wallets out.

TASTE OF COLORADO IS THIS WEEKEND And you can find out more by clicking here about the annual food fest.

HERE ARE OTHER THINGS TO DO THIS LONG WEEKEND IN COLORADO It includes Taste but also so much more.

AIR CONDITIONING IS A LUXURY MANY SCHOOLS IN COLORADO DON'T HAVE And this can't be allowed to continue. Have you ever tried to do anything productive trying to sit in a hot room full of people? That's miserable and yet that's the case for many Colorado students who are in older schools without air conditioning. We're looking a billion dollars in need for this and I don't see the state doing much. When I think of how we deal with climate change, it's not about electric charging stations, it's about preparing to mitigate the effects and we're doing a really, really bad job on this. Read more here.

YOU CAN VOTE TO MAKE IT EASIER TO BUY BOOZE THIS YEAR We have three ballot initiatives to vote on this year that would make it easier for grocery stores to sell wine and allow multiple locations for others who sell booze. Read about it here, and I'm sure we're going to hear from small providers who say this will kill them. I know they can adapt and overcome by offering a higher level of trained service, but that requires effort.

EVEN WITH SKY HIGH RENTS, IT'S NOW CHEAPER TO RENT IN DENVER Our friends over at Fox 31 have a story that shows using market averages for rent vs. home buying prices, it's now cheaper to rent than buy.

THE DEHUMANIZATION OF TRUMP REPUBLICANS IS IN FULL SWING President Joe Biden, whose son is a scumbag who has taken money from scumbags in China and Ukraine, gave a speech last night where he said that the rule of law was the backbone of this nation. He called out "MAGA" Republicans as the worst of the worst who needed to be defeated. He did so in words that were incredibly inflammatory and nasty, but this is who Joe Biden is. I laughed out loud when he said there is no place for political violence when his party celebrated the riots two summers ago. I love these photos from Twitter.

THE WHITE HOUSE IS TELLING PEOPLE LAST NIGHT'S SPEECH WASN'T POLITICAL And this is how they do it. They do a thing, you see it with your own eyes and brain and recognize that its an unhinged political speech and they just look at you and say, "Nuh-uh" because they know most in the media won't challenge them. That's our life now and I've got a perfect example below.

WE'RE LIVING IN ORWELL'S 1984 COMPLETELY NOW This clip made me curse on Twitter yesterday, which I somehow manage not to do mostly. This broke me.

Did you get that? Democrats opened schools. Yep, she really said that. Someone posted this on Twitter too.

DOES THE GENERIC CONGRESSIONAL BALLOT MEAN MUCH AT THIS POINT? I always say polling only matters on election day. If you're the sort to want polls to give you an idea of what's coming, read this. Essentially it says don't worry yet about Dems tightening in generic polls, as historically that doesn't seem to matter, which is probably why the President called millions of people fascists last night.


THIS GUY IS GOING VIRAL WITH SILLY LIFE HACKS And I say silly because many of them are SO SIMPLE we should all know them.

I'M ON #TEAMGISELE ON THIS ONE Apparently Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen are fighting because she is hella pissed that he came out of retirement to play football again. I would be too for a huge number of reasons. Read the scandal here.


IT'S ONLY FANS OR THE CHURCH So says the Mormon church to one hot mom who posts nekkid photos on the site and makes a fortune doing it. She got found out by someone at her church and she says the church gave her an ultimatum to quit Only Fans or quit the church. I think the church is dead wrong on this one, as Jesus consorted with prostitutes without judgement. Just saying.

HERE'S ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF HOW A RENTAL SCAM WORKS If you are looking for a new rental take this advice to heart: if it seems too good to be true, it is. This is the story of another Florida family scammed by a man who said he owned a property when he did not.

WHAT'S IT LIKE MEETING YOUR DOPPELGANGER ON VACATION? Two dudes found out when they were both in the pool at The Flamingo in Vegas when their friends started to notice their uncanny resemblance. And man, they do look a LOT alike and even have the same taste in glasses and hats. It's weird. I'd like to meet my doppelganger and see what they are like.

WANT A LONG LIFE? GET UP AND EXERCISE Because those who exceed the 2.5 hour a week guideline are far less likely to die of all causes than those who don't meet the minimum. Most Americans don't meet the minimum, by the way, which is really easy to do if you just walk two miles every day. It's not that hard, just do it!

THE LAZY STONER STEREOTYPE ISN'T TRUE At least that's what this study of a very small number of people says. They surveyed 274 potheads about their activity level and found they were no more lazy than non-users. It's a very small study and let's be real, we probably all know someone who is the reason for that stereotype so I'm not putting too much stock into a small survey based study.

THIS MOM KNOWS HOW TO GET COMPLIANCE Her adorable son was in the wedding she was also in and when he started to wiggle, she had a Starburst at the ready. This is really cute.

THE FIRST THING SHE'D CORRECT IS THE TYPO That is on this Tik Tok video. Watch it here if you can't see it below.

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